Thanks Derma-Tek and Danny.

It appears as though TIDOwave has another message for us, although it doesn’t really tell us anything.

Horns down. If we go quiet, it won?t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands.

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  1. orange

    Yea, very cultish. What is this “mother” they speak of. Perhaps they are referring to the monster? hrm…………cryptic.

  2. CommanderKeen

    Yeah, totally sound like a cult. O.o Great mother? The monster? :O

    Also it could be twisted reference to the viral marketing. :DD

  3. Matt

    Sounds like they’re laying even lower than before. Is the “Great Mother” a refrence to the earth, or perhaps MGP?

  4. weyland

    Maybe the Monster is their doing? I found New York and someone from the company is supposed to be here. I feel they are responsible for something…something that has to do with the monster…

  5. ::xi::

    Mother earth. I think they mention it in their manifesto, or perhaps on another blog post.

  6. Chris74

    Sounds like they are going “off the air” for a while. Guess Tagruato is really giving them grief.

    Orange: I think franky is right, it’s mother earth

  7. orange

    Chris74: Agree. Wish we saw some new pictures…espeically given tonight at midnight is the official movie…I can’t wait till 11:59 p.m. hits! I’ll be there with my slusho shirt on! haha

  8. weyland

    perhaps they thought Mother Earth made this creature to go after the evil ones…

  9. Chris74

    Orange: Wish I was so lucky. Have a 2 and 3 yr old, so any late night excursion to see it is out of the question 🙁 Will just have to wait till tomorrow

  10. kimmy4lsu

    or “the great mother” could be “the mother goddess” that some cults worshipped, as she was a god of fertility and change……hmmm, maybe humans are about to become extinct? “horns down” is usually slang for “prepare for battle”….the whole “If we go quiet, it won?t be permanent” thing sounds like they are either gonna hide and wait out the destruction, secretly help the monster along, or die quietly and their death will not be permanent. either way, i have the feeling that tidowave already knows about the monster and in no way are threatened by it. if anything, it seems like they see this as a cleansing…..freaky, but i think everyone’s onto the cult thing….

  11. orange

    Yup! 🙂

    I’m way excited too. I got to be in the office the next day around 9…but I should be out by 1:30 a.m. I’m going to tough it out!

  12. Scribbs

    great mother is mother earth, they talk about it in there What is TIDO article on their site

  13. TKEGoogle

    Guys…come on…these guys are an eco group, not a cult…really? I’m not trying to bust anybody’s chops here, but we are really pushing the boundries.

    Point Blank, They know the animal is coming, they know it, they are going to lay low and ride out the mess. I don’t know how they know(maybe Teddy), I don’t know why they aren’t doing anything(maybe a fall for Tag)

  14. Teso

    HEEEEE, Can’t wait. I am going tomorrow night with some friends. It looks awesome!

  15. Rayford

    Dude this is kinda cool… if this is the last update before the movie… kinda like the calm before the storm… no HUGE UPDATE… just this… AWESOME 🙂

  16. orange

    Engel: It is kind of lame. I wanted something I was expecting a new picture to be added every hour up until 12:00 a.m. tomorrow.

    very lame. Not as exciting as I was hoping.

  17. sean

    perhaps tagruato really did get all of them at the farm and are pretending to be tido hacked their site like they did theirs, and making it sound like tido’s members should just fade away. it’s definitly a different take from their last post.

  18. Trexx

    yeah…its rather disappointing. i was looking forward to a new picture. maybe at midnight tonight….
    and last night…i had the worst dream ever…i dreamed that the monster was just a giant Jar Jar Binks.

  19. Engel

    I wanted a last Jamie and Teddy update, doesn’t look like its gonna happen. She got a party to get to in like 5 hours, and I wanted something to happen with Tagruato coming after her. I think we missed some stuff honestly. Didn’t catch some of the clues or something.

  20. Digideus

    Heres something interesting….(apologies if this has been pointed out before)

    Has anyone else noticed that certain letters on the T.I.D.O. wave site are always shown in bold?

    Those letters are AKMNVWXYZ

    and if you google that particular string of letters, it leads you to…

    …BUT before you get your hopes up that this is another viral site, I have to say I dont think it is. Firstly, all the other sites have used the same IP adddress range (208.109.181.x) whereas this uses something else. Secondly, what the hell has “Quantifying Immersion in Virtual Reality” got to do with it?

    Perhaps another false positive? I just found it interesting how this viral campaign has a lot of us jumping at any possibilities to link to the story.

    All in all, the Viral campaign has been brilliant. Perhaps someone involved with us can point out whatever we all missed, like what the hell does a hammer, a blue oven mit and a piece of cheese got to do with Slusho?

