recently launched a new Sci-Fi blog and to help get things moving they have made a post regarding Cloverfield and are trying to build some discussion. I know you’re probably thinking, “Why would I go discuss stuff over there when I can discuss it here?” Well, if you’ve made comment posts here chances are you know more than the average person who just happens to browse to Zap2It’s page after seeing a trailer on TV. Plus they emailed me personally (as well as a few other Cloverfield sites) and asked if we would give them a shout out, so I had to think about it, but then I saw they were from Chicago so I gotta help out the hometown crowd 🙂 So take a second and go check out zap2it. 

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  1. Austin

    absolutely help ’em out. I’ve been getting a TON of questions form recent (Cloverfield recent) members of FilmMetro regarding how to download tickets, arrival time and some dude asking if I was with FilmMetro and if I knew of any screenings near him or if I could get in contact with somebody who knew. LOL, he was the only dude I couldn’t help.

    BTW if any of you are going to a FilmMetro screening for the 1st time, leave the cell phone @ home. they confiscate them at the door to the auditorium. i own an iphone and i wouldnt (dont) trust it do some dude making minimum wage working at a theatre. please leave the press seats alone. just because you got there late and have to sit in the front row doesnt mean you can steal their seats. and finally, refrain from talking with your buddy during the movie. people are there doing their jobs, and you become distracting. it’s unprofessional and reflects badly on you.

    didn’t know you were from the Chi admin. South Side Stoney Island born and raised. Go Cubbies & boot Grossman!

  2. Billy

    Cell phone trick is easy. Keep your good phone hidden and turned off. Take a cheap or old phone to hand the door guard. Or even take an old phone to sneak in and another one to hand the guard.

  3. Austin

    billy, use of cell phone during these screenings falls under that unprofessional/ reflects badly on you category. also, if you are caught using the device (the ushers do check in periodically) you automatically get kicked out of the theater. ive seen it happen (Pirates 3, twice) at that point you fall under that distraction to those there do do a job. my advice, don’t do it. if you need your phone, keep it in the car at the closest.


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