Thanks Weyland.

Here is the new TV Spot that everyone has been talking about that supposedly shows another glimpse of the monster through the smoke.

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  1. Scribbs

    i totally freaking see it now… its walking between two buildings while being shot at by the military and then its takes it from leg and stomps on a tank…

  2. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    You can’t really see anything. Just alot of smoke and explosions and some movement.

  3. Scribbs

    view in full screen its a pretty good quality video, you can see it much better

  4. Scribbs

    anyone know how to make a gif? it’d be nice to have one of em for this it’d make things alot easier to see if we could see it played out in slow mo

  5. Ryan

    In the still i saw something but now that i watch it full time i wonder if that pic of screen shot was doctored cause of lighting effects that created face. in real time it looks way cool and their no way of knowing exactly what monster is. ON screen shot if y a want for funn step wy back in dark and look to left u can make out a distorted face but after watching clip in real time imkinda excited again lol still think new attack is imminent

  6. Vernon

    Ok, I have been following all the hype and stuff, and didn?t think I would ever post anything. However, on this new couple of clips, it looks as if something is wrong with one of the girls head. I hate to post something like “it?s a lion,”–but–?look at her head?—I’m puzzled by this.

  7. SteveMikes

    I think it’s stomping it’s foot down.
    It’s definitely in the shot, but the shot is too quick and the monster is too dark. . .

  8. deBish

    Looked like an arm or leg being hit before it heads to the LEFT into a building.

    Someone shouts “C’mon! Shoot!” or something like it.

  9. terarist

    YEAH! THAT’S the commercial I was talking about! See the tentacle/arm/leg thingies after they military fires at it?

    Stopping to catch my breath!

  10. matty8080

    Jeez, they are really pounding ‘IT’S ALIVE… IT’s HUGE!!!’ into the ground.

    The more those words pop up in trailers and commercials for this film, the more bothered I get.

    That line went from cool and unusual, to a bit corny.

  11. CloverfieldFan1000

    I saw the whole monster. You can see fire in it’s mouth with two hands poking out of the mist. You know right when you hear the silence right after they say “take your breath away”? Pause it the second you hear the monster roar. You should see it. Looks freakin’ awesome.

  12. Animal


    That’s about all I have to say. Lol. But you can definitely hear the monster sort of growling, and I believe it is hitting something. There’s no way J.J. would let us see the face yet.

  13. wellwisher

    The thing with the girls head is the guys chin and lips. if u freeze it at the right spot u can tell. she does kinda look like sloth from the goonies if u look at it weird

  14. mutated-tadpole

    Vernon & Weyland-Yutani

    There is nothing wrong with the girl’s head…

    The distortion in your mind belongs to another character who is obviously embracing her and has his face pressed against her forehead.

    Look closer, the truth is out there.

  15. Rayford

    Hmmm… I have a feeling (and there’s no way to be sure) but I’m pretty sure that…


    …just a tentative idea of mine…



  16. mutated-tadpole

    Couldn’t make out the monster through the smoke, but I am hoping still that it resembles the giant bi-pedal, 8 flippered whale type creature artwork that can be found on Google image search…

    That is one nice piece of imagining!

  17. weyland

    Hey Admin…cloverfield clues posted a cool interview with Matt Reeves and there are NO SPOILERS in the interview.

  18. Alex Davis

    I want to say either 8 tentacles or since there are 8 “i”‘s missing, maybe it has eight eyes?

    At the same time I think they are screwing with us to see how far we’ll reach for things.

  19. Chris

    It appears like a head to the left you cant see it as easly in the small screen but in full screen its is actually smoke with a flare not red eyes however you can see its torso and its foot which looks alot like the americain godzillas foot.

  20. John

    The thing that first peeks thru the smoke is actually just debris falling from it’s passing. If you look closely at the VERY last frame you can see it in full. I’ve cleared up the image and you can see it’s details. I’ll try to post the image, but it almost looks like a Spinosaurus.

    ps: It’s hard to tell but it almost looks like it’s standing on four legs. Maybe it’s hands are kind of hidden to the side, like a spinosaurus, though.

  21. MikePDT

    Im just really curious about what creature or object is out there that rob and other average citizens of manhattan would be freaked out about if they were told it was alive. Maybe its just the statue of liberty its self like in ghost busters 😮

  22. Mh

    Wow, that was so intense! Best shot I’ve seen from this movie so far! I keep comparing that shot of the monster to the other one of the big green creature walking past a building in the earlier trailer. That one looked more lizard-like, while this one looks more like it has tentacles, and I think I got a glimpse of it’s head. Maybe JJ’s got two new monsters to show us?

