It looks like the studio is selling props and other stuff used in Cloverfield on ebay! So here is your chance to get authentic merchandise and props from the movie. You can check out all of the stuff using the link below.

As Hodge pointed out, there are a few auctions for supposed images of the monster on mousepads, the images are drawings from a fan based on what he said he saw in the movie. Personally, I saw the movie and dont think that looks like the monster that I saw on screen.

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  1. Hanzo

    It’s funny the art of the monster looks NOTHING like the actual monster…but they still SELL!?

  2. Hodge

    Warning! If you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to see the monster then don’t follow that link. I haven’t seen the film yet so I can’t say if what I saw is actually the monster but there should still be a warning.

  3. admin

    Hodge: That image on the mousepad is fan art, although supposedly it’s based on the monster from the movie, I saw the movie and thought the monster looked a lot different than that.

  4. fameshook

    just saw the ebay item “rob’s party cd” and noticed marlena’s number written on it. I called and recording just said that the number was out of service and “there is no more information at this time” I was wondering if anyone had called previously and gotten a different response?

  5. Charles

    Hehehehe the most dumbest prop for me would be Lizzy’s outfit it’s just a white tank top! I like Rob’s clothes I’d pay for that

  6. Charles

    Well from what I’ve seen and what I’ve connected seems to be my plot to Cloverfield well the backstory. SPOILERS maybe. Okay so before the monster struck the city the monster was probably some creation to Tagruato. TIDOwave found that Tagruato was hiding something so they wanted to dig deep on them. Once they did they hacked into their website with all of the weird creatures which could be the monster babies. The pic of the Chinese man and the recipe could be the Slusho ingredient and the pic of the Chaui Station would mean that a month ago (Rob and Beth’s date) Tagruato let a small thing out in the open maybe cause they didn’t want it and let it grow in the ocean. Then a month later where the monster was living he found the Chaui Station and he didn’t like it so he made it collapse. Next, the monster found a ship leading to NYC Harbor but then destroyed it. Then, fast forward to the attack of NYC the monster is spotted by military and the police are after it and so are the army so they attack it via helicopter or chopper and they shoot it but it doesn’t stay dead so maybe the monster destroys the oil tanker and the statue of liberty head which also might lead to the expectation of the load roar and the explosion in the middle of the city which Rob and the party sees. The monster continues to wreak havoc but is shot a lot leaving guts everywhere (the pic on and also the blood from the previous shot in the ocean. And that’s pretty much all I’ve gotten together and I think there may be some spoiler admin. but i put the spoiler banner to anyone who wants to be warned so yeah.

  7. Ryan

    Hey all sorry i was worng about pic below. on small screen it looked like horns then when i got on my computer finally a yeah whales lol . Me a dumb ass LOL

  8. admin

    Ryan: Actually the trailer before transformers was the first thing ever shot. So yeah it was almost like a separate production since it was shot before the script was even done so they could get it out before Transformers. And I also agree that the monster between the buildings in the film looks a little different than it did in the actual trailer. Im sure they were refining things all the way up until release.

  9. Raul

    This is to the admin and anyone who saw the film:

    In the last flashback scene, when they are in coney island.
    Something in the distance falls into the water from the sky. It kind of looked like a Missile, but it happened really quickly.

    If you are going to see the movie pay attention at the end, it will happen on the top right hand part of the screen.

  10. BaneSilvermoon

    I need to see it again, I was thinking there was something with the ocean when they panned out for that but I didn’t actually see it.

    Its weird watching that kinda footage when your used to all your movie shots obviously focusing on what they want you to see heh.

  11. Ryan

    Hey admin it may actually be sumpin else but i wont say what on here im glad u saw that in film even my girlfriend noticed the difference. di u get my email with the questioni asked u off the sight so as not to spoil

  12. Ryan

    the monster in the trailer on tv has a back alot like the whal pic that been hanging round and ive got it trapped and have watched and it moved way differently than our boy. am really wondering about this movie and what they may have done for possible future sequels if they have one

  13. ZD

    But is it possible to have a thread where we can talk about the movie… because I saw alot of stuff that I am curious to get other peoples opinions on. such as the number of monsters in the movie? If there is a section could you let me know, and sorry if there is any duplication.

  14. ItsaLiooon!

    The “monster” artwork on the counterfeit goods listed on e-bay is from someone on unfiction. It’s their best guess at the Cloverfield monster.

  15. Ray

    Anyone wonder why they are attempting to generate revenue from the items in the film..? Maybe to fund more viral marketing.. or to help support a sequel?


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