Another new picture has surfaced over at, thanks Jyshon, Noea, and Orange for letting me know. It looks as though planes are shooting at something in the water at night. Obviously the green of the image would indicate it’s night vision or something similar. Check it out

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  1. Jyshon

    So Apparently 4 Battleships and a handful of Army Jets Can’t stop this thing.

  2. Engel

    These newest photos are useless without time stamps. If this is happening right now, thats just awesome but if its things that will happen in the future, its just not as neat.

  3. orange

    man this so exciting. Incredible. whatever is coming out of the water must be massive and strong. Its almost terrifying how all those weapons can’t stop it. Its as if the military is in a panic to stop this thing.

  4. SteveMikes

    I’m back.
    I haven’t exactly left all viral stuff alone like I said I would. . . so I’m all up to date.
    Just popping back to say these photo’s are showing why the monster attacks NYC.
    The military keep attacking it, making it confused and perhaps a bit scared as it won’t know what’s going on.
    They’ll keep attacking it until it finally reaches the city, it probably climbs ashore in the confusion and ends up in an even worse place, where the military can still attack it causing it to go crazy and smash stuff up.

    I think it’s pretty obvious myself.
    Well, I will be back after I see it here in the UK this time, thanks again for everything admin, I shall be back after Feb. 1st !

  5. marythelion

    Steve Mikes…your funny as hell. how can one NOT leave this viral stuff alone…as Admin once told me…its like a VIRUS! ADDICTING!!! Glad to see ya back. OH! And gone again! Be safe man, watch out for da Cloverfield Monsta!!!

    Mike…your pretty funny too! And if what Mikes says is true…and realistically, it will, and that explains why its here, then yes sir…we’re FUCKED.

  6. Jimi Hatt

    Looks like the monster can take a pounding like the traditional Godzilla (unlike the weaker American version). The commercials show a jet and a big explosion in the city. If this picture is after the movie, it shrugged off that jet attack. If it’s before the movie, it’s damn near indestructible.

  7. SteveMikes

    Why thank you, Mary (marythelion).
    I’ll be posting tonight I’ve decided, after tonight though I’m outta heeeeeere !
    Nothing seems to have any real impact on the monster, it’s insane.
    These are before the movie, yes. I know you all love to speculate (as I do too) but it’s obvious and apparent that these are taking place beforehand. We will probably get more each day or so until the monster hits the mainland at last. Then all hell will break loose. This right now, these photo’s, are our back story regarding “why” the monster appears in NYC. As I said before, all the military fire/hostility is seriously confusing and possibly scaring it quite a bit, it’ll fight back and flea at the same time I presume until they stupidly drive it ashore.

  8. marythelion

    obviously, you guys all notice the block on the pic, similar to the other pic. I wonder if its just information blocked out, like text.

  9. marythelion

    more so, (sorry for the DP) I hope they don’t expect these pictures to take the place of the creepy Tagruato/Slusho stuff. They better give us MORE than pics. JJ ARE YOU READING THIS???

  10. Chris74

    Engel: Given that these are coming up following the Chuai Station collapse and are still at sea, I would say this is going on currently. It likely explains why the military will be present in New York at the time of the monster’s attack as well. It’s amazing that the military is managing to keep this quiet.

    I just thought of another thing. It takes quite a bit of time to get a Naval battle fleet into position. The Navy must have been ordered into the area immediately after the station collapse. They’ve probably been tracking this thing for a while.

  11. BenFranklin

    That’s just a ridiculous shot. A-10’s flying over water in low-level flight while destroyers shoot rockets into the air. Let’s do an analysis of this. The projectiles from the planes and airborne items are all aiming into the water.
    Let’s assume that the ships are Navy Destroyers, that means with the creature below the weapons being fired are ASROC anti-submarine missles, which means the firing distance would be five miles away, this kind of close quarters fire is prohibitive to naval maneuvers.

    The F-22’s appear to be firing flares to light up the sky, something that would be better done by a larger armament carrying plane, say the A-10 seen in the photo. Looking at the F-22 specs, there appears to be no flares on the plane anyway.

    If the situation is this dire, a nuclear depth charge would be used to prevent an issue of it reaching the populace of New York.

    This creates a more difficult world to believe. With the destruction of an oil rig, something that Rob would have taken note of as a future employee, the party should have been a little bit more on edge. Additionally, the first explosion in the preview is in downtown, if the navy was fighting it prior to this, there would have been some news crew flying their helicopter around prior to this to see what the commotion in the sea was. And everyone would have been glued to the TV to find out what was going on at the harbor.

