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We?ve been laying low (those hunters are after us) but I?m sure everyone?s seen the latest drool about that putrid drink. Wake up, America?s heartland!! Ganu shouldn?t be allowed to sell anything without FDA approval. This is just another of Tagruato?s many lies. First they murdered their own workers, then they spilled their death-station into our ocean. Now they?re trying to put their garbage inside all of us?

But we?re not saying anything that hasn?t been said before. Our loyal members know the truth about Slusho. And it?s those members who are going to bring about the change.

I don?t know how people keep falling for Tagruato?s constant deception?.maybe it?s Ganu?.maybe everything lies with him?

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  1. Johnny

    Slusho! I’m so curious to know what it really is and does. It’s interesting how they described it as “drool”. This movie keeps getting better and better each day! can’t wait for Friday.

  2. Ryan

    Uh yeah kinda like a megalomaniac corporation. Out to rule the world or change the world in their own image and ideas Think of this movie as an expression of our times. if im right like godzilla, tagruato represents our fear and apprehension with bi companies, slusho is like our obsession with energy drinks which are great till they were off and the monster may just be terrorism itself bigg unsightly and slightly annoying LOL. I could be wrong on these but me thinks these thoughts play into these creations

  3. Ryan

    Seriously i look at slusho as an attack on our obsession with energy drinks and taking the quick way out. when they wear off they take u down when slushop werar off well just watch the movie lool

  4. Ryan

    I need to get a life hey sorry for triple but food for thought, do ou think laying low or the crab or something in message is janice and this is a way to tell them to meet

  5. Jessica

    In 6 more days this will all become very clear and what’s supposed to be the best night ever will come at last.

  6. Charles

    What if the ingredient for Slusho is eggs! They found eggs and they tasted good now anyone who drinks them little monsters come out of them which may be the cause of the exploding lady and also why the big mama monster wants to destroy the place of where her kids are! Okay my mind is just flowing know that.

  7. MikePDT

    nah monsters dont come out of people from the slusho drink. everyone couldnt all pop out at once the same night as the monster. Its gotta be something from the monster its self, marlena has a claw scrape on her arm and she is the one that is dragged away by bio hazard suits and appears to explode

  8. TK

    Grinding eggs into drinks destroys them, so no the little monsters don’t pop out of people from ground egg knogg, k?

  9. Axul

    do you guys think that cloverfield will be the biggest hit of the box office for 08?

  10. Austin

    i dont think slusho or its ingredients directly effect people to the point of exploding monsters. it doesnt make any sense, people in japan have been drinking slusho for a while now and they dont seem to be suffering from any sort of illness or explosions, if you will. thats not the kind of thing you can sweep under the carpet if the product is public. i think harvesting seabeds nectar for making slusho harms the environment with the drilling and thats why TIDO is all pissed off. im under the impression TIDO has no clue about a monster or any derivatives there of or else they would have come out with it. remember they are there to expose Tagruato’s evils.

  11. Scribbs

    no i’m sure there are several more, Iron Man for example will totally rock, other than that has Tidowave just stopped accepting posts on their articles??

  12. BaneSilvermoon

    MikePDT: Yeah I’m starting to doubt the old idea of Slusho creating the creatures. In one of the TV Spots they are clearly freaking out that Marlena was bitten when the haz-mat guys drag her off. So it looks like theres some kinda fatal infection coming from whatever else, aside from big bad, is running around the city.

    The question that still lingers with it though is. Is that infection just making her contagious, or is there really SOMEthing to do with the other creatures when someone gets bitten?

    But then I guess you could theorize that she’s bitten, they realize she’s infected, and they drag her off trying to save her but come to late rather than trying to isolate her from those not yet infected.

  13. Scribbs

    also I’m sure the Hanna Montana 3D concert that is going into theatres will get more attention than this movie lol, more screaming little girls will see that movie than every Cloverfan will see this movie even if we see it 3 times

  14. FunkBish

    Yeah, people have come up with the eggs theory before, but it just isn’t plausible, for reasons MikePDT and TK said, on top of the fact that it would be a really dumb creature if that were the case… it’s found at the bottom of deep sea, at freezing temperatures, which generally isn’t conducive to hatching, even if it were, then Tagruato wouldn’t want to keep it frozen as they often insist on. Also, if parasitic incubation -were- the gameplan, I can’t think of why people ingesting it by the truckload would piss off the monster and cause it to attack New York, because we would be making its job easier.

    All that said, yeah, I really think this movie will be amazing (hoping, at the very least) .. even if it isn’t, everything this fantastic marketing has done will at least get it a damn good weekend opening.

  15. joe joe

    why are you not allowing this to post? its not a spoiler? please allow.
    It is a review from 3 weeks ago and has all the information we learned about from document you posted

  16. admin

    joe joe: I can choose what I want to make it through and what I dont. That review has been discussed to death 3 weeks ago and a lot of the shit in it doesn’t match up with what we know from the trailers. If you want to discuss that review goto the forums and look in the Spoiler section. I am not allowing reviews to be posted here, plain and simple. And what document did I post? Because I didn’t post the press document that was released as I felt it had spoilers, it was posted in the spoiler section of the forum only.

  17. Axul

    when ever i go to the movies on the first day that it comes out they usally give you something from the move. ex: spiderman 3 i got a comic. i wonder if cloverfield is going to be giving away kool stuff on opening day too.

