Thanks Love Doctor for emailing me this late last night.

Slashfilm has 25 production stills from the movie. I don’t feel there are spoilers within these pictures which is why I’m posting the link. Most of them we have seen already (if you’ve been following this for a while) a few of them are new. One of them is actually a still from where the very first picture on came from and for those that thought there was something other than hair between them, you can clearly see there is nothing behind them, as most of us have been saying forever. I’ve attached that picture below, to see the rest of them click here.

And I am aware that Slashfilm has another article which is supposed production notes about the monster. I will not post them here, nor will I post a link. If you wish to check them out you can goto the Spoilers section of the forum, I believe they were posted there.

And remember, we’re spoiler free as of a few days ago. All comments need to be approved by me before they make it to the comments section for all to see. So if you post a spoiler it will just be deleted so don’t bother. Also, please don’t post multiple times if you don’t see your comment, I will get to it… I gotta sleep sometime

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  1. SteveMikes

    I’m reading the production notes as I found them earlier, and I’ve hit no spoilers at all yet. It’s basically just a more detailed explanation from Abrams than what he and Matt Reeves have already said in interviews.

  2. SteveMikes

    Oh I take that back. It was nothing big, but god freakin’ dammit I just had to keep reading haha. 🙁

  3. SteveMikes

    OK, I apologise for the triple post! Sorry!
    Just informing people – there’s only THREE very SMALL (kinda) spoilers in those notes. Just in case you thought of taking a quick peak, like me. If you read up until the last 2 paragraphs or so, then you’ll be fine.
    Just a heads up!

  4. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    SteveMikes: What is the link for the Production Notes?

  5. admin

    Weyland: Not gonna post a link to the production notes here, as it contains some spoilers. You can find a link in the SPOILERS section of the forum though.

  6. SteveMikes

    Weyland – what admin said. They’re not huge give aways, but are still spoilers which people could take in different ways I suppose. The notes are kinda long though, so click on the Slashfilm link to the production stills above and there you’ll be able to find a couple of “main” parts from the notes, if you don’t wanna read through the whole thing.

  7. Danny

    On the previous post there was a question on how Jamie had calmed down enough to go to robs party. My question is if Teedy is missing and was supposedly on the Chuai Station, then how is Teddy at Rob’s party. On the Site 1-18-08 has a picture of three people at the party and on the back it says Lascano, Platt and Robbie jan 2008. How did he get to the party and where has he been for the last 3 months???

  8. Scribbs

    Yo I saw that new commercial on TV, where its supposedly the monster slashing through some smoke, looks like a bunch of cables snapping to me, something under a bridge snapping… idk, but ya cool commercial, dunno if its up on the net yet, but its starts out with the movie announcer voice guy saying “Its the movie that has the whole nation terrorfied with anticipation.” or something like that lots of new stuff in this one

  9. Scribbs

    also all those pictures have been up, can’t remember where i saw them but i got the link from either somewhere on the forum or off a facebook fan think about a week ago, it had more photos than /film did, i’ll try to find it

  10. mr.x

    a question, did anyone notice the eye in the pic where rob and merlana (i think?) are pushing on the door? its in the doorway just below the doorknob.

  11. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    To be honest, we will probably not see this Monster until we see the movie on the 18th. They have been keeping this under wraps for the last year and they are not gonna let it get out now. I am happy that it has been this way unlike other movie trailers where they show you the entire plot in the 2-5 minute trailer now a days. I am here in NYC and I am looking forward to seeing this film the 18th! They have done a great job keeping this secretive.

  12. mr.x

    hmm i didnt notice that. however i think this pic does confirm the existence of smaller monsters. (theres definatly somting bad on the other side of that door!)
    plus checkout whatshernames arm. if mgp did that ther wouldent be anyting but red goo left. lol

  13. marythelion

    Dearest Steve Mikes…ya know…we’re all human. There there…. LOL

    As far as the PN goes, I read, and damnit I’m still goin! Anything I read that this point is pointless..they sold me a LONG time ago at the Transformers movie! 😛

    I cannot WAIT to see it.

  14. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Don’t believe it until you see it as I see it. I want to be surprised when I see the film.

  15. BennyBlanco

    One week away!!! This review aka spoiler only made the excitement better. I think the “Monster” is going to go apeshit and once that happens we’re all going to be on DefCon5 for the rest of the movie.

    One big point I wanna make too… Look how many times we have all gone over every detail of every trailer/teaser/commercial/picture.. et cetera. I think people are going to do the same to the movie… It’s going to be the BIGGEST word of mouth SUCCESS EVER. I have never been into something like this and now everyone is telling me to shut already!!! hahahah.. they’ll see. Shit is about to hit the fan in NY!!!!

  16. Lauren

    I looked and didn’t see any spoilers, necessarily, but one of the pictures confirmed my thoughts concerning the hazmat guys. I really can’t wait for this movie.


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