    While I appreciate the update, this is not a great update. It appears to be a mashup
    of various photos into one.

  12. Heat

    They must have alerted higher authorities about it, but why wouldn’t they make a cover up to evacuate NYC? Telling them there is a toxic unscented gas leak or something along those lines? They’re obviously pro’s at the old cover up routine.

  13. BaneSilvermoon

    Or perhaps Tagruato warned them when they realized they’d lost control of the situation. We do know that someone from TIDOwave claims to have seen pictures of it. Perhaps those were photos taken by Tagruato.

  14. schwim

    Any ideas why the two boats on the leftmost side appear to be firing on the aircraft just over them and to the right? Also, these aircraft appear to be jettisoning flares to throw these missiles off the trail. Odd.

  15. Danny

    two of the ships are Ticonderoga class cruisers on the right and one Arleigh Burke-class destroyer on the left the one closer on the left cannot make what it is. The two fighters in formation are f-18’s from the US Navy, plane on the right unsure. But the picture looks like it was taken form the cockpit of a plane with the guns on the right firing at the fireball.

  16. ShirtNinja

    The station is located in international waters, we would most certainly be there. For the person that said it is horrible CGI… that is obviously a “night vision” picture. This may have a time stamp on it, with it being under the blocked out part of the picture. This may be the battle that left the previous pictures devestated boat. I think we will see some newscasts or internet reports regarding this within the next couple of days.

  17. ShirtNinja

    SAM missles cannot be fired at those plains if it is a close as it looks, they could never reach proper altitudes. The missles being fired from the ship are headed for the same place the rest are, but they do have to climb to a certain height before they can head for their target. Missiles are not fired at 0 or 90 degree angles from battleships.

  18. Danny

    Actually Benfranklin maybe right they do look more like f-22’s but that is not an A-10 warthog those planes do not have a dual tail. It almost looks like an OSPREY. what the f-22 look like they are dropping are counter measures for a SAM. And the missiles are being fired from the wrong side of that destroyer.

  19. ShirtNinja

    I just noticed, there are 3 blocked out areas, two in the center and one to the left in a lighter green block.

  20. Nat

    Maybe they all arnt US ships and planes.Maybe some are trying to protect it and we are trying to destroy it

  21. ShirtNinja

    Amending above post to include the blocks on the right bottom corner, top left corner to bring a total of 5. this very well could be a cockpit.

  22. orange

    Well…I think the point of this picture is to show that something extremely scary and terrifying is surfacing. Something that is made of nightmares. The picture gives me a chill…like as if the military is beginning to get desperate. The picture depicts the strength of whatever is rising from the ocean.

  23. marythelion

    Shwimm – GOOD point…they look a little close to be fire “at” anything 😐

    Seems to be those would fly clear into NOTHING!

  24. Chris74

    Danny: A-10’s do have dual tail fins, just google an image to see for yourself.

  25. DB

    Could this be a before shot to the picture that came out prior to this one? I know they have all come in order, but maybe they’ve switched it up. Although it would make no sense to. – The picture website is the worst of all the viral things they’re doing.

  26. Danny

    there is a new post on the Tagruato site. here it is:
    “Yoshida Brings Happy Flavor to Big Apple
    Ganu Yoshida left with much fanfare today as he boarded his private Tagruato jet that will fly him directly to New York city in the United States. He will be meeting with acclaimed CEO Glen Warner, owner of BevVo, the largest privatized water manufacturer in the world. “Glen has many ideas for distributing Slusho! through pre-established public waterways,” said Yoshida, “I wanted to come here myself to discover them.”

    Yoshida will spend four days in New York before continuing across the United States on a tour of potential Slusho! manufacturing plants. “

  27. jmbradd

    the plane on the right is an a-10 warthog (or thunderbolt 2), its an infanty support aircraft but I suppose this would make sense. The two planes dropping explosives above the large explosion look like f-22’s to me. The ships on the right appear to be firing cruise missles which doesn’t make sense to fire cruise missles when you are that close but I think they just wanted to get as much in the picture as they could.

  28. Lord Of This World

    Those are not A-10’s. They are Cobra Rattlers. It looks like something horrible has escaped from Cobrala and Sperpentor, Cobra Comander, Flint, and Duke are trying to stop it from reaching the main land. Destro is sitting back, waiting to rule the leftover carnage.
    I have my tickets for a midnight screening on Thursday…I rule.

