Thanks Bill and Derma-Tek for emailing me about this.

Looks like Tagruato has posted another article on their site and it looks like Ganu Yoshida’s trip didn’t go as smooth as planned. Take a look.

Ganu Fights Off Attackers


Tagruato is proud to report that Ganu Yoshida, sustaining no injuries from his recent attack, is continuing his trip as scheduled. “They tried to hold down my hands,” smiled Yoshida at today’s BevVo press conference, “But I can still point to the stars.”

Yoshida was ambushed yesterday afternoon by a radical gang as he left a important restaurant. The group was barely able to restrain Yoshida and pour a liquid over his head before Yoshida fought back, scattering the gang in all directions. Tagruato security officials believe these may be the same attackers who caused the Chuai Station incident weeks prior.

Yoshida remains in high spirits despite the incident and assures his loyalists that the stunt will not affect Slusho!’s assimilation into America. “I should really thank the criminals, ” chuckled Yoshida, “Because of them, I had to postpone a meeting. Now I can extend my stay in New York. I look forward to seeing more of this wonderful city.”

When asked if he feared further attacks from the radicals, who reportedly escaped after running from Yoshida’s power, he responded, “No. I have nothing more to worry about from them.”


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27 Responses

  1. jaxhooligan

    I wonder why no mention of the attack on NY by the monster? Shouldn’t the attack already have already taken place?

  2. Digideus

    Ganu stays in new york, not realising that in 24 hours, its going to resemble downtown beruit!

    …Or DOES HE!! Imagine, Tagruato help redevelop new york, giving them an ideal spawning point for Slusho to be introduced to the nation.

    I hope theres a viral news report post monster attack! Its almost as exciting as the build up to the movie!

  3. Billy

    Go see the movie, you’ll understand. The viral campaign will go on for some time.

  4. Trexx

    important restaurant….maybe that’s where the Chef picture on comes in? it seems possible to me. though maybe i’ll find out tonight. got my tickets for 7:15

    sorry if this double posts, my internet screwed up first time i tried to submit.

  5. jforsyte

    i want to knwo what the liquid is
    and i wounder if this viral stuff will go on after the movie
    some stuff needs answered

    on a side note i saw the movie 2 times already
    its awesome alot more then i thought

  6. Sean

    Yeah, why pour liquid over his head? Ganu should probably look into what that was instead of lavishing in the publicity.

  7. Teso

    The Timeline set for Rob’s party (as in the movie) is tonight at 11:59 right? In other words, they started showing the movie today at 12:00 but the timeline of the movie has not come up yet. Am i right?

  8. Scribbs

    maybe they tried pouring a solution of the very sea bed nectar he sells to get him all high on it…If he’s anything like normal drug pushers they don’t use what they sell cuz they know what it does to people

  9. Carlos*

    How come they did not talk about the monster attacks?
    What’s going on?
    And yea Digideus that’d be pretty cool-
    let’s hope for the best.

  10. marythelion

    I’m frickin confused too. The date/time thing…its all FUCKED RIGHT UP. At first, I thought I understood the reason for the time, but the tale end of the movie? Still confused.

  11. Rayford

    Hmmm since the movie takes place on May 23, 2008… then the viral marketing made it look like it was gonna happen the 18th of January… but it really doesn’t and now with respect to the viral marketing Rob’s party and the monster attack haven’t happened yet…

    So I guess the monster is gonna roam around the Atlantic unnoticed by the public until May 23…

    Though I wonder what’s gonna happen with the viral stuff on April 27? 🙂

  12. Rayford

    I apologize for the TRIPLE POSTING…

    but I think that tonight is the night of the monster attack rather than last night… since jamie says shes going to lilys party… i think…

    im still confused… 🙁

  13. Rayford

    wow this’ll be my 5th post in like an hour BUT

    something happened to the Tagruato site too… its in japanese so i dont know what… 🙁

  14. Shadowstalk

    Both Tagruato and Tidowave websites are down. The Tidowave website has an “Internal Affairs” stamp on it, and the Tagruato site has a green japanese font and nothing else. Interestingg…

  15. Billie Be

    Wow seems this online stuff was just a wild bs hunt, good marketing thanks JJ and Paramount!!

  16. Des

    Loved the movie, but am very interested to see where they are going with the clues at this point. Everyone who wants to see the movie due to the web clues will catch it this weekend, so why go on with these bizarre additions? How about letting us know some of what the movie doesn’t? That’d be nice.

    BTW, go see it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it was the best monster movie I’ve ever seen. Definitely not a feel-good flick though.

  17. BaneSilvermoon

    Movie was excellent but yeah, I’m still a bit confused at the timeline of events. The webpages being down is implying that the original thought of the party and movie events occuring on 1-18-08 was correct. But the movie seemed to differ from that date quite a bit. Maybe I missed something though, there was a lot of time where the video footage wasn’t time-stamped.

  18. ShirtNinja

    All these people bitching about the time frame… are you all forgetting this is FOUND EVIDENCE… FOUND meaning it was LOST at one time.. meaning this happened in the PAST… This has been evident since the trailer released before Beowulf… It is not running time in a parallel time frame.

  19. BaneSilvermoon

    But the point is that the old photos everyone has been going by are time stamped as 1-18-08. And the movie time stamped it all differently. Theres no way to look at that and easily explain it even with it looking like the film was old footage.

  20. J.D.

    correct me if I’m wrong, but was there notsomeone that said it was friday for the party? and if so, at the end of the movie, rob said it was the 23rd of may? Then it would be Saturday may 23rd. Which, if you look at the calendar, is not this year, but in 2009. Perhaps i’m wrong, and the party starts on a thursday night.

    At any rate, some of you are missing the greater concept here.

    Clearly, JJ and the rest of Bad Robot have gone through great lengths of filling in some details through viral marketing.

    To say you are confused about the disconnect on the dates is understandable. But, also explainable. Clearly, it was purposefully done. A blatant error like that is not even remotely possible.

    The only logical conclusion is this: it isn’t over yet, and expect more in the future (and then, hopefully sooner or later).

    IMHO, however, what to expect is not something that will be in movie theaters. I don’t think, given the evidence, that a sequel is likely.

  21. Frankie P

    DONT KNOW if anyone else has said this buttt…
    Everyone seems to be pumped about May 23rd this year. But in the movie Rob says “Saturday, May 23rd”. Only problem is that there isn’t a saturday may 23rd 2008.. It would be 2009.

    This may mean nothing, or it may mean that “Cloverfield” occurs NEXT May 23rd and we might see something pretty cool sooner than later and the viral marketing might continue on with the stories until then.



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