Thanks to all that commented about this.

Check out the new photo from , I dont know if it’s whale guys or if a monster was destroyed (judging from the previous pictures) and these are that monsters guts. What do you guys think?

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96 Responses

  1. Cen18

    This could take place after the movie… or before, what if this is the baby monster u suggested could have been killed by tagruato. Or is this the monster following the events of the movie?

  2. Cen18

    P.S. what is with the strange scratches on the bottom right tentacle, is that just coincidence, or are those markings?

  3. weyland

    Well, judging by the creature on the left, something took a bite out of it by the size of that bite size and as for the other might be the same…this was his meal on the way here perhaps?

  4. Robert

    I’m guessing maybe 2 seas creatures were mutated and the mutation caused them to be more feral. This in turn caused them to fight each other and one lost. Or maybe when that oil rig exploded it took out one of the monsters.

  5. admin

    Franky: I loved it! I dont have time to write up a review right now, but I will at some point, hopefully today, but we’ll see. But yes, I loved the movie.

  6. Tyler

    I have been a long supporter of cloverfield for a while now, without ever posting….but YAY! ITS THE 18th! I am seeing this movie with my friends at 730. The mystery will be over πŸ™

    Anyway, I think that’s just whale guts that the monster sliced open. I still dont understand how this movie is just PG in my town.

  7. Chris

    I’m thinking that there is one BIG monster and then several little tiny ones. Maybe they destroy a small one at the beginning of the movie and aren’t sure what it is and this sort of leads up to the main story and destruction.

  8. fixture

    I think it is the creature. From the horns on the portion of the object and the claw / finger of the creature. That finger looks like it would produce the damage on the statue of liberty.


  9. andy

    that had to be the creature. you can see a seagull land beside one of the remaining chunks and in comparison its like a speck. the thing is huge.

  10. Jessica

    I loved this movie, It was so wortht the wait.

    It seems like this might be the after effect of all the bombing we see take place in the previous photos. Maybe the blood from the last photo comes from this creature.

    Movie was awesome gonna see it again tonight.

  11. weyland

    Hey Admin…do you think that the monster killed it’s rival, being that was dormant for so long and well, kinda hungry I suppose. For survivng reasons, it killed it mate or partner…who knows..but I saw the movie last night and I rocked, I had so much fun and was not let down at all, just curious now…

  12. orange

    They are whales. The one at the very top is a Sperm Whale. Something definitely took a chunk out of them. Sperm whales dive extremely deep perhaps they came in contact with the giant monster, but are for sure whales and that is for sure a sperm whale.

  13. Andrew

    Hey, i live in England but ive been following this movie since like..June?

    Anyway, does anyone know of any kind of whale that has spikes protruding from it? As in the lump at the back left has sorta spikey…bits.

    Monster proof? (No punn).

  14. orange

    Yes, they are actually all sperm whales. In the background you can see a boat…but its the type of boat that is more significant. Its the boat that you find more animal/ocean activists using. Perhaps they are from TIDO wave?

    Sperm whales are a deep diving creature…I believe they can be found off the coast of Japan and the Mariana Trench. Not sure though.

  15. TK8103

    Looks like whales to me. The one closest, on the right, you can see ribs, what looks like a fin, and behind that the tail.
    Monster leftovers, in my opinion.

  16. sloperut

    If you look at the photo the thing with the bite taken out of it is a sperm whale with it’s mouth open and the view of it is from front to back. Looks like our monster had a little snack.


  17. It'sAlion!

    I’m going to see it tonight….it’s taking everything I have not to research! Excitement!

  18. Cloverfreak

    If we assume that this is in real time though, which we’ve been led to believe so far, the party isn’t until tonight so it can’t be THE monster. All the bombing and destruction hasn’t happened. It’s probably a whale. I think. :/

  19. weyland

    Those things are Sperm whales, I blew up on Photoshop and thats what I see. Also, sperm whales can go to very deep depths in the ocean…umm..lunch for the monster.

  20. Kal

    Look at the upper left “creature” It’s a sperm whale… i’m guessing the others are too.It’s an ironic aspect though considering what the sperm whale is; It WAS the largest carnivore on earth, HAD the largest brain, and WAS the loudest animal as well. I’m guessing in the cloverfield world, it’s not anymore :D! LOVE THE MOVIE! Love the look of the real monster.. very very well done! Thanks for all the updates… loved the site and the last 8 months :D. Can’t wait to see another midnight showing of it tonight :P!

