Thanks for the heads up Tim, Clifton and James.

There is yet another video on (password jllovesth) . She seems to be losing it even more and taking it out on a teddy bear. Wonder what she’ll do next…

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  1. Axul

    lol! talk about silent treatment she does not even say anything thru the whole thing.i did not even think she was gonna look away from the about not drinking slusho if they have it at the movie.

  2. Jyshon

    At First When She Started cutting I thought she was aiming for something else. And I started to Cringe. Good thing she opted for the Leg instead lol

  3. Battra

    Hopefully she’ll be back to normal by the time the monster comes or the monster might be in for a big surprise.

  4. weyland

    I got my tickets for the midnight showing here in NYC! Woo Hoo, Thursday night!

  5. Rayford

    i hate stupid non-updates like this… what good does it do us to know that jamie is still crazier than we had originally decided?

    how about an update like “THE MOVIE IS RESCHEDULED FOR MONDAY!!!”


  6. Michy

    *dies laughing* OMG thats funny, she’s like a psychopathic teddy bear serial killer

  7. Skitts

    uhhh wow wtf? ha. lfasdg oehlk df im looking forward for tomorrow, and tuesday, then wednesday, then friday because they are all one day closer to friday!!! but then i have to wait through school… OADMFGLSHDF MDKLBTJVJ VWHFDLKFJG I CANT WAIT

  8. Trexx

    i honestly might have nightmares. just her eyes are so pyschotic. looks to me like whatever she ate was just chock full of LCD =P. i’m honestly not sure where this is going at all yet. i mean i get the fact that whatever she ate is probably causing some screwed up stuff. but how’s this gona fit in later?

  9. Chris74

    OK, that is stalker behavior! If Teddy is alive, he’s better off dealing w/ the monster!

  10. James

    Well, she’s following the steps of the crab from Slusho’s website.

    First, she was happy. Then angry (weird dancing included), and now she’s sad (because you can see she’s crying a little).

    The next one looks to be shocked…or comatose. So, it’ll be interesting what the next video will be.

  11. Jessica

    Fuck Jamie, Poor Teddy I feel bad for the Teddy that crazy psychopathic bitch. . .lol

    Quick idea, might be going out on a limb here, but what if the next and possibly last video is of her telling “Teddy” that she will be going to Rob’s surprise party and that she is going to find a “new man” and while she is filming the phone rings, but she doesn’t answer and her answering machine picks up and you hear “Hello, is this Jamie’s phone. . . are you there. . my name is Randy. . . hello. . . can you hear me. . . *Randy speaks to another person off the phone* Oh no man. . . I think we might be too late!” Jamie then looks at the phone as Randy hangs up and she says “Oh was that the famous Randy calling to tell me about you and your new girlfriend?! I’ve had it Teddy, this is the last time you will ever hear from me!” Then she closes the lens and that ends the video.

    What do you think?

  12. Skitts

    so i was just on slusho readin the quotes that come out of that mouth, and its making me really suspicious. im coming to think that slusho drinks brainwash ppl because one of the quotes says something like, “my grandmother doesnt believe in noriko. how much slusho should i feed her to make her believe?”. and i just saw this, now im really suspicious. it says “slusho makes my stomach explode with happy.” cause of the exploding girl? maybe…we dont know. ill keep reading the quotes for any more suspicious ones

  13. Skitts

    o and i think that slushos main ingredient if from the ocean somewhere. one of the quotes says that he will go out in the ocean and drink it pure. idk what it means but yah

  14. Skitts

    next it says “shes one of them”. sorry for all these comments i just find these interesting…

  15. admin

    Skitts: The quotes on Slusho are just whatever has been submitted to the slusho email address.

  16. ryan

    This gets weirder and weirder just read where this movie hasn’t been screened for anyone and it was creepier and scary than the trailers. U all have to admit this is just freakin bizarre

  17. Animal

    Um, okay, wow. She’s seriously messed up, is my first thought. But watching that video, the intensity in her stare, the way she never looks away from the camera, how she stays silent the whole time, makes you really feel her hate, her disgust, her pain. This is the most powerful video to date. But here’s what we need to ask: would Jamie had done this bear mutilation if she HADN’T drank the Slusho? It’s making her insane…

    WAIT: If you drink Slusho happy, then it intensifies your happiness. That’s what says, right? Slusho makes you happy. But Jamie is furious, in pain, she feels hate. Is it possible that Slusho is intensifying THOSE emotions instead of the normal ones of happiness?

  18. Skitts

    ryan: This gets weirder and weirder just read where this movie hasn?t been screened for anyone and it was creepier and scary than the trailers. U all have to admit this is just freakin bizarre

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WHAT???? that didnt make sense to me

  19. MarytheLion

    are you sure she isn’t brittney spears? Mebbe this is a brit wannabe….she sure is acting loco!

