I actually saw this on MTV last night and wasn’t sure if it was new or not since I haven’t really watched every single TV spot. But apparently it is new, although there’s not a lot of new stuff going on. It’s mostly what we’ve seen before, maybe a small glimpse or 2 of something new and some music added over the whole thing. Check it out.

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  1. admin

    Alec: I see no new picture, just the one from the Chuai Station collapse, which was posted up like monday or tuesday…am i missing something?

  2. admin

    There is no new pic on 1-18-08, that pic is from Monday or Tuesday as I said above, Alec just saw it now… And no it’s not Janice’s pic. Please take a minute to go back at least a week or two and read some of the previous posts before commenting.

  3. Zennie

    How many more TV Spots are they going to put out with the same footage in them with the exception of one or two shots? To me, it’s starting to get a little annoying, but I guess we aren’t going to see to much new footage coming out on TV, with the movie so close.

  4. goatscooter66

    i still believe that this thing has squid-like characteristics. at the 20 sec. mark in this video it looks like the monster is outreaching a tentacle, and at the chuai station i noticed also that the stuff kinda got sucked in and spit out-this being that squids move by sucking in water and jetting it out??
    who knows, i just hope it looks evil as hell!

  5. MikePDT

    your not going to get anything new thats huge in under a week from release. There not gonna release what the monster looks like at the height of its suspense. we know thats theres a big monster and most possibly little ones. thats about it aside from all the viral stories

  6. weyland

    The only time that you will see the monster is after the release of the film and everyone has seen it. Then and only then will everyone be showing it off and they will showing it programs asking JJ how they came up with the design.

  7. Mez

    Yeah…I remember when they did all the ad campaigns for the American Godzilla with billboards and busses and stuff like ‘his foot eye is as big as this billboard’ and stuff and never revealed what Zilla looked like until the premiere.
    They won’t show the monster until after release. It’s all about the hype.
    I’m stoked tho. I’ve been watching the net for months and I can hardly believe that the movie comes out in a week.

  8. Chris74

    Anyone seen a Youtube version yet. I can’t seem to access this one at work 🙂

  9. weyland

    It almost looks like he has Crab eyes…hard to tell but good job trying Mary.

  10. carly

    props for a good effort, but remember the monster is being shot at with missiles. missiles explode. i don’t think this creature breathes fire. but anyway, like i said, at least you have your thinking cap on :D.

    man i’m so ticked that i cant go to the 12AM showing, i have classes that day at 9 :(. guess i’ll settle for the 2:30PM haha

  11. marythelion

    I don’t think it breathes fire, I don’t think I said it did. Just from where the eyes are, IF those are the eyes, thats where the mouth would be.

    But MAN I saw somethin poppin out in those stills, and I had to do SOMETHING with it! I was just glad the print screen worked! I boosted the rez to 300 and cut out the monster out of the frame.

    I’m looking at this as…if I’m wrong? I don’t care, I just am SICK OF WAITING for it to be in theaters!!!!


  12. weyland

    That contest ended today over at Myspace for his going away party..hopefully I get a phone call to go…that be pretty sweet! My fingers are crossed…

  13. Franky

    I agree with Mary i also dont think i breathes fire cause it seems like a marine monster , the flames you guys saw in the other commercial where the rockets or missles hitting it

  14. Weaselhammer

    I didn’t really think about it before, but I did notice in a few of the more recent clips where the monster is off screen , there are plasma-like fireballs hitting objects in the city, one hit a building dead-on nowhere near the monster and another came from up high into the street where people were running away, I’m now open to the possibility that the monster does fire flaming balls of doom, maybe that’s what hit the tanker, along with the subsequent explosion sending the tanker flying. Kind of an exciting thought, but just a theory.

  15. Philip

    Weyland…that is not a real Star Trek teaser I’m afraid. It was on Joblo.com last night. It’s fan-made…even though it does look very convincing. It was made by a computer animation/effects artist, and he did do a very professional job.

    However, I’ll bet the real Trek teaser will be something very similar to that.


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