  29. marythelion

    Lord of this World, you SUCK ASS! 😀 Good for you! They ARE showing it Friday at 3:30 in my little town of 3400…the did a midnight for frickin HARRY POTTER…LEAST they could do is show THIS at midnight…PFFFFT! Mebbe I could pay em extra….

  30. mr.x

    what if the ships and planes are working for tagruato. that would explain why the military hasnt given us a warning yet, its cause they dont know! and think about it, what self respecting evil corporation wouldnt have a personal army?

  31. Cloverfield FANATIC

    omg we think it is a monster. What do you guys think!?!?! it might be some sort of man eating machine! I think it going to happen in january! Those 45 bombers are crazy, i think they’re after the monster!

  32. Flip

    Maybe we’re supposed to know that it’s a mash-up. I don’t think the viral team has been this sloppy before…

  33. Pudge

    Haven’t seen anyone comment on the s lights under the A-10…Six more aircraft or are these bombs dropping out from under the A-10?

  34. nat

    Some A-10s are equiped with cluster bombs under the plan. That could be what is dropping or anyone else have a theory?

  35. john

    It could be. I did some research also and found out that some A-10s are equiped with the bombs shown in the picture. Maybe the monster dove back under water. Its QUICK!!!

  36. kim

    there are several blocked out areas in the picture. there’s the large and small dark boxes in the middle, bottom. there’s the light colored one at the top left. there’s also a light colored one on the bottom left. there’s also a long, vertical rectangle in the bottom right, running below the farthest battleship. maybe these whistleblower has been along for the ride on the ships, maybe picked up from the station survivors. maybe he’s managed to find a way to get these to tidowave or janice, and his info is what has been blocked out of the pics…..i dunno, a theory

  37. jmbradd

    can anyone tell what the logo is on the a-10? it doesn’t look like an american flag to me. They did mention tagruato has a personal army…perhaps its theirs?

  38. Ryan

    THose r a10 and here is and issue i have no way could this pic be real. a an a10 is a close artillery support fighter bomber a 600 ft monster it was not designed for lol. And ive never seen them used over the see their basically and atni tank weapon the bombers on the left r way too close to the water and the ships r far to close to be firing anything at this but machine gun fire. and we do not have any commissioned battleships any more for anyone who cares to want to know. this pic my freinds is disinformation plain and simple. it simply could not go down like its shown no matter what these vessels r attacking. everyone is way to close and yes a 10’s have cluster bombs.

  39. Lord Of This World

    A-10’s are ground support/anti-tank aircraft. Raptors are Air superiority fighters. This would have had to happen close-ish to land, Raptors and Warthogs are ground based aircraft, not carrier.
    I still stand by my GI Joe theory however.

  40. Axul

    I think that the monster was in slumber in the area where the station was.they awoke the monster and it destoryed the station.becouse of that the military is bombing its scared and just wants to get away and swiam to ny.and it porbley swims quick so it got to ny before anyone thought it would

  41. overtkill

    on the site 1-18-08 if you wait like 5-10 minutes you hear the monster’s roar

  42. BenFranklin

    Pudge, you are correct. On further review it looks like a blue angel formation.
    Maybe this is one of those mashups where you need to piece together all of the code names of the stuff on the screen. Let’s see here:
    Ticonderoga ships (Tidowave, not close)
    A-10 Warthogs (What were the animals on the Tidowave hack?
    Blue Angels
    Trinity: Code name for first nuke detonation (can’t correlate the two explosions, but seem similar)
    F-22 Raptors

  43. Chris74

    I think maybe we’re trying to read to much into the picture. It simply shows a massive military effort to attack something, most likely the creature. Yeah, there’s no way you’d have that many naval ships, that close to each other, firing at the same target. Talk about “friendly fire.” But since this is only one picture, I think it is simply trying to show how much force is being used on the creature. This close to the release of the movie, it only makes sense that the focus would be on the creatures approach to New York.