  18. Ryan

    Were Getting Slusho for real i heard somehwere on here that someone worked for fed ex and they had shipped a boatlaoad of em out. i also asked someone i know at atheatre and he wouldnt tell me makes ya wonder, i wont be drinkin any lol. I agree dont think it makesd little monsters anymore i think being bit by one infects you, but slusho does mess u up like jamie and the tagruato Lions little league team. remember the pitchers stas 19 strike outs 19 walks or was it hit batters dont remember

  19. mikey87

    i think that slusho will be banned from the U.S soon forcing new york city to dump that stuff out, maybe into the ocean. Clover (thats what we’ll call him for now… geez, i wonder if he’ll have a name?!) will be in search for slusho after he becomes addicted to it following eating all those people that fell off the rig who drank slusho and will follow the scent to the coast of new york. Maybe?

  20. Axul

    na i dont think that ny would have dumped slusho in the ocean.i dont even think that slusho even in the movie is popular in the U.S. wasent that what rob got hired for to bring slusho to the american market

  21. MarytheLion

    ok the slusho? Being made from people?? SICK SICK idea…but very plausible. Nice theory…….

  22. TK

    Well my earlier post about production notes didnt make the grade. So lemme just say with absolute certainty that we will get to see the monster, no Blair Witch type horseplay. Happy admin? 😉

  23. ryan

    Soylent green mary great movie needs a remake. That movie was disturbing. 2. Yes we will see monster and there will be a cool surprise for those that read the notes. Movie will prolly make about 125 175 million in US alone. Prolly 300 or so worlwide and with dvd will prolly be biggest profit making movie of the year by far. By the way in prod notes everyone was callin it clover not sure it has a name. So what do u guys think is next. Another sighting jamie freakin out, tidowave mentioning monster tagruato setting up new station kinda boring lately lol

  24. ryan

    I’m double posting cause I’ve been thinking. Yeah I know were all in trouble I think were missing something big. In the above letter from tido they mention the FDA. Didn’t the afa approve slusho. And wake up americas heartland. Why the heartland. Mostly famrs and least amount of population. And what is this pic from J is it the name on back on pic from cook if I remember corectly. I remember apost from JJ saying their were many sights we haven’t found what the hell have we missed has anyone googled picture from j or the farm. Hey wait a minute heartland farm sound errily the same. Maybe tido wave is from america and is based on a farm in the heartland. Also does the video from chuai collapse in boat soemhow make its way to robs party and is that part of mutiple pics or deceptions from tagruato. The farm and heartland maybe very important . Also I have a question for our fearless leader how long r u keepin the site up after movie comes out and or r u keeping this goin for how long it takes for a sequel. Is the invite for robs party the pic from J just wondering

  25. admin

    ryan: as for your question in your other comment (which was basically the same as the one i put through), the site will be up at least through the DVD release, probably longer if I have reason to keep it up. We should know shortly after the release if they plan on doing a sequel, so we’ll see. But I really have no reason to take it down, people will be talking about this for a while im sure.

  26. Skitts

    ok so admin i found an interview of the director, i think, explaining why the monster attacks them. its not anything secret really. well i didnt want to post it because i just wanted to make sure you were ok with it, so if you could send me your email or something like that then i can show it to you so you can post it up here. and the reason im not sending the link is because it has some spoilers on it and i dont want to ruin the movie for ppl. so just email me or comment here again and ill check back time from time so i can show you. thanks

  27. Skitts

    was i supposed to tell you i emailed it to you haha? cause i did like a half hour ago just fyi.

  28. admin

    skitts: I got it, it’s nothing new. It’s the production notes that were released earlier in the week.

  29. ryan

    Don’t need that then I have those. don’t remember it tellin them why the monster attacked though hmmmmm

  30. theace69

    hte admin knows i tried posting a link to a review he doesnt allow it some poeple dont want spoilers

  31. Carlos*

    What if the oil drilling woke up the monster?
    I’m not sure if this hypothesis is accurate but I think it’s likely- right?

  32. JustSomeGuy

    The reason that there could be an outbreak of some parasite in the US and not in Japan is because they said there would be three new Western only flavors in their FDA approval letter. Perhaps “mikan” and “nashi” are not well suited for the American palette. So the US would have a whole different batch coming that could be infected… maybe with seabed’s nectar that came from the Chuai station before it’s collapse. The fact that the Cloverfield video is designated U.S. 477 makes it seem as if there were at related phenomenon, if not full blown monster attacks, elsewhere in America.

  33. Austin

    Ryan I was wondering about the whole FDA thing myself. They said it was approved by the American Food Association but I figured that was their world’s FDA given that the AFA doesn’t exist. So I’m a bit confused on that comment too. Yes America’s heartland is in the middle of the US but technically there are farms along the coasts as well though the US’s agriculture industry is centered around the Midwest.

  34. jforsyte

    so this may be a stupid question BUT
    what is or who is Ganu
    i wantmto make a guess BUT i dont want to look like a fool…ha

  35. ryan

    The reason I pointed out the farm was mentioned by tido wave and in the new post it says wake up americas heartland. I’m assuming they meant heart land in middle of country and that’s why I related it to farmland Austin. Also just read where JJ said there have been no advance screenings and very few have seen movie, I know the spoiler I read was almost dead on but didn’t have monster description but covered a few things that have just come to lite, so now I’m not sure. Iwiash I could see new vid. This is getting weird and maybe this movie will be more crazy tha it seems also JJ is rumoed to say movie is much longer than we’ve been led to believe.

  36. BaneSilvermoon

    Well Tidowave is accusing Ganu of lying as if they really don’t have approval for their product. And Ganu actually didn’t say anything about the FDA, he mentioned the American Food Association, which as far as I can tell doesn’t exist.

    Now yes, this may just be semantics. Perhaps thats just Ganu stating something improperly, lost in translation or something. Or maybe TIDO is right. Maybe he’s trying to slip around approval in the market and get his business into the U.S. as fast as possible.

    After all, the article about the Tagruato announcement did seem to point at how sudden and and unexpected it was. It was announced through an emergency meeting broadcast straight into the homes of the corporate committee.


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