  21. TK

    TKEgoogle’s right, they’re laying low because of the monster now. This isn’t a code nor is it witchcraft, COME ON PEOPLE!!


  22. weyland

    Thats what i saw when I read it, they knew already which means, they have something to do with the monster.

  23. Charles

    What if we all die under the monster’s power! TIDOwave has caused a real monster to come out of the earth and Tagruato really wants to blame them and now we die!!!!!

  24. ryan

    Hey guys or admin does anyone know of a midnight showing in rhode island or mass if u do let me know thanx this is wierd, someone better tie all this stuff up eventually. maybe wolfmothers joker and the thief has more to do with this and why its in movie LOL. Also wonderin why they’d lay low now or is this what they’ve been waiting for. I wonder the boat picture maybe has sumpin to do with janice and maybethats a code name. I wanna see it tonite damn

  25. VB3

    Digideus –

    Not to mention it’s an .edu site. They would probably catch hell if they committed publicly funded web servers to a viral campaign.

  26. Johnny


    I don’t know if it’s sold out but there’s a midnight screening at the AMC or whatever it is at Boston Commons tonight.

  27. Charles

    Maybe Janice’s pic is the fishing pic! It makes sense look Janice is a person working all over the world looking for the things Tagurato has done and she took a pic of the monster’s chunks and blood for evidence and that’s where they meet!

  28. SteveMikes


    Stay in the screen and watch this right until the very end of the credits. Trust me. Do it.

    That is all, find out why yourselves. . .

  29. SteveMikes

    There’s something at the end of the credits.
    I don’t wanna spoil it, just please trust me.
    Stay until the very end. You’ll find out what I’m on about then. . .

  30. katimusha

    I think he means theres extra stuff either with a sequel which is unlikely or who knows.

  31. Rice

    I think SteveMikes is talking about when we see the movie.. I think he’s saying to watch til the credits are over. That is what you mean right? Do you know something we don’t?

  32. Charles

    SUCH BAD NEWS AS SUCH A BAD MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Theater is not showing a film by Paramount Pictures!!! Which means Cloverfield is not showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to find a closest theater nearby but those chances are very slim. GOD HELP ME!!!

  33. Trexx

    What do you mean? till the end of the credits for the movie?

    also, TIDOwave does seem almost cultish. like they worship the earth itself. if so, somehow sending a thousands of years old monster to destroy one of the most corrupt cities on the planet while somebody they believe is raping the natural world visits it, makes sense.

    (also, just got my tickets. no midnight showing here, so i’m going at 7:15 tomorrow night)

  34. Skitts

    stevemikes: do you mean stay in the movie and watch it until the very end of the credits?

    and some ppl said this was a big disappointment, not to lower anybodys hope but ive read it alot and it was ppl who saw the screening on tuesday.well i hope it doesnt suck, its only 75 min long =(

  35. SteveMikes

    I mean watch all of the credits right until the very end. As I said, I don’t wanna spoil anything, just letting you know you should do it as I’m a nice guy like that.
    I could have not told you, but then you all would have missed it like many reviewers seem to have done.

  36. Skitts

    ha k thats what i thought you meant. thanks though ill be sure to do that. i hope i dont have school tomorrow! o how much i hate it! lasdkjflkjlskdjf im excited. stevemikes, was it a good movie?

  37. dijjot

    theres no point in staying past the credits, as what you will hear is literally incomprehensible. Not sure if that is a spoiler…

  38. Clifton

    SteveMikes: ok, will do. I am going tomorrow after school at 8PM. Thanks for the info man.

    BTW, I’m not new to the site. I’ve been using it since August, I just have never posted a comment before 🙂

  39. BaneSilvermoon

    I’m not reading any of this as I’m going to see the movie in a couple hours. But I wanted to mention something. I haven’t been around the Tagruato page much lately and I just noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Now this may have just been something I just overlooked, but has there always been a page under the Medical Research Subsidiary called “a day in the life of a YMR doctor”?

  40. FSC Garcia

    I found something interesting but most likely a moot point – I was checking out the “Happy Talk” on Slusho website, and one of the quotes was ‘She’s one of them”…possibly referring to Jamie? I don’t know – thought it was interesting though.

