Thanks Danny and slotimosi slotimoose (ok?) for letting me know about this.

There is a new post over at it looks as though Ganu Yoshida is on his way to New York to discuss the distribution of Slusho!

Yoshida Brings Happy Flavor to Big Apple


Ganu Yoshida left with much fanfare today as he boarded his private Tagruato jet that will fly him directly to New York city in the United States. He will be meeting with acclaimed CEO Glen Warner, owner of BevVo, the largest privatized water manufacturer in the world. “Glen has many ideas for distributing Slusho! through pre-established public waterways,” said Yoshida, “I wanted to come here myself to discover them.”

Yoshida will spend four days in New York before continuing across the United States on a tour of potential Slusho! manufacturing plants.

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  1. BaneSilvermoon

    pre-established public waterways? Any takes on a hard definition of that?

  2. ShirtNinja

    I wonder if this is going to lead to a press conference where Rob is supposedly there to do PR for Ganu at the slusho! conference.. like in the review we “debunked” so long ago… I wonder if any of that review was actually true?

  3. BaneSilvermoon

    nevermind, I got it. The path the ships moving Slusho! through the u.s. market will take.

    … interesting news that they are looking at loading it all up on freighters and shipping it across the atlantic apparently though heh.

  4. marz

    i dont think he’s coming alone…if u know what i mean.methinks maybe he wants to keep an eye on his prize.the bastard X(

  5. Chris74

    Four days huh? I guess Ganu’s going to meet Tagruato’s problem face to fa 🙂

  6. Skitts

    OOOOOOOOOOOO I SEE NOW. the sea bed nectar led the monster to new york…i bet thats it!!!

  7. WTF?

    “Glen has many ideas for distributing Slusho! through pre-established public waterways”?!! What’s that supposed to mean? Is Slusho going into the Water supply? Will it be served in systems similar to water fountains? Maybe this is what attracts the monster to the Big Apple, if Slusho really does have something in it that attracts the monster.

    And I just find it interesting to note the a few days before Cloverfield hits theaters Ganu’s coming to America. I really think he has a connection to the monster. Maybe the monster’s smarter than we think and is pursuing him for some reason?

  8. TM Oliveira

    “pre-established public waterways?” So, they’re planning on distributing slusho just like water!?

  9. Otto

    Woohoo! Slusho on tap! Slusho in your bath! Slusho on your lawn and in your pool! Slusho all the time!

    Anyone seen “Idiocracy”?

    It has electrolytes….

  10. Lessthanaweek123

    Someone made the monster on accident I bet and the Slusho! is definetely the seeds for the smaller monsters. It’s all fiting together!

  11. Animal

    I told you guys: Slusho’s secret ingredient is probably the monster’s eggs. And if Slusho is coming to New York, and our monster appears in New York…

    Yeah. The final pieces of the puzzle are all coming together now.

  12. marythelion

    I gotta wonder…was the little oriental man in the copter handcuffed to a breif case in previous videos of the drilling station colapsing??


  13. john

    But what was the object that fell from the satelite. Maybe it wasnt from the satelite and it was the monster that landed in the ocean and is attracted to the ingredients in slusho and it followed them there.

  14. john

    Or what if it is the mysterious thing that teddy said tagruato found. What if they found the monster and tried to do something and it broke lose and collapsed the station then followed the freighters to new york.

  15. marythelion

    yeah see…all these LOOP HOLES john..I agree..what does THAT have to do with anything? I want holes FILLED! LOL

  16. MikePDT

    has anyone put any thought into tagruato’s subsidaries? yoshida medical research in particular… “deep sea bioprospecting and genetic research?” For all we know the chuai station started drilling for deep sea nectar but then switched to bioprospecting when they discovered the creature? I havent seen anything discussed about these other subsidaries of tagruato, but they might be something big

  17. SteveMikes

    I have to say, Slusho! , eggs ? You’re all (more than likely) miles off.

  18. Ryan

    Nothing fell to earth cover story for tag to snoop on everyone. Bane greyshot is the bridge in central park that play a role in this movie thats why their were gonna call movie that. And by the way ll trust me all these destruction pics are pre attack one thing i know for sure about this movie is how its gonna end. Bright Lights Big City

  19. Gabe

    When they are talking about pre-established waterways, they are talking about shipping it through through the rivers and such. As soon with Targuato ship in the commercials in flames….

    Pretty interesting to see that the head cheese is making his way to NYC. I wonder if maybe.. just maybe he makes an appearance in the film

  20. Gabe

    Sorry for the double post, but I meant to say.. “As seen with the ship in the commercials”

  21. Axul

    I think that he knows the monster is comming to ny.with all the sonar pics and everything it looks like they have got a lock on the monster.(lock meaning his whereabouts).maybe he went to see how the monster would do.maybe he hopes it survives so that he can use it to his benifit.long shot off, but what if he is using the monster to do dirty work.guiding it could be all along he was looking for this thing.

