Thanks again Jt.

Looks like Slusho’s secret ingredient has been approved by the FDA for use in America. Check out the headline from the Tagruato website.

Kaitei No Mitsu Approved for US Distribution


“Members of Tagruato’s elite corporate board were greeted with a rare surprise yesterday as founder Ganu Yoshida visited their emergency home screens in a simultaneous teleconferencing broadcast. After much discussion, Yoshida revealed that kaitei no mitsu, the special Slusho! ingredient lovingly known as “Seabed’s Nectar”, had been approved by the American Food Association.

“Those lost at Chuai would be smiling this day,” commented a choked-up Ganu Yoshida, “Tagruato stands strong against the evil of ecologist terror.”

Tagruato can now proceed with their extensive American campaign for bringing Slusho! to the western world. In addition to the creation of three Western-only flavors, Slusho! representatives claim that many other surprises are in store for their new audience.

“This has been a dream of ours for a long time,” smiles Slusho! Administrative Coordinator Mika Srauy, “We’ve already secured relationships with several prominent American distributors and are compiling our own Western-oriented marketing team.”

The board applauded the news, thanking their friends in foreign lands for such strong support in troubled times.

“Ordinarily there would be more happiness in our celebration but it has been a dark week,” admitted Slusho! Administrative Head Ben Miyake, “I am proud to be part of such a brave company.”



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  1. terarist

    Not to be judgemental, but seriously, the stuff the FDA approves, both in reality and in movies 🙂 really boggles the mind. I don’t understand why half of america isn’t already mutated monsters, running amok in Manhattan.

  2. CNNX

    Is it me or if you put everything together (jaime, monster, people acting crazy scared, this post)… it sounds like the plot to a futurama where fry and the gang was eating fluid waste from a monster..

    wouldnt it be funny if its all a crazy drug trip.

  3. ryan

    Wow never thought of that that could be bizarre waste makes everyone go nuts that seems sorta plausible admin did u see jts post and what I saw or is that not real god I hope it isnt

  4. admin

    ryan: if youre referring to the other thread, and the screenshot from the TV Spot that JT posted, yes I saw it, yes it’s from a TV Spot, therefore it’s not a spoiler. If it was a bootleg image of the monster then it would be a spoiler and it wouldnt be on here. With that said, I dont see shit in the image that he posted, it’s just smoke and a street light.

  5. ryan

    Maybe I’m just seeing things I’m checkin it out on my side kick screens smaller step back from pic and look at it hard focus on middle to lower left it kinda resembles sumpin but I won’t say what in here. Reason I’m kinda bummed is I heard what it might be and what I saw kinda resembles that and would make a dumb monster lol ur prolly right but step back in room and look at it . Maybe I’m overtired lol I’d tell ya what I see but don’t wanna sound stupid lol

  6. pjotoole

    ?Those lost at Chuai would be smiling this day,?

    I thought Chaui was an oil platform… Slip of the tongue perhaps?….

  7. ryan

    Jusr asked gf and she sees it too. Below to lights resembles top of head just below would appear to be lids or brows left eye is open right close below appears to be a nose and sorta open mout looks somewhat human. Might be an illusion cause sidekick has like two inch screen but does look sorta human if u don’t publish this I’m cool with that was just sending it for you to see anyway. I’m prolly wrong but that’s what it looks like on a small screen and it looks pissed that’s why I said I’d be dissapointed a humanoid monster would be a let down thanx for allowing me to publish my thoughts.

  8. Nick (The Original)

    I’ve been looking for the spot also with no results 🙁 Some THING can’t be found 😛

  9. BaneSilvermoon

    I don’t see anything in that either, and just for the record, yes I DID see what they were talking about in the girls hair. Maybe I just didn’t look at the smoke long enough to pick anything out.

    And I was telling me friend about Cloverfield today, he’d never heard of it. And he started talking about Slurm too heh.