  44. JoeWeiner

    hmmmm. Im not sure what they are, but those are definately not bombs (be it cluster, smart, or dumb) being dropped from the a-10. The perceptual distance of the images in question is way too far off to be bombs. also, if you look close, you can see that they seem to be facing one direction, and in a flight formation. Bombs dont fall like that. Also, the location of the picture is intriguing. if you look at you can see that there are naval bases in many areas on the eastern sea board. Following time line and paths, tracking from the chuai station, the closest base would be maybe in groton. hmmm i vaguely remember hearing something about CT earlier on… just a few thoughts

  45. JoeWeiner

    another thought… i find it highly unlikely that the object(s) being attacked is the monster… The military forces here seem to be to varied to be attacking one target. It seems that a-10’s, destroyers, and f22’s wouldn’t all be designated to one specific target. it is much more likely that if the target were only in the water, these military planes wouldn’t be used, but rather , it would be subs and destroyers… hmmm. Maybe this is just a close up picture of a much larger battle-esque scene

  46. Mutated Squid Whale Creature

    In my opinion, that photo is a fakey. The two Cruisers on the left of the screen are firing what look like tomahawk missiles… (probably from a persian gulf picture) The two cruisers on the right of the screen are from the cover of Jane’s Fleet Command. The explosion is definately the one posted above. Look at the inverted picture… dust clouds in the water… oooookaaaaay.

    Definately a fan made wet day dream to accompany the mauled supply ship pic.

  47. admin

    Mutated Squid…: I would hope that everyone knows that the image was created by putting together multiple images. The marketing department for the movie doesn’t have the budget to go out and create this scene in real life… some of the ships are probably CG models or maybe not, but it is 100% not fan made, it’s on one of the official cloverfield websites and is directly related to the movie.

  48. Mutated Squid Whale Creature

    In response to JoeWeiner’s comment about the different aircraft, I agree totally. I would assume any attack at sea would be from carrier based F-18E Super Hornets. For that many cruisers to be in one place would mean that a carrier would be present.

    The picture is a fan made collage.

  49. Mutated Squid Whale Creature


    thank you for your response, but don’t you think that after the quality put forward in the destruction of the rig and the burning hulk of the supply ship, then this collage is very poor if official?

    Anyone who can pound keys on a ‘puter and knows a tiny bit about the working of photochop would create something more balanced than this offering.

  50. admin

    Mutated Squid: I have no problem with the image, I just don’t think that the marketing company thought that people would scrutinize these images to the extent that they have. Obviously the person who put this image together isn’t an expert on warships or airplanes, so they wouldn’t know what ships would fire which missiles etc… Not everything means something, I think people need to stop trying to find every inconsistency in every little thing that they put out.

  51. SteveMikes

    I hope one day in the future we get an explanation as to how in the hell our deep-sea friend carries on uninjured from all the missiles that they seem to launch at it. I’m seriously starting to feel sorry for it now just from shots of missiles in trailers, pics and “photo’s” like this one being fired and pretty much hitting it. I feel sorry for it because it must be so damn confused and scared, yet I find it frightening because of how angry it has to be getting and the fact the missiles don’t even effect it. There’s no stopping it at all. Stark and scary stuff. . .

  52. Mutated Squid Whale Creature


    I think you’re being a little harsh on those people that bring their knowledge to the fore to eliminate confusion. Granted some folk will love this pic and it will serve it’s purpose if it is indeed official. I almost bought it until I noticed the two cruisers launching the tomahawk missiles.

    This next statement will really irk you, but I need to say it. None of the US Surface Fleet would engage an enemy whether man-made or a sea monster or even as a result of French Nuclear Testing… Muahahaha. That’s what the F-18 family are for.

    On a more serious note, I am disapointed that my first posts have annoyed you so much. I have followed this movie on your site and stayed silent.

    I hope you all enjoy the movie, we have a bit longer to wait in the UK.

  53. admin

    Mutated Squid: You’re free to say and discuss whatever you want here (as long as it’s not spoilers and its not something stupid like the monster is a lion). I have no problem with people bringing forth their knowledge of aircrafts and ships and what not (obviously I have none), but I can honestly say I think it’s confusing things more than eliminating confusion. People are looking into these pictures way to hard.

    And I don’t know why you keep referring to the image as “if it is indeed official”, because it is 100% official, so that’s not really up for discussion.

    And don’t worry, there have been people before you that have annoyed me a lot worse haha and I banned those people. So as long as you don’t claim the monster is a lion, I have no problem with anything you post. I understand that a lot more people are finding this site and posting since the movie comes out friday so I apologize if I might sound annoyed in my responses, I’m getting a little annoyed with answering the same questions over and over, I’m glad the movie comes out friday here…

  54. Weaselhammer

    The last 2 pictures that have been posted show up fine on this page, but when I go to I see nothing but blackness, I have a feeling this problem may be on my end because I have had trouble loading pictures on other sites such as myspace, etc. Any ideas on what to check ?