  20. Austin

    wow! this chick is trippin! if i was teddy i’d of split too. it is interesting to me, though, that even when they were on good terms teddy never posted jamie a video back.

    animal you may have a point. it intensifies the feeling. and if what she tasted was seabed nectar, then she had it in pure form. it was concentrated. in slusho it would have to be diluted because its part of a solution. so chemistry says that she would have had a higher high. and possibly the addiction (you cant drink just 6 slusho) may also be intensified and if she’s out then she is crashing hard on top of dealing with the break up and thats why she is straight out of her mind. i mean she makes lindsay lohan & brittany spears look closer to normal in this one.

  21. KidReviewer

    “The next one looks to be shocked?or comatose.”

    Jamie is really losing it. Regarding the comment by James above, funny you should say that, because the only time we see her at Rob’s party she’s completely passed out. Never see her again in the movie. I’m wondering if she’ll end up giving us more backstory than any of the other characters, even if she does do by acting like a crazy person.

    For the curious cat, my review is up at I don’t spoil plot lines, but do talk about the monster in some detail.


  22. ryan

    I meant that jj was quoted as saying no one has really seen film and it way more intense and scarier than trailers imply and if what I read about little creatures hold true tha this will be a scary wild ride with s a strange ending

  23. lippy

    trippin balls man
    btw if anyone saw kidreviewers drawing of the monster we all know he’s the next picasso lmfaoo!!!

  24. ryan

    Sorry to double but if that’s monster kid than I’m gonna be mega disappointed and there is one spoiler I’ve reas that I thought was real due to recent events and releases so I’m not sure about ur review but whatever I guess its ok but I hope ur wrong trust me I do cause monsta kinda sucks

  25. Weaselhammer

    LOL @ Mary! maybe she take the scissors to herself, cuts her own hair off, flashes the camera her junk and locks herself in the bathroom too! I work in a produce dept. in a grocery store, and everytime I see the date 1-18-08 on something, I start thinking about the movie again, I’m obcessed !!

  26. ben

    ok if Teddy isn’t dead, then hes being held captive by Taragratu or whatever their name is with the rest of the Chuai survivors becasue on that memo it says “As for the employees, they will be made to wait in their
    appointed lodging facility until told otherwise.”

    Cuz Tagruato duznt want them to snitch

  27. razorwings

    hey, alright, i’m sorry i may seem like such a dork with these questions but i need to get things straight. i’ve seen all the jaime and teddy videos i’m beginning to understand connections between slusho and tagruato, i’ve read most of the posts on this blog. however, who exactly are jaime and teddy? what are their roles in the movie aside from the fact that teddy is employed by them. please help me out here.

  28. FunkBish

    I love how she has the visene right next to her… nice tears there Jamie.. *eye roll*

  29. admin

    Voldermord: Of course it’s staged.. it’s part of the marketing for the film, it’s not real….

  30. James

    Okay, has anyone figured out why a hammer, an oven mitt, and a wedge of cheese is featured on

    I JUST noticed that those 3 items are even in the Slusho commercial at the end. There HAS to be some tie. >_

  31. deBish

    You use the wedge of cheese to shut Jaimie up, the over mitt, you place over your hand to smack her back to reality..and the hammer gets used to take out her camera so she doesn’t post any more inane stuff…

  32. weyland

    The Poor teddy….damn you Jamie!!!!!!! Damn You!!! Taking it out on a poor defenseless bear…the shame! Whatever was contained in the bag must be doing a number on her…

  33. MarytheLion

    holy shit, there IS a bottle of visine. HA! there’s acting at its finest America. LOL

  34. weyland

    Yes, she is up for the Academy award for best “pyshcotic Nut Job”
    Followed by Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan

  35. Mez

    What about the production pics of marlena bleeding from the eyes….? Maybe jamie is having problems with her eyes… maybe they get dry and then start bleeding or something like that. Could that explain the visine? I mean it does ‘get the red out’ Or she’s just the worst actress ever. I could go either way on this.

  36. ryan

    James at end when monkey rides thru with cheese flag against chocolate background , those thre things were all code names for movie shoots. Cheese monkey and chocolate and chocolate outrage. Next his review was odd monster way disapointing kinda remindd of rancore. Also how did he see this when JJ said no one outside of about ten people have seen the movie till tomm. Destroyah abd Biollante would shred that thing to pieces never mind godzilla. I hope and pray JJ came up with something better tha that

  37. apronk

    maybe Teddy *is* the monster?

    Perhaps there was some sort of radiation accident or something at the Chuai (sp) station or something. Boom he morphs w/ some sort of deep sea creature and the abundance of nectar around them causes the creature to grow like crazy?

  38. Morgannon

    Gah, I just looked at the drawing of the monster on Kidreview’s site. I sincerely hope this is not what the monster looks like. And the way they describe it moving…oh man, so lame.

  39. billy

    Maybe she is a secret way for TIDO to communicate. The dance could have been a way to warn other members away from the “Farm” and the teddy bear scene is showing that Tag is willing to kill if necissary. Or even to tell the rest of TIDO that Teddy is dead.

  40. TK

    I hope to helll that Teddy isn’t the monster ( I heard that it’s been in the water for thousands of years), but if he is, I’m leaving a big pile of crap on my cinema seat and never watching a JJ, Matt reeves stuff again.