    And Alex Davis, I noticed the missing “i’s” too. That was done in some of the previous tv spots as well. Maybe it’s a clue to something?

  23. Vernon

    mutated-tadpole-thanks for pointing that out, after watching it at home a couple times and not at work, I can see that. Thanks Again!

  24. SteveMikes

    The missing “I’s” are nothing. Nothing at all.
    Mh – it’s the same monster.

    Just been looking at some stills of the monster part in this trailer. The darker part towards the lowest part of the shot is it’s (large) claw/hand.
    As for the rest, I can’t make it out.

  25. Me

    LOL! The i’s are there, they are just really skinny because of the way the clip was formatted. Look at it full-screen… it’s not some random clue.

  26. marythelion

    hey whats really on that link? keep clicking while its playing over and over again, and you see it MOVE 😀

  27. TK

    To be honest I can’t make anything out of that smokey scene. I all I saw is something convulsing in the smoke as shots and shells came landing down on it. How can anybody claim they saw anything (especially people who say it resembles Godzilla-they should be banned 🙂 ) I don’t know.

  28. weyland

    and the people that still claim it is an HP lovecraft creature….they need hearing aids…

  29. I'

    admin: is there a place with a pic gallery of the scene I can’t get much out of the vid. too much action for me

  30. Micky (Formerly John)

    I just relized there is more than one person named John posting here. Sorry. I posted about the monster looking like a spinosaurus. I’ll now post under the name “Micky”.

  31. MilesTone

    I think I have to agree with Big Joe Cat. If the movie is supposedly shot from 1st person, then you have to consider that in order to get a full on shot of the monster would mean the camera man (or in this case the character) would have to stand there and film the attack. Im not saying we wont see the moster at all, but I doubt we will get to see it for an extened period of time at any point in the film. If so it would kind of lose some of the realism, making it just another monster movie.

  32. Mez

    Well if anyone has seen ‘the host’. That one had its monster running around in broad daylight and the monster got a lot of screentime. While that was wicked awesome, it kind of takes away from the mystique. Personally I think that what you don’t see is way scarier than what you do see.
    Like in I am Legend. Seriously….that movie would have been way better if the vampire/creatures/infected people got zero screen time. Not seeing the monster adds to the tension. Just glimpses here and there and maybe a couple shots just so you can get a good idea of it’s size and shape would be enough for me. As long as the movie is done well and they play up the tension of the situation, you don’t even really have to see the monster too much. That’s just me tho. Most people would be really pissed off if there’s no good shots of the monster.

  33. Icky

    Ok this monster clip is confusing me…. When I see the video, I see what appears to be an exact copy of the american godzilla, but that is just what I can see from this clip, looks like a missle is shot into the monsters mouth..

    #1. If that’s the mouth that I’m seeing, look at the building to the right, the monster doesnt look to be any taller than 5 stories maybe…

    #2. If that isnt the mouth, what the hell is it? The next clip shows a huge foot, huge, probably bigger than the entire monster I’m seeing at first being the blackout..

    #3. I can clearly see 2 things that resemble t-rex arms just flapping in the wind, flopping even.. lol

    The video is to small, I’m sure I could see better detail if I could make it bigger & snap stills, but when I pause the video,the pause button shit blocks the monster in the center… It was like the 2nd post on this comment thread where a guy mentioned “look at it in full screen” or something to that effect, umm how can I do that? Its flash & I dont see a button to put it in full screen.. :/

  34. Icky

    I take back one comment, I said tall as 5 stories, the “head” is level with the 3rd…. 🙁

  35. Icky

    Jesus christ, 3rd post in a row I know… I clicked the zoom button, sorry guys.. lol

  36. BaneSilvermoon

    I agree. While I WOULD like at least one or two good shots of the creature, I usually prefer to not have it constantly on camera. This conversation reminds me of two movies. One being the original Alien, you almost never really saw the thing in that one. The other being Primeval, which I actually did like, it being VERY accurate to the real story and all. But I remember being annoyed by how much the croc was on screen. It was cool in a way, I just remember it seeming weird to me and distracting me from the movie. Maybe thats just me though.

  37. BaneSilvermoon

    Gotta double post again, sorry.

    I think I’m seeing an arm/leg where some people are seeing a head. As soon as you see the smoke clip, like first frame, a missile hits it at the VERY top of the screen. And the silhouette I’m seeing seems to go up off the top of the screen, putting the head off camera.

  38. Infr4mer

    There’s nothing wrong with her forehead, it’s just the main characters chin in the way.

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