  41. Rheaux

    I have to say it sure took you guys long enough to figure SteveMikes Point. WATCH THE WHOLE DAMN MOVIE

  42. ryan

    Hey all critics love it or most do. Film goers all over split big time. Many motion sick so take dramamine, sit in back of theater and suck on something and or look down once or twice lol. Everyone had different description of monster. Was kinda wierd how over 100 different reviews from all over world saw it differently.. To me a giant monster film is and or should be destructive and an allegory of current events almost lived out thru monster. To this end I think 9 11 , big corporations and the control they have over our lives, fear and mistrust of our govt all come into play in Cloverfield. I’m guessing some scenes from early screenings which I think are very accurate aren’t in film so iexpect the viral to continue tieng up some loose ends until May 22nd when actual attack occurs. I hope the viral isn’t better tha the movie, but its all been like a good book hard to put down. Also someday I’d like admin to poll everyone on what their favorite giant monster movies maybe a top 3. Me its simple 3. The Bermuda Depths and 1978tv movie with terrible effects, a giant turtle, witchcraft, voodoo , the devil, and actually a great cast and title song. Its vailable on bootleg disc and vcr. Petition to someday hopefully release it on dvd. Actually was most watched abc friday night movie up until that time 2. Godzilla vs Biollante. Just plain creepy in this one how a bilogical engineered plant mixed with godzilla cells and human entities could be so creepy.. especially when it mutates a second time into this part godzilla, part plant , part quad ped who spews acidic green venom. Thois thing was truly kinda scary lookin way bigger than godzilla, and its roar was damn scary. Also the fact that it was an entity witha soul and truly couldn’t be killed made for a great ride. Also godzilla vs the smog monster a campy trippy social comment on the damgers of pollution would rate almost equal as would godzilla vs destroyah. 1. War of Gargantuas. Another tale of two siblings but not quite brothers who fight save and ultimately kill each other. Was tohos highest grossing big monster film to date when it was released in the ealry 70/s this one rates a reamke. Lets hope all this viral makes for good movie and JJ keeps it goin here sequel or not at least up until actual attack date and includes the cuai destruction and othe videos I think that r still to come on dvd. Would love to hear ur thoughts here. Also forgot the Gamera films r worth taking a look at especiially for kids since he is their protector I’m out would love feedback from u guys if not here email me at

  43. Robbie

    The day has finally come people! HAPPY CLOVERFIELD DAY!!!! I hope that the movie will live up to your expectations!!! I know full and well that I will love this movie!!! LOL I’m calling this day by that name, because I have waited so long and patiently for it to come.

  44. Nacho


  45. BaneSilvermoon

    yet another double post, admin is gonna kills me. But, I agree with Dijjot, I got nothing from it, white noise at its finest.

  46. BaneSilvermoon

    sorry…. but I had to add, for the record. I haven’t seen a movie where the audience burst into applause at the end in a long time, or for that matter, one that made someone vomit either heh.

  47. Steveboss

    Read this site for months, saw it here an hour ago in Maryland, I was kinda let down. Cheers.

  48. H3B3R

    Just a piece of advice, dont make the same mistake as many people of thinking there’s something missing when your movie ends. . . If you have been following this ‘viral campaign’ its all there. . . Its all there, believe me. Hint: mostly with the last 3 pictures from 1.18.08. And by the way, ADMIN: thanks for leading us all the way til this moment. It has been a nice ride along with all the fans. Great job you did for us! Otherwise we would be part of those people i mentioned at the begining. THANKS! 😉

  49. jjistheman

    Saw the movie!

    it was great, though it didn’t get into the ARG except if anyone noticed, the tanker that was destroyed was a Tagruato tanker

    it could be the 117 in the manga.

  50. weyland

    Well, I saw it last night at 12, a sold out crowd, man I am beat but loved the film! It was awesome! What did you think ADMIN??

  51. deBish

    bleeding Mother Earth dry. In their heedless efforts to join the ranks of fellow Earth Blood vampires, Tagruato has treated our planet like its own personal cesspool.

    Does anyone think that this is the newest picture on is the one we’ve been waiting for?

  52. Ramone

    Movie Web 18th January 2008.

    Friday, January 18th, 2008


    Bloody Disgusting was on the Cloverfield red carpet tonight for the premier of the film. While chatting with director Matt Reeves, the subject of a sequel came up. This is what he had to say:

    “Only time will tell. While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go. The fun of this movie was that it might not have been the only movie being made that night, there might be another movie! In today’s day and age of people filming their lives on their iphones and handy cams, uploading it to youtube…That was kind of exciting thinking about that.”

    That’s right. The plan that is being talked about right now is for the sequel to take place from the perspective of someone else’s camera on that same night. To keep costs low, I heard a rumor that Cloverfield 2 would be shot using a cell phone camera.

  53. weyland

    Hal eaten fish, i wonder where this was taken at. Bermuda or somewhere near the east coast?

  54. Cen18

    ADMIN! new cloverfield pic on check it out, because its disguisting!

  55. Amanda

    JJ Abrams did something similar with his show ALIAS…an online treasure hunt….you have to put together all the pieces to find out the mystery of the movie. The ALIAS one was super indepth…. totally beyond my brain capacity, but I’m thinkin this is pretty similar. 🙂


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