  21. marythelion

    ok DAMNIT! LESS THAN TWO HOURS! I’m going to the matinée. I am very excited by the above comments, and wanted to wish everyone a very Happy 1-18-08!

    This is is! This is the BIG DAY!!!! WOOO HOOOOO!

    THanks for EVERYTHING guys!

  22. Axul

    this pic looks like more then one animal.maybe the monster is a pickey eater and just likes to bit chunks off of what ever those are..whales?? it would have to be whales becouse there big.for some reason i dont think that thats the monster dead.i dont think he can die that easily(just by a couple of miltary ships and jets)while in his home court (the ocean)

  23. Jochem


    The day is finally here… 1-18-08!!
    Have fun everybody!
    In Holland it’s in theaters next week, so I’ll have to wait another week πŸ™
    Can’t wait!

  24. Franco

    It’s a whale definitely. Another victim of the monster I guess, probably taken before his big attack in the city.

  25. moegonzo

    Well, at least this pic seems to point to the source of all that blood in the water seen in the previous pic…

  26. Ryan

    Hey all on way now to go see. Why does sperm whale have horns my guess is from all these pics and what not maybe they have already done a seuqel of sorts. Shots already done to show damage he created on way here. Anyway check back lata

  27. mikey

    i loved the movie… as for what that picture is, i cannot say without ruining something. For all of you out there who say the movie is trash (i.e. many film critics) Take the time to consider what was really going on in the film. So many critics are arguing that they had no idea what was going on, but that is the point of the whole viral marketing campaign. If the government finds a video camera with a film in it of a bunch of terrified civilians, you can’t expect all the answers. that is what made it brilliant. No profound lines that seemed scripted, No holds barred for anyone at any time. So many people whining about nausea and due to a shaky camera- get the F*ck over it- there is nothing neat or pretty about this movie, because it is not meant to be a movie. I almost feel sorry for those who weren’t immersed in the viral stuff that we have all come to appreciate, because for us, these people are practically our acquaintances. In a world where the internet has become a primary source of communication, Abrams and crew gave us an opportunity to KNOW these people just as we “know” so many others- through AIM, Myspace, blogs, facebook, etc. This has made everything worth while… rock on guys, it’s been a great adventure

  28. Lauren

    Ewww. I am going tomorrow at 10AM to avoid annoying moviegoers that do nothing more than ruin the movie by texting on their phone during it…

  29. Julian

    That’s two whales. On the left, we see a dead whale (not a baleen whale, but a toothed whale, maybe a sperm whale) with its mouth hanging open, a big chunk bitten out of his head by something big with one bite – just like in the Apple Logo. On the right, we see another dead whale, its ribcage showing out. The parallel folds in the bottom right corner of the picture might be ventral pleats.

    See here:

  30. Ramone

    What ever it is, it looks like it drank more than six!!

    To everyone across the ocean that we call the Atlantic, from your previous owners over here in the U.K.I’d like wish you all a big thanks and to have fun at the movie over the weekend. Sadly, we have to wait until February for it to open here. Let’s hope it’s everything and more you dreamed of. From the online reviews I’ve read, everyone is loving it !

    Remember, we all played a huge part in making this movie the phenomenon it is today – and if it wasn’t for people like Tom “The man with plan”(Admin) then we wouldn’t be here today ,doing this right now.

    So thank you Tom from me and everyone here in the U.K

    Cheers dude x

  31. Scribbs

    aren’t sperm whales smooth skinned?? also i don’t believe they have horns…and they aren’t the largest carnivore, blue whales are, they feed mainly on krill a super tinytinytinytiny fish

  32. Josh

    Hola from Barcelona, Spain!!! Look at the creature on the left… its got some kind of horns… didnt’ TIDOwavesay something bout horns down???

    Plus… look at the boat on the background… theres 2 guys which have the position as if they were armed and ready to fire…

    …do u think thats a whale??? I’m not so sure…

    or…. maybe they’re looking to ambush the parasites that ate those whales (if thats what it is)… i dunno

  33. justcon

    How are people seeing horns in this picture?
    I see a couple whale tails, one connected to a whale ribcage and the other sticking up behind the bitten whale.

    There’s also a toothed mouth of a whale, still, no horns.

