I apologize if you see a wordpress error when you visit this site. Obviously with the release of the movie yesterday the site is getting bombarded with people. The site had it’s biggest day ever yesterday with over 30,000 people viewing the site, which I never anticipated that many people in one day so the server’s database wasn’t able to handle all the requests at the same time. After this weekend I the site should go back to normal load (15k-20k a day) and the error messages should go away. So if you experience an error message just keep