I think this was mentioned on the forum or maybe the comments the other day, but I saw them mention it on Attack of the Show last night. So for those of you that have G4, Attack of the Show will have the cast of Cloverfield in studio live on todays show. Be warned though, the show is live so there may be a spoiler or two that slips out, but I think you’ll be ok.

Also don’t forget MTV is running an exclusive clip tonight during the Real World. I’m willing to bet that it’s the same one from the widget contest, but maybe not, so tune in and check it out if you’d like.

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  1. Ramone

    Tonight, Cloverfield Clues is indicating that manga publisher Kadokawa may be preparing to unleash a Cloverfield prequel in comic form.

    The site writes: If you go to the Kadokawa Shoten homepage and watch the flash header, there is an advertisement for a comic called ‘KISHIN’. Notice the similar style to 1-18-08? Wait…it gets better. Notice something strange in the ad for that comic? The ship has the Tagruato logo on it!!!?!?! WTF??!?!?

    More news on the upcoming Cloverfield comic is expected soon.

  2. jjistheman

    Its true! the animation the show has japanese on top of the “kinshin” part I translated to kuroobafuido (pronounced as a infamous title of ours, “Cloverfield”)


  3. jjistheman

    double post also you enter it and you see a copyright by Paramount. Proof is in the pudding. from what I understand is the guy they show is apart of the Tagruato 117 (boat they show on the preview animation) and it looks like he gets picked on or something… he cracks and BOOM! monster or something. that all predictions of course except the copyright part… I’ll keep looking out there for us all stay tooned

  4. Chris74

    THERE’S A NEW PIC ON 1-18-08.com. Some dude in a fishing boat over what looks like a pool of blood!!!

  5. Franky

    All the “mystery” shrouded in a magnificent story, the boy is waiting for a terrible fate?
    ????????????????????????????????????? Monthly “ace boy” will give presents, the first online Kimi is no longer limited to reading comics?

    ???????????/KISHIN?? “Clover field / KISHIN”. Serving all four times, the next update is scheduled for late February.
    ! Archives from absolutely not miss!

    Immediately readable, easy access is more!

  6. VB3

    Why in the hell is the first truly American monster movie being viral marketed in Japanese?

  7. Shawn

    The interview wasnt really a spoiler it just showed how they made the film and everything we pretty much know.

  8. Tiffani

    hey just saw the clip on MTV!!
    it was really good but did give a little away.
    the cast said that was one of the scariest scene in the moive sooo…
    check it out


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