These are starting to get old haha, they are the same things over and over again so I may stop posting them unless they have something significantly different in them. Thanks to weyland for posting this first.

And also, remember NO SPOILERS will be posted in the comments. Even if you base your theory on something you read in a review, etc, or it sounds like ideas came from a review that is out there, I will not post it, so don’t even bother, it’ll be a waste of your time.

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  1. Ryan

    Hye sorry admin i thought i mighta gone a little far with the lastone ill just sit back and enjoy now only made my point that people werent realistically looking at what they thought monster might be. Trhey all seem to be basing off of godzilla which i think is semi way off

  2. Ryan

    Actually all there r 2 very key things that happen in this video i wont say what but search on for truth and justice one both equally important right Mary LOL.

  3. deBish

    The monster walking between buildings is a few frames longer….and a wee bit sharper

  4. Scribbs

    ugh, they went from 60 sec tv spots to 15 and now their doing 30, getting old give us something worth our time and the admin’s time, something like a new attack, or tag/tido stuff, maybe a JnT vid, SOMETHING!!

    Janice better post that picture soon, or i’m gonna find her and slap her till she does, Monster Style

  5. deBish

    no worries… you had started typing after pasting the url so the typing messed up the address. 🙂

  6. marythelion


    “…we’ll level Manhattan…….”


  7. Engel

    16 different cuts of the tv spot is just crazy… But we do know now that they are planning on destroying the city if they can’t stop the monster.

  8. Falconhawk

    Tickets just became available in some areas on Fandango. I thought you should all know.

  9. marythelion

    Hey Ryan I’ve been tryin to go through this video, and I’m not seeing anything I haven’t seen before, sorry!

    Besides, the movie will be in theaters before we know! And its important to remember, its not real, it IS just a movie. Its pointless getting worked up about it right? Sure its fun to speculate!

  10. Rayford

    “How much time do we have left?”
    “You don’t wanna know…”

    hmmm… sounds eerily familiar…

    …like in every other catastrophe film where the military decides to blow everything to hell rather than adopt the monster so it can get over its terrible feelings of helpless orphanness… :'(

  11. Ryan

    I know’ but something said in video matches with the thing i sent you and a screen shot from new thing also is purportedly ‘ huh big word, a scene with beastie boy lol

  12. BaneSilvermoon

    I know, nobody ever offers the monster state funded therapy or anything. Shoot to kill!!!

  13. MikePDT

    didnt they say that they found the camera in central park? might say something about how rob and company ended up… or maybe they just realized that a camera was slowing them down

  14. adrian

    heyyy. i dont what it is but there is some sort of thing in this video at exactly 12 seconds. just watch it and pause it. and dont like freak out if i am wrong. i am just wondering what it is. = ]

  15. adrian

    oh and it is in the sky behind the statue of liberty. it is white and it seems as if it is coming from the sky and is about to hit new york

  16. Tim


    “Didn?t one of the early trailers say that it was from Project Cloverfield in the area formerly known as Central Park? And now they will level Manhattan?”

    You are correct. The key words are formerly known. Either the monster destroyed everything or the US military couldn’t stop it, resulting in a massive conventional bombing or possibly a tactical nuclear weapon to contain everything… Hmmm… However, the camera would most likely have been vaporized in that scenario. But then again it’s just a movie. Just more speculation.

  17. sarah beth

    can someone explain what the vh1 spots are with kate nash are? i don’t even get how the two are related.

  18. Masters at Work - Work

    This movie has made everyone to lose a VALUABLE AMOUNT OF TIME researching Slusho, Tidowave, Tagruato and other crap it’s funny. Since it’s less than a week ’til the showing, I am going to laugh very hard if the actual movie is everything except what they made everyone to believe, and that people realized that they were wasting their lives with it. It’s only a week away so I do agree that these TV spots are just a waste of everyone’s time and resources. LOL (oh and BTW I don’t think we’ll ever see the monster)

  19. MontyMoo

    can i just say how lucky all you americans are!
    i saw the trailer in june,
    and ive been obsessed since!

    at least you lot get it friday!
    Im from the UK and we have to wait til the 1st of Febuary!
    how typical.

    but can i just ask…
    what do you all mean by…
    “level manhattan?”
    what does that mean?


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