  55. Mutated Squid Whale Creature


    As recompense for my ruining the pic for you, I have come up with this scenario that will float your boat (Pun intended).

    US Carrier Fleet on training manouvers are engaged suddenly by an unknown entity that attacks and sinks an escort vessel.

    In a state of panic and uncertainty, the admiral of the fleet order his ships to engage the hostile with anything from quick-calc short range tomahawk missile strikes to crewmen throwing chip packets filled with poo at the creature. What ensues is a semi co-ordinated response from a fleet trying to position itself to best combat this threat. On receiving a message, Naval Command order NY National Guard A-10’s join the melle. In the distance, we see the ‘Thunderbirds’ Flight Display Team enroute to the party after thrilling many Canadian plane spotters with a classic display of flight skills over Lake Ontario.

    See, problem solved. Everything can be explained easily.

  56. Chris74

    admin: I agree w/ you re: this picture. The first impression we all had when we saw it was “holy crap!!!” I think that was what it was intended to convey.

    Mutated Squid: You’re right that anyone can composite such a picture. But you have to assume that person hacked the sight and put it on there. Even if they managed to do that, the folks running it would take it down.

  57. SteveMikes

    Mutated Squid: Mate have you seen that this has a 15 rating here in the UK? I’m pretty impressed and pleased with that, second highest certificate – no children at all !

  58. admin

    MutatedWhale: No problem, you didn’t need to justify it, but thanks. I appreciate you reading the site and taking the time to comment, so thank you.

    SteveMikes: The rating is going to ruin it for me… well not the movie itself, but the fact that younger kids are going to be in the movie yapping away on cell phones and stuff. That’s why I try to stay away from the theaters on opening weekend, but hopefully the midnight show on thursday night won’t be too packed with kids, since it is a school night.

  59. SteveMikes

    Too bad admin.
    Seriously though man, if this gets the second highest rating there is in the UK, I really don’t see how they’ve given it a rating that’ll allow kids in to see it in America. Die Hard films are 15’s here, would kids be let in to see them? I don’t think so.
    Perhaps the rating will be a really bad idea when little kids start freaking out. . .
    Oh and plus, they stand more chance of not understanding this thing at all, which is never a good thing.

  60. Mutated Squid Whale Creature

    SteveMikes: 15 works for me! It is going to be very difficult not to have the movie ruined for us when it is released in the US.

    Admin: I think you should make a UK page for us foreigners so we can hide from the movie. You could feed us little clues and keep our interest up for a month until we see it. Oh oh , you could have a painting competition for we Europeans to guess what the monster looks like… defo a mutated squid whale creature!

    Chris: in all honesty I am a lazy browser and only visit this site for my info. So, I assumed the pic was from another forum and had no idea that it was official.

  61. Weaselhammer

    That didn’t work but thanks anyway, I’m going to search Google for some help and work on this, I appreciate the help !

  62. SteveMikes

    Mutated Squid: Yeah I’ve mentioned that a few times, I just KNOW one of my friends will get their hands on a pirate DVD of this.
    Also for your guess of what the creature looks like, even if your guess was humorous, it’s way off. I’ve seen all art work that has been circulating in the spoiler section (yeah, I give in to temptation easily haha) but I made sure I read stuff first in case I came across the EXACT REAL picture or model or whatever. I like what I see though, and I know it’ll look better in the film itself, and maybe different.

  63. Shaun of the Dead

    This picture tells me one thing:

    If by land, sea or air, we are going to fail in getting this monster

  64. BaneSilvermoon

    Hey Weasel, cleared the cache on your browser? Most of the time an issue with just one particular page is something with your browser.

  65. BaneSilvermoon

    Oh and I just noticed something lol. Look at the Fuzzy Guts Blog Network links down the right side of this page.

    Notice anything familiar? lol

  66. admin

    Bane: haha, i didnt even realize that. Those are a few of my other sites/friends sites, and I took that image from google images 🙂

  67. kudgee

    Oh Hell No! We spent half a year camped out @ “1-18-08” only to wind up with a 12yr olds toy battle scene? “worst cgi ever” indeed.

  68. Weaselhammer

    For those who helped, I had to uninstall flash and re-install it, now everything works fine… thanks again!

  69. InGen

    every body here who posted, nice stuff!

    schwim: I see–I agree. Nice post maybe these two boats are with Tagruato. The rest seem to be firing away, and are probably the US Navy and maybe Air Force.


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