  34. Master Roshi

    I just got back from seeing the movie. Its very good and worth the wait! The only problem now is that I have more questions about it than I had before I saw the movie. There has to be a part two! My guess is that this is just the tip of the iceberg! πŸ™‚

  35. Nick

    these are/were whales people. killed by the creature(s). c’mon…. get with it.

  36. Skitts

    I FUCKING TOLD YOU PEOPLE THAT THE BLOOD WAS FROM WHALES IM ALWAYS RIGHT! o and i saw the movie at 3:00 and it was the biggest disappointment EVER! the movie hardly showed the monster…fucking lame. i cant believe i waited for that damn movie

  37. Scribbs

    after looking at the picture closer i can see those aren’t horns the, whale on the left is faceing us, the “horn” on the top is the dorsal fin, the “horn” on the side is the tale hidden behind the body, and the “horn” on the bottom is it’s left fin… πŸ™‚ mystery solved, its defenitely two sperm whales….

  38. Skitts

    no not really. the movie hardly fucking showed the monster, and it was the shortest movie ive ever seen.

  39. admin

    The movie was amazing in my opinion. Obviously you should have known going in you weren’t going to see the monster a whole lot, since it’s filmed from a 1st person point of view and the monster is running a muck throughout the entire city, and the characters we follow can’t be in the same place as the monster the entire time. And as far as the movie being too short, I thought it was a perfect length, if it were any longer it would have gotten repetative and boring, plus a lot of people can only handle so much shaky-cam.

  40. marythelion

    I left the theater feeling…bummed out. πŸ™

    And at first I thought it was because of how it ended. And it has some destruction in it? But I expected more. ALOT more. My heart was pounding…whats cooler than the movie? Is knowing alot of us we’re in it together! πŸ™‚
    I know my bummed outedness, was BECAUSE of the ending. Thats like…my biggest fear ever.

    I was bummed because I DID know so much about the characters, and JJ made me cry. It was a sad movie. Scarry? MEH! Sad, yes.

    There we’re only about 10 people in the theater. Second it ended, it got a TON of boos. (ok well 9 of em)

    I stuck around, waited until the credits started in the movie. Left. Heavy hearted. I wanted more! And I hope the online portion delivers.

  41. Billy

    Movie was great, skitts is crazy.

    Those are Sperm Whales with chunks taken out of them. No monsters here folks πŸ™‚

  42. Lauren

    These look like tentacles or claw-like apendages (there was a suggested possible monster-source in the forums this makes me think of). Or at least, the closest pink one does; the grey one in the background sadly looks like a whale–either a casualty of the airstrike, or the monster’s attempted meal. Hard to say.

  43. SteveMikes

    Wait wait wait. Wait.
    I went looking through my DVD collection yesterday, checking run-times. This isn’t any shorter at all than one hell of a lot of films/movies that get released. What did you want anyway? a 3 hour long Lord Of The Rings style of storytelling or a realistic and bearable, normal length feature? Some people need to get their heads out of their own asses, wake up and smell reality.

  44. ryan

    Awesome. Loved special effects the camera work was awesome good shots of monster and or monsters. I now realized something I’d like to ask anyone whose seen it. How many monsters were there I won’t go into why I’m askin but something caught my eye that was odd. The monster itself well we will wait to discuss that cause I do have issues, but that review I read three weeks ago was dead on. Admin I’m emailin u with a question I’d like to ask thanks for ur work and I do belive we r at tip of iceberg especially with photos this week and comic book. Also I know for sure some scenes were left out.

  45. Tom

    Wait a minute, I just got back from the movie and I didn’t see this shot at all !?

  46. mikey

    i love how you banned me admin for spoling nothing and trying to celebrate the success of this site and this movie. email me and give me some feedback if you wont post me

  47. Kelly

    Honestly, I believe we saw the monster *just* enough. Anything other than what we saw would have been overkill.

    Personally, I think the movie was one fantastic ride. This may be a second screener for me just so I can go back and catch some things. πŸ™‚

  48. MarytheLion

    Admin….I apologize here. I think between my lap top and desktop, and your server, (which no doubt has been taking an ass pounding with all the word press messages lol) I’m playin dot to dot to dot. This day has been like UP THERE on the wig out scale.

    The movie, I know I originally said was disappointing, but I think it was 1. I went by myself, and 2. no real live person to discuss it. So thank god for this man. Thank YOU for this. I appreciate what ya do here. cheers!

