Thanks Fish for posting in the comments.

If you can’t wait to check out another clip of the movie, head on over to Yahoo Movies and check out this one. I’m trying not to spoil anything for myself (it’s kinda hard when you run this site) so I didn’t watch the entire thing through. It’s about 2 minutes long and from what I did see at the beginning they are trying to find a way to get to Beth in her apartment.

Also thanks Vernon for this clip of random scenes from Rob’s party found over at AOL

So if you don’t want to ruin a full 2 minutes of the movie, don’t watch it.

Yahoo Movies

AOL Movies

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  1. SteveMikes

    There’s no spoilers whatsoever in this admin, it’s just Rob, Lily and Hud trying to get in and around the destroyed building.

  2. Skitts

    that actually didnt ruin it for me one little bit. it honestly just made me more excited to see it. lakskjdflkj this is gonna be sucha great movie. im gonna go right when i get home from school so hopefully nobody is there

  3. admin

    SteveMikes: I still consider them spoilers since it’s actual footage from the movie. Some people may not want to see anything regarding the movie at all… I know it doesn’t show the monster or anything really happening, but just trying to look out for everyone that reads the site 🙂

  4. SteveMikes

    OK, wow that couldn’t be any fairer dude. Well done, I’ve been gone a little while and you’re still keeping things strong and tight here, seriously well done man.

  5. weyland

    I can wait till Thursday night..why have a snack when I can have the whole meal at 12:01 Thursday night?

  6. admin

    SteveMikes: Thanks, it has been getting harder to keep things moderated here as the movie gets closer. A lot more people have started commenting and trying to sneak spoilers and stuff in. I’ll honestly be happy when I don’t have to moderate stuff anymore 🙂 But that wont be until the movie has aired in most countries.

  7. SteveMikes

    I’ll be a little bit more wary from the 18th of this month onwards still, no matter how spoiler free you’re keeping this place admin. Pirate DVD’s are a big problem here in the UK too, I fully expect one of my friends to get hold of this and ruin it for me somehow haha.

  8. marythelion

    ya know…I think i’m with Admin here….I’m not gonna watch it. I STUPIDLY read a spoiler…and I’m very disappointed in myself. So…I still am excited to see it…but gonna be a virgin from here on in! 😀

  9. Fish

    I know it’s been said a lot admin but I wanted to thank you myself for keeping here spoiler free… I want to see the first showing I can on Friday, but i’m visiting my sister up in Ithaca, NY and won’t be able to see it until Saturday.. Ugh!

  10. SteveMikes

    Fish, you think you’ve got it bad waiting ’till Saturday, I’ve gotta wait until the 1st !

  11. ::xi::

    Are these posted on YouTube yet? I’m stuck on my iPhone until tomorrow. Flash no worky. 🙁

  12. ryan

    I’m with u all read my spoilers know some of what’s up now I’m just chillin to end. Hey I went over that second pic with boats and planes all of them were superimposed from different pics the destroyers, cruisers, the frigate, the jet fighters and the A10’s. The font of pic looks to be taken from an A10 and that is a pack of them under the a10 comin in from right, its not a cluster bomb and bomb pic supwerimposed I think it was shot in night vision because it would make it seem more life like. Also first pic of burning ship may be all superimposed. The super structure of ship looks to big for the ship below water and is at a strange angle almost straight up for a sunk ship it should be at angle of ship in water , I wonder if someone hacked the sight

  13. Digideus

    Thanks Admin. I wondered, and theres subtle little clues in there, like Dr Kamura uses a hammer, which made me think of the Slusho site. I spent ages tryng to identify the logo on his hat as well!

    Still, you have confirmed that it isnt to do with the movie.

  14. Skitts

    really cool…but definitaley nothing to do with the movie. the beginning sounded like the movie or something though.

  15. ryan

    Sorryy bout the hack reason I said that was A 10 is atnk hunter and troop support jet. Its not a frontline attack toy especially out at sea. But I will say this don’t care how big monster is 2 of them r capable of firing 3400 30 cal shells which r uranium me thinks that would be more than enuff to lay waste to dumpster truck fish face, especially after a few sortie I mean shit one of these planes alone would lay waste to and shred king kongs boddy to freakinpices. That photo is not remotely correct in what it depicts , its been totally put together or deliberatley doctored

  16. H3B3R

    As maybe some of you know, there’s some weird Cloverfield Manga comic going around, that seems to be official, due to its use of the Font Style and Tagruato’s trademark… Its supposed to be called ‘Kishin’ in japanese and I found out this sbout Kishin, talking about a japanese philosophy, so there’s no spoiler or anything, but maybe it gives a little information on WHY is it called that…

  17. CommanderKeen

    Urgh… I have to wait till February 29th till the movie comes out in here.

  18. Fish

    Stevemikes: I stand corrected… I’ll stop complaining now… The wait is still killin’ me though…

  19. Digideus

    I think youre supposed to suspend belief in reality and accept on face value that “Clover” cant be hurt by stuff the army are throwing at it. Remember, its a film, not real life!!

  20. Hodge

    Considering the film is only 90 mins long, I wan’t to see every minute of it for the first time in the cinema. Cheers for the heads up admin and thank you so much for keeping the site spoiler free. I feel it’s safe to come here up until the feb 1 release date.

    Also anyone in london can get to see the film early and for free with myspace

  21. admin

    I’m going to stop allowing information about good/bad reviews. Honestly, I can’t stand most movie critics and their view of films. See the movie for yourself and form your own opinions. So from now on, please do not post any links or information regarding reviews. If you want to read a review I’m sure they aren’t hard to find using google.

  22. admin

    Mary: Your comment was in response to a comment I deleted, so yours didn’t make much sense after I deleted the other one.

  23. marythelion


    just a general comment, people don’t let someones view of the movie “wreck” it for ya. Make your own judgment.

    AND btw…

    CLOVERFIELD IS SHOWING in my little po-dunk town FRIDAY! Earliest showing though is at 3:30 pm. BOOOOO. I’d have gone to a midnight showing in a heart beat!


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