Looks like Jamie is finally over Teddy and she’s headed to Rob’s party. Check out the video at www.jamieandteddy.com (password: jllovesth) or check the youtube video below.

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  1. orange


    anyways…………..yea……so she doesn’t seem as insane as the bear video.

  2. Philip

    WOW…not to take issue, but she seems even crazier. I had to check the connection to make sure it wasn’t accidentally on some sort of fast-forward option or something.

    Anyway, seeing the movie tomorrow. See y’all at the cinema!

  3. Zach

    Ah I just saw the movie, good beside the end…Its too bad they didn’t go more in depth about the whole slusho plot and what happens post-end.

  4. Blex

    Yeah Hammermememer, I couldn’t find Jamie in the movie. thanks for pointing that out that she was the lady on couch that was passed out! By the way, THE BEST MOVIE THIS FREAKIN’ GENERATION! I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN!

  5. Dan

    I agree with hammermememer. I posted on imdb about that. She is only briefly seen on the couch. What happened to her?

  6. CommanderKeen

    hammermememer:So this might mean we’re not getting anymore Jamie clips. 🙁

  7. Engel

    I honestly am so confused, everything in the ARG said the party was last night, I was even at it, but she’s going to it tonight? I hate this, my world has been turned upside down.

  8. Shaun of the Dead

    The timing of these video’s don’t make sense anymore. THese act like real time, the film does not. I don’t get it.

  9. Trexx

    only one explanation…SHE’S THE MONSTER. haha i’d laugh

    but seriously, i saw it a couple hours ago. i’m completely satisfied. it was better than i expected. and i loved it. i managed to tape the credits on my digital camera but i haven’t uploaded it yet. there was a lot of talking around me sooo…idk. but we’ll find out.

  10. Franky

    she is fucken passed out on the couch while girls are making fun of her

    10 out of 5 stars i give this movie

    screw all you who thinks it sucks

  11. Teso

    I just saw the film. Amazing! I am not dissapointed and I definetly recommend it. I liked the end a lot too.

  12. Teso

    SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    One more thing. I have seen posts on other forums saying that it was not good because it lacked background.(You know, like where the monster comes from, why is it there, etc) huhhhhhhh?????? Unfortunely for these people, they have not realized that this movie has one of the most extensive backgrounds ever.But they are still too lazy to realize that future cinema will not be based on posters and Tv’s, but on the net.

  13. Scott

    LOL, oh poor blondie.

    Went to the 7:40 showing at the Regal E-Walk here in NyC and Beth, Hud, and a bunch of others (the actors, obviously) were in the audience with us and took pictures afterwards. Pretty awesome!

  14. Scribbs

    good i don’t wanna see those, or you again yay… probably gonna see an I’m sorry video after this is all over though 🙁

  15. Eric

    it seems things in the ARG are happening in real time.
    If she’s going to the party, the Party happens on 1-18 at night, and the movie ends sometime the next morning…

    So tomorrow the crap should hit the fan as far as the story exploding.

  16. Ryan

    Hey all im double postin here for a reason one may be deleted. We all missed something huge in movie. if ur going to see it again as i did late last nite or havent seen it yet pay very close attention near end to Rob and Beth when their hanging out on their trip something happens off to right and left. Its not a spoiler but opens and may answer many questions. If u all wanna know what im talking bout email me my adress has been all over here. Cant wait till we can talk more.

  17. Ryan

    Second this movie will do well lots of older people and couples in showings I saw and they all seemed to like it. Im wondering out load remember how tido said horns down, did they create that thing on beach to attack monster,. Because im sorry but they look like horns on the top left whatever and they look to be facingdown. FRankie i stayed till end ur right and what happened has been translated. check wikipedia, ill just say what ive said all along. Tip of iceberg. Also Reeves has discussed a few sequel ideas. But i wanna talk about 2 things in movie that open a lot of questions, when can we actually discuss them on here

  18. Ryan

    Sorry i was wrong looks to be a whale just wondering why they look like horns and the horns gets mentioned and remember the devils horns on ganu when they hacked the site

  19. dan

    Rob mentions “12chesthair.com” or something like that in the movie.. i dont think thats a spoiler or anything, but when i got home… i went to see if it was a real website, and it wasnt.


  20. Nick (The Original)

    After seeing the first part of this video I stand corrected. She should’ve been in the movie… NAKED. 🙂

  21. Philip

    Guessing we won’t get any more videos from Jamie, as her hometown was just torn apart by a giant monster.

  22. *Carlos*

    Apparently my comment wasnt sent (if it was then I’m sorry)-
    but like I said before-
    Matt Reeves was asked about the possibility of a sequel during the film’s premiere. He replied:

    “While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go. The fun of this movie was that it might not have been the only movie being made that night, there might be another movie! In today?s day and age of people filming their lives on their iphones and handy cams, uploading it to YouTube… That was kind of exciting thinking about that.”

  23. Marp

    Guys, first time posting here (I heart this site!). I just wanted to say that JJ Abrams said that America needs its own Godzilla, not to say the creature is Godzilla, but that there are a TON of Godzilla movies. Cloverfield could be the prelude to MANY MORE points of view aka movies! Which mean more Slusho/Tagruato/TIDOwave backstories! These are very exciting times people. So dont let the movie bring you down if you thought they didnt “explain enough”.

  24. Ryan

    UMM well attack isnt exactly on 1 18 08 guys so u may be waiting some and i know ive said this before were aways away from actual date and i think that was does to see how far all this would. plenty of backstory time left

  25. Jessica


    Did you go to Rob’s surprise party here in NYC at the Dark Room Thursday night? If so what time did you get there? I was the very 1st person on line at the Dark Room entrance?

  26. Ray

    Something tells me that Jamie didn’t stay in the house.. maybe she found “Randy”?… I think I see her outside right before ms. liberty’s head comes flying through… blonde chick looks strikingly similar…its the same scene as the trailers. Also anyone have an i.d. on who the guy is at the end of the trailer who says … “its gonna be one hell of a night”?

  27. Ben

    @ Ray: I think the guy your talking about who says “its gonna be one hell of a night” I don’t even think he said that line in the movie. Althoguh we see him saying it in the trailer. Also is it confirmed anywhere that the girl laying on the sofa is Jamie? When Hud moves the camera to the girl on the sofa with the revealing cleavage I think we are to believe that it is Jamie. Since it looks like the same dress she wore in this youtube video.

  28. Ray

    The girl on the couch is jamie… and she looks done… however if you watch closey around the time the statue head makes its cloverfield debut there is a blonde walking around looking either confused.. or in shock as to what is going on… she looks like Jamie… and im thinking “Randy” is in the safe zone where the TIDOwave people were “hiding out”…. if I can recall the blonde is on a cell phone talking to someone.. its really really quick, like a second… and remembering when jamie opens the package she was sent the tape said that Randy would contact her… it could be one of those quick missing links that tie together a small piece of the marvel that is cloverfield lol.. Im going to see it again tonight, so I’ll watch for it to confirm. And what they say about that female charater in the movie.. admin im trying not to get into details :-)… she had someplace very important she needed to be.

  29. Animal

    I did it: I saw Cloverfield. And, unfortunately, my prediction about Slusho; wrong. Which, well, kinda stung, but I expected to be partly wrong. Anyway, the movie was fantastic to me. The monster – great job J.J. the thing was frickin’ HUGE. The ending – could have been a little bit better. But Cloverfield truly was awesome.

  30. Danielle

    It’s alright for you lot. I live in Britain and it comes out a week on friday :[ I am also 14 so technically shouldn’t see it XD haha 🙂


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