  49. MarytheLion

    AND btw…when we get paid again, I’m gonna go see it again with my hubby. Now I got all the emotional attachment BS out of the way, I’m gonna look for stuff I didn’t see before.

  50. BaneSilvermoon

    .. wait a minute… how is there still any debate over whether or not its whales? I posted a link to the picture they took the left one from…. go back and look at it.. it is the SAME picture….its a sperm whale.

    I couldn’t find the original of the one on the right, but your looking at its with its head on the right out of the picture. You see its right flipper with tears on it right below the seagull. The gull sitting right next to its ribcage. And then its tail sitting behind it where everyone is seeing a claw. Its arched upwards and then the tip of its tail comes back down to rest on the beach.

    But the back left IS a sperm whale, as I said, I posted a link earlier today up there of the original picture. And the head at the bottom looks like possibly Sperm whale, or something beaked.

  51. Britt

    For the record, if no one has noted it, I think it may be 3 sperm whales. There is the one at top left with the chunk missing from its head, the one with only ribcage/body visible and if you look at the bottom left you can see that the other visible chunk is part of a head with teeth showing as well as an eye. The teeth are pointing towards the ribcage of the body next to it suggesting that it is a disembodied head or a totally separate whale.

  52. HAVOCMAN74

    Admin: I only just found out about a Cloverfield MANGA being made as a prequel to the movie. Tagruto is in it.

    I havn’t read about this on your website yet so I thought You would like to know.

    If you already new about this sorry for wasting your time.

    This is my first time posting here but I’ve been coming here sense the site first started. Great job on the site. πŸ™‚ And the movie was amazing!!

  53. rayday

    mikey on 37 ive only heard of a few bad reviews for the most part this movie is getting great reviews… less than 1/4 of the reviews were bad… even roeper gave this a good review…

  54. mikey

    admin, i sincerely apologize…. i couldn’t log onto the page for a few hours and i thought for sure you banned me… i thought it may have been for my review. it also may have been due to the fact that i post under a few different names. Either way… i have been here for the long haul… and i appreciate everything you have done!

  55. mikey

    actually you did not delete it… so I am very happy… and I praise you.. and I celebrate thise site and this film as a whole… It would not be the same.. not even close, without sites like these buddy

  56. mikey

    actually once agian i put my foot in my mouth… delete everything i said if you feel necessary, because you did actually delete my original post

  57. mikey

    seriosuly delete all of this previous crap.. but i want to say you are the man… and i have been with you all the way and have appreciated everything you have done to prevent spoilage, but i was not aware that my post fell into that category

  58. Reibeast

    They are not mutants, monsters or claws or tentacles. They are whales.
    What you see on the right side that looks like a claw is a pectoral fin, probably of a humpback. Behind the fin are the ribs, which as you can see, have been nibbled upon by Clovey.

    Top left is a sperm whale with a big bite out of its head.

    Bottom left… I can’t identify the species, but it’s a whale’s face.
    So I guess, for people who were wondering about the connection with whales, they’re monster feed.

  59. WHY! No mutated squid whale Creature?


    Save the whale Campaigners are not going to be pleased. The monster is obviously a wastefull creature as it only took one bite out of that whale in the background. Too much salt perhaps?

    Admin: I have (il)legally obtained myself a dandy copy of ‘Monster’. I would have given it a miss on your advice, but I think you are lying about how poor you thought it was because you are hellbent on denying me my life long dream of witnessing a mutated squid whale creature in a long overdue movie of it’s own!

    SteveMikes! The movie should be in real-time, a good 12-24hrs long. JJ again missed the boat there.

  60. ItsaLioooon

    “wait a minute? how is there still any debate over whether or not its whales?”

    Not from any serious people.

  61. Jacob




  62. Jacob

    ok its not the monster. they’re whales but it’s still cool to think if it was.

  63. BaneSilvermoon

    Yeah I had to look at it for a while before I started seeing what it actually was. But its pretty obvious once you really lock onto any one detail in the image.