    There now! For f***’s sake no Godzilla, human mutation, etc.. it’s been chewed to bits, we need something original.

  41. TK

    Sorry to triple post, but people keep insisting it has something to do with 9/11 and the trauma of that day. It’s true to a certain extent but that is not the premise of the movie.

    I think the movie is more about global warming and how our destruction of the environment eventually comes back to bite us in the butt.

  42. ryan

    I’ve got it. The dorats which form king ghidorah in godzilla actually r thrown in a dumpster truck which falls off a containership and they drink sea bed nectar along with a deep sea bass and form the monster judging from the kids pic my godd I’m too funny lol and if u don’t get the dumpster truck reference look at kids pic and ull understand. I think the slusho is getting to me its in the snow lol

  43. Morgannon

    Teddy’s not the monster. Abrams said the critter has been in the ocean for thousands of years. Teddy got whacked by the creature in the collapse of the oil rig most likely.

  44. Morgannon

    Anyone seen any legitimate reviews up yet? I don’t see any on Rotten Tomatoes, which is not a good sign. Are they not screening this for critics?

  45. weyland

    Just because there are no screenings does not give bad signs that the movie will suck. They are being tight lipped about the film. After all, if a critic sees it, he or she will post a review and give the whole film away and I don’t think they want people knowing what the monster is until Thursday night. Good way to keep the film secret until the release date.

  46. TK

    Usually when critics are kept in the dark, they blast the movie, but who knows. They might be sympathetic this time.

  47. Morgannon


    Most films that don’t get screened before the release date do so because they don’t want negative buzz from critics to spoil their opening weekend take.

    And critics almost never give the whole film away – they wouldn’t have long careers if they did.

    In addition, there are very good fan-made drawings from people online that have been to advance screenings already. I won’t post a link here because of spoilers, but I’ve seen enough images from different sources to get a very good idea of what the monster looks like.

    So, the monster design is out, and people have seen the movie. Except for critics. Not a good sign, in my opinion. But that’s just my two cents. I’m hoping it will rock, still keeping my fingers crossed.

  48. matt

    looks like a new pic is on…go take a look; seems interesting that part of it was blurred.

  49. Morgannon


    Didn’t hear anything specific – but I’m checking Rotten Tomatoes every day, and so far, no reviews have been posted. Usually you start seeing reviews at least a week in advance, maybe two.

  50. apronk

    Ah but I know of at least one screening. Whitney Matheson of USAToday’s Pop Candy received an invitation to go to a screening tomorrow (Tues 1/15).

  51. Lostfan

    WTF??? And just what is the point of that video? These are lamer and lamer. Thank God Friday is almost here and we won’t be worrying anymore about this waste of time.

  52. Mez

    Usually screenings for critics occur the week of release between tuesday and thursday (assuming release date is friday) and critics reviews are published in friday papers.
    So it makes sense that the net doesn’t have a lot of reviews.

  53. apronk


    Whitney plans on attending the screening. However she has an eye infection so as long as that does not get worse she’s going to be there.

    But I’m sure she’s not the only one invited to the screening. Hopefully some other cool folks will get to see it as well.

    And I didn’t get any confirmation from Whit if she will post a review or not, but I do know she usually doesn’t hold back from at least giving us a quick one or two sentences of at least what she thought of the movie.

  54. orange

    Theory about the monster and how it “found” us.

    Slusho contains a nectar from the sea floor. Now we have heard this theory before, but what if the monster feeds off the nectar. What if Targuarto used up all of the nectar on the bottom of the sea floor thus depriving the giant monster of food. Slusho is now in the U.S….well…New York….so what if the monster is following a trail…or scent…from Slusho. Tidowave always talked about how Targuarto deprives the oceans and drains the earth. Was the chui station really drilling for oil…or something else?

    the only issue with this theory is..if slusho is in japan…why didn’t the monster attack japan. Well perhaps the nectar didn’t start running dry until Slusho entered the U.S. market.

    Just an idea. I can’t wait for 11:59 on Thursday night!

  55. Austin

    the media screenings take place tomorrow (1-15) it was also offered on filmmetro so the online reviews will start popping up all over the place tomorrow night into wednsday.

  56. kojirex20

    is it me or does kidreviewer’s drawing look like the hidden monster face in the clouds of the movie poster

  57. Lauren

    Animal’s thoughts were interesting. It could be too that perhaps since she hasn’t eaten the right amount (can’t drink just six) perhaps that’s it. It’s weird how Jamie’s become so destructive–sure, she was angry as hell in the beginning, but eating the stuff was more impulsive/spite talking than anything else–this is just…. it’s a lot colder. I mean, if we think of the bear as the stand-in for the actual Teddy, she just “killed” him in cold blood. I wonder what would happen if she got a chance at the real Teddy in this state…

    The look in her eyes was disturbing. I’m seriously doubting that she’s a character that’s going to make it very far in the movie. I mean, it just seems like if she was going to be a survivor, they wouldn’t be alienating watchers from her character.


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