  10. Scribbs

    shmoke end eh pancake? I believe is what Goldmember said? cuz thats all i see in the photo, and the video he tried posting requires us to have a password to his photobucket account

  11. Scribbs

    oh and i watched Family Guy and MTV all day, and haven’t seen any new TV spots other than the one i saw yesterday where it interrupts a commercial with BREAKING NEWS and earthquake hit Manhattan than the cutaway to the stuff we’ve all seen with the SoL

  12. mikey87

    And by the way, if you are interested in what the monster actually is, where the idea came from and the type of shots they show of it in the movie, click the production notes on the link above and it comes straight from the mouth of J.J Himself. If not i STRONGLY reccommend not clicking the link. Also it gives ALOT of insight on the whole background of the monster, again straight from the mouth of J.J.

  13. FunkBish

    That would be totally neat if they started selling Slusho! IRL, or maybe at the movie theater on opening day. I’d totally buy some.

  14. Danny

    well, they have not updated the Slusho website yet. under career opportunities they state that they are waiting for FDA approval. But wow was that quick, it usually takes years to show that the product has no ill side affects. I wonder who they paid off to get that done.

  15. rockinryne

    i already told you guys yesterdau they were gonna sell it at the theaters. i work for fedex and they have been shipping slusho cups for the last few weeks…

  16. ryan

    Hey mike 87 could e send me those notes via email can’t load on phone Also gf woke up and said she saw the face with big eyes on my phone screen but not in 22 inch screen so maybe its just because my phone has a smaller screen. By the by today is thursday bet ya all our bog freind is seen or attacks somehwere lata today or tomm morn jusr a hunch

  17. Rayford

    I find it rather creepy that Tagruato (or anyone) would consider an ingredient to be “lovingly” known as anything…

    There’s just too much luvy-duby stuff going on with this company…

    😀 SLUSHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. deBish

    Not a huge surprise re: the SLusho being sold in theatres.

    Nice pic links Mikey87! More stuff to read too! Wo0t!

  19. Ryan

    Hey all read production notes they didnt give away much. But dont read if u dont wanna know anything. No real description of monster. Um looked again the pic resolution on my phone is tighter that one of his screen shot so i apologize for thinking u all had same view as me. Also after seeing some pics one spoiler i read seems to be balls on accurate due to one pic. I wont mention any of this again or where i read it . All thats left for me is monster oh and by the way i was very right about something that i did read in notes. So i guess i did find one thing first. Have fun searchin thru earlier posts to see which one it is LOL cause im not tellin im gonna sit back now and watch till tuesday

  20. MarytheLion

    Ryan, can you get a pic of the side kick image? 😛

    Read the production notes too. And your right there, doesn’t give too much away, but a good read. I scanned it mostly, some boring stuff about the actors, it was more like a big resume!

    But Slusho approved by FDA. Its gonna make a big deal. What with Rob going to Japan, and the whole going away party…it will be the THEME and they will be passing it around like hot cakes! A novelty thats for sure, and one thing is for certain too, Amercians LOVE novelty.

  21. MikePDT

    my final theory about everything:

    Tagurato was drilling for the slusho powder, and the substance has something to do with the monster, either crap or the food it eats. T.I.D.O. wave was there in an effort to sabotage the rig but the monster was there as well, Tagurato uses T.I.D.O. as a cover up, Monster follows the oil tanker into new york harbor, and boom. you have yourself a monster in manhattan.

    Now as far as Jamie and teddy, Teddy obviously works for T.I.D.O but what i dont get is how jamie came down from that slusho binge and was able to keep her posture at the party. guess well gonna have to wait and see

  22. TK


    I wouldn’t get pissed off if someone stole my crap. Why would a monster?

  23. MarytheLion

    I think slusho is different from the “finding” of the monster. Its gonna play a part…but I think its another story in itself. Just a thought.

  24. admin

    Danny: Teddy is not in any pictures we’ve seen. The guy in that picture next to Jamie is Hudson Platt or HUD, he’s our camera man for the movie.

  25. Emilie

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