  22. Chris74

    Somehow I doubt Ganu would intentionally put himself in harm’s way. He may no about the creature’s whereabouts, but I really doubt he’d go to New York if he really thought it was coming there.

  23. TK


    It’s hard to believe that a large and potentialy ugly animal has such tasty “eggs”. I just think that the monster is pissed off at the extensive drilling.

  24. marz

    ok..we are to believe that slusho has been out for a while in japan if sea bed nectar WAS the monsters eggs,why the hell wasn’t it attacking japan.AND,if the chaui (or chuai) station hasn’t been open yet,then another drilling station HAD to be suppling the nectar right?sooo..does that mean there’s more then one monster…unless the nectar IS something else.

  25. SteveMikes

    The monster probably doesn’t care less about the nectar. I reckon it’s just been awoken, confused as to what is going on. Next thing it knows it’s getting attacked. More confusion, turning into anger as it fights back. I bet the military fight/scare it all the way NYC, making it more and more confused, angry and agitated. All as I’ve said before.

    AND, have any of you sat back for one moment and thought – maybe Ganu doesn’t know that much ? Yes he’s the head of Tagruato, but he could be blind to workers up to no good and manipulated into believing what we’re being told to believe, no wiser than the general public at all.
    Now this part, I’m expecting to be proved wrong or broken by something very soon, but – I’m starting to think neither Tagruato or TidoWave knew exactly what was going on. Tagruato may have discovered our big beastie on sonar etc. but not actually known what to do about it. They use a scapegoat, and excuse to shield themselves from having to tell someone about the monster. They have the perfect excuse – TidoWave. The vast majority of public citizens are gonna believe a legitimate company over a small rebellion, no doubt about it. Just as Tido finally stumble upon the truth about the monster and Tag get around to trying to make a decision about what to do, it’s far too late.
    Ganu, none the wiser jets off to NYC and gets caught up in the horrific events. I’m willing to bet, if I’m even a little bit right, that when the movies over, Ganu (presuming he lives through it) will issue a full apology for been totally blind about what was going on.

  26. MarytheLion


    try this…

    The monster has been guided thus far with the satellite…and according to the time line, the sat fell a few weeks before the collapse of the drilling station right?

    Mebbe he’s comin, Ganu that is, to see whats up with the monster…he can’t control it anymore….

  27. SteveMikes

    A satellite controlled monster ? I’ve heard it all now hahaha, ahh thank you Mary, that amused me 🙂 good thinking though, but really I don’t know how mental these ideas and theories can go before people lead themselves to dissolution and disappointment.

  28. SteveMikes

    Nice one, Fish.
    Cool clip, the effects in the background etc. look fantastic. I like Hud too – “I’ll document it” lol.

  29. BaneSilvermoon

    Yeah I’ve thought all along the the medical research side of Tagruato is purely there to guide us into the idea of the deep sea drilling operation involving something bio-organic. I still think our Seabed Nectar is either something harvested from the beast, or some other organic life form Tagruato is harvesting. I just can’t piece together how the huge monster is involved in the second scenario.

    A few people around here have thrown out the idea that we’re starting to deprive the monster of its food supply though. eh?

  30. SteveMikes

    Seabed nectar is harmless. Drilling for it is what disturbs the monster, not it wanting to eat the stuff, or it getting mad because it’s part of it.
    I may sound like a bit of a spoil-sport, but I’m just thinking about others and how, so close to the release date it could get over-hyped and too many big ideas that ultimately will fall flat may ruin it for some if they really wanted one of these insane ideas to be real.

  31. BaneSilvermoon

    In the teaser, was there always such an obvious roar during the first explosion on the roof? I don’t remember that, but maybes its just because it wasn’t there in any of the other videos.

  32. MarytheLion

    I honestly don’t think the monster is satellite guided. LOL. Hey..glad to give you a laugh SteveMikes! I don’t think I’m overthinking anything to the point where I will “disappointed if what I predicted” doesn’t come true…LOL. I like movies to tell me a story, thats all. Some people need to step away from the crack pipe! PFFFT!

  33. Mat

    The manga that is up makes it look like Tagruato is controlling the creature, and know full well of what it is capable. Maybe they intentionally destroyed Chuai so that they could test it’s abilities and have something to hold against TIDOwave.

  34. Morgannon

    Regarding the “roar on the roof” – the roar was definitely there in the teaser. It is definitely NOT there in the 5 minute exclusive clip. The 5 minute exclusive clip is the only one I’ve seen that doesn’t have the roar on the roof in it.

  35. BaneSilvermoon

    Theres just a hint at it in most of them though. In the teaser thats almost all you here during, and before explosion.


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