Just saw a commercial on MTV advertising a Sneak Peak of Cloverfield Wednesday at 10PM/9C during “Inside Real World Sydney Reuinion”. God I hate the real world, but it looks like i’ll be recording it, even though I have a feeling it’s going to be the same clip as the widget video (which can be found by following the link above my email address to the right).

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  1. Scribbs

    i saw that one Cloverfield TV spot again where the news interrupts some random commercial lol still can’t find it on the net…

  2. admin

    Rayford: I posted that as i saw it, i didnt want to forget.

    Franky: I haven’t skated in a while, but i used to… still have my board in my car. Where did you see that i skate?

  3. admin

    Franky: My myspace is private, how could you have seen that i skate? or did you just base it on the picture

  4. Tom M.

    In the trailer posted by “Austin” (number 8 in this thread), what is that rocket/fireball hitting a building at 1:07? It could be something fired by the soldiers trying to fight the monster (which seems like the most plausible explanation), or it could be something the monster shoots out of its mouth like a dragon (I thought I heard a weird sound at that time, sort of like the one the monster supposedly makes). I also seem to remember someone mentioning something along those lines. For the record, I really think it’s just a rocket fired by soldiers at the monster.

  5. Ravenclaw

    dont get your hopes up guys, it’s not gonna be anything new. It’ll probably be the same thing on the widget and you’re just gonna fall into mtv’s trap and get brainwashed =D its probably done for people who havent seen all the backstory like us and everything on the net.

  6. Scribbs

    Austin: sry that is not the TV spot i keep seeing on VH1 🙁 thanks for trying, I’m still suprised no one’s put it on the internet yet :S, if i knew where to begin on putting up i would but first i’d need to record it lol

  7. Scribbs

    admin: just thought i’d inform you, though u probably know, cloverfield news has some new interviews and such up, and they’re videos

  8. JustSomeGuy

    This clip confirms that one of those reviews is fake. I can’t find it at the moment but I believe the review had the street scene with SOL head and the grocery store scene in non-consecutive parts of the movie. Also the review said the line was “I’ve seen it, its a loss” referring to Rob’s car being totaled.


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