Thanks for all the emails about this. It looks as though and have been “shut down”. If anyone could translate the writing on the tagruato site please let me know. Apparently (thanks to Phil) the US Title 18,2332b is a US code for Terrorism, interesting. Below are screenshots of the two websites as they currently are.

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  1. Phil

    I forgot to mention that the sites had to have been taken down between 1PM and before the time I sent you the e-mail. I was in class checking up on all the sites, and they were fine. After getting home and lurking a bit, I went back to check them, and found those. Glad I could be of help!

  2. A

    My Japanese isn’t too good, but I do know it says the word “maintenance.” Don’t know what the first two characters are though.

  3. Kelly

    I must have hit them as they were switching pages because I hit them earlier and they were all 404ed. I figured traffic had crashed them. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Dusty

    hey all…i am lost with all of the new stuff. I just assumed everything would stop after the movie released…i am SO glad I was wrong. But go to and look through the photos, besides the new pic of the partially eaten carcasses, there is another new photo hidden behind some of the old ones. Any ideas?!

  5. Dusty

    it is the photo of the smoldering tanker in the water…i will go ahead and assume it is in the New York harbor the day the military bombed Manhattan ( a couple hours after shit hit the fan…basically )

  6. ryan

    Whoah shit knew we weren’t done here how bizaree. Read interview in Empire it was good, hey admin was what I sent u ok to talk about here or just wait

  7. Alex

    I translated the last TIDO-Wave post to say this:
    “Home down. If we go quiet it won’t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands.”

    is that right?

    if it is… freaky and creepy and cool!

  8. admin

    Alex: It didnt need “translating” that last post was posted up a few days ago, I made a post about it.

  9. BaneSilvermoon

    I’m not getting any other photos on there anywhere? Anybody else see that?

  10. fr33thought

    soooo.. im guessing.. tagruato had everything to do with it as hinted at. they probably launched the satellite to either keep an eye on the monster they had caught/created.. if it came from space they had to have known about it because it was dropped back in april or so.. in an “egg” form… they must have retrieved it and incubated it or something. then it hatched and escaped returning to the place it dropped next to coney island.. … i dont know, anybody have any better ideas? maybe it was all a plan to attack the U.S. by the Japanese .. in a way where they couldnt be held responsible…?

  11. jessmess

    is it me, or is it that the websites like slusho and tagruato and 1-18-08 didnt really have any contribution of knowledge to understanding the movie past the fact that these people know each other. and plus, i dont know if one monster couldve done everything by itself. i really just hope theres another one of those things, or that its still goin crazy in new york!

  12. jessmess

    sorry to double post, but did anybody see if the number 6 and, you cant drink just six had anything to do with the movie!!??

  13. VB3

    No. The internet build up was just that. If the film companies relied only on the people who followed this on the net then that film wouldn’t make as much money as it could, so they didn’t want to start showing trailers a week before and force people who hadn’t been following it thus far to try and catch up. It’s just backstory, and it’s not much more then allusions to what might be the backstory. That’s why shows like Lost work so well – if you knew the full story you wouldn’t keep wondering and paying nine bucks to see the movie three or four times. The mystery is a lot more interesting then the full story ever will be, period.

  14. jessmess

    vb3: yea, well, i guess im just a little frustraited that im the only person i know where i live and go to school that knows anything about why or how cloverfield happened.


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