  64. Ken

    Watched it on the 17th, WOW! LOVED IT!! Seriously I can see how people expecting your run of the mill hollywood film would be dissappointed, but man if you just watch it for what it is and get over the camera (seriously if the camera was too smooth you’d all be like “its so fake how come hes got a steady cam strapped to his waist”)It is a great experience. Monster is GREAT but the best was the editing and the storytelling. DUDE its not easy to get that much back story using a first person format!! Serious Blair witch coudnt do it and it was LONGER and HAD LESS PEOPLE AND LESS HAPPENING!!…Love it Love it Great fun

  65. Chad

    WOW! This is the 1st site where mostly everyone who saw the movie enjoyed it for what it was. I thought it was fantastic! This may be considered a spoiler, but I don’t think so…it looks like the military is fighting in 2 different locations and the monster looks different at times. Maybe it’s just me…..dunno?

  66. DJ

    Maybe I’m really late on this, but if you click and drag on the corners of the polaroids, they flip over. 3 have messages written on them, BUT one is in Japanese (take a wild guess which one). Can anybody translate or know of the significance, if any?

  67. lord davis

    its a recipe that calls for a certain “extincted” crab scorpion hybrid that used to live off the coast of japan.

  68. magic

    did anyone see something at the last scene in cony island. cuz i didn’t. if you did i would really really like to know

  69. BaneSilvermoon

    Actually I’m pretty sure the crab translation was an incorrect translation…. but this was talked about ages ago on this page. I’m sure theres a ton in the forums about it, and theres probably an old post somewhere for that picture pages back. Have a look around.

  70. craig

    Yeah, at the end when Rob And Beth are on the ferris wheel, he is filmong the ocean and on the right of the screen you see a large object splashing into the ocean.

  71. Dante

    Hey Magic.. Yeah… i saw the scene. But I saw it the second time i watched the movie… I saw the midnight showing and everyone in the theatre missed it too.. So don’t feel bad. Its very subtle. Its definitely some kind of UFO falling into the ocean though, that’s for sure.

    As for the pictures of the guts. It’s a whale and maybe another whale? Not sure. The whale in the back got a big chunk of its head bitten off. The closer animal with the ribs showin… not sure if thats another whale or not.. But i’m thinking it must be because its pretty big. It’s not the monster because the Monster is still alive, according to Rob at the very very end of the credits over a distorted walkie-talkie. So hopefully they make a sequal. So the monster is an Alien. It wasn’t made for an organism in ‘Slusho’ which i never noticed once in the movie by the way. But I think this Slusho thing might be a way of killing the monster. Maybe not, but since missiles, bullets, bombs, and scuds didn’t kill it, I think it’s possible that something we consume as people on a daily basis could be something fatal to the monster. Slusho, might be just that. There were lots of message boards I saw where the geeks said the monster came to be from this ‘Slusho’ thing.. well, an organism or chemical inside the Slusho that created the monster.. Well wacthing the moive, thats flase! But maybe that chemical or organism is in fact the very thing that could kill the monster, or cripple it.. I mean, why else would they even make Slusho relevant to the movie? I dunno… just a theory. Let me know what you guys think. Haha… a monster that gets killed by a Slushy! πŸ™‚ Better make mine Cherry flavor! Peace!

  72. WU

    1st off the monster comes from the NY Harbor right, which is made of fresh water, whales almost never go into fresh water they are salt water, they die in fresh water so why would 2 sperm whales be in the NY harbor its deaf the Monster blown up ! and you see a photo that has all navy ships and aircraft blowing something up ? I know at the end there is a radio transmission that is backwards it says its still alive and I saw at the end something like a pod or something goes into the water on April 27 and someone above said something about the monster looked different at times I thought that too I think there was more then just one b/c the one that’s eat the guy with the camera doesn’t look as big as the one that steps on the tank and the one that attacks the bridge had like a tentacle so there are millions of theories who knows, that’s what JJ Abrams is all about making people think and wonder

  73. Axul

    do you guys remeber on the tag’s site a while back they had something about a sitilight falling into the ocean from space? maybe at the end of the movie where something falls into the ocean, its the sat that tag was talking about..

  74. Mr Logic

    Its 2 whales…if u look closely…the remains of the whale on the top left are laying on the ground on the bottom left….see the eye???

  75. JOeyyyyyyyyy

    My brother, by some form of luck, was able to flip over the photos on that web page. If you move all the photos out of the way so there is only one photo on the screen and nothing on top of it, you can flip over the photos. there are messages on the back of some of them. one of them is a long message in japanese. if someone could translate it, there may be some interesting info there.

  76. admin

    Joeyyyyyy: Nothing we didnt already know. The translation to the asian chef picture can be found on this site in a previous post if you search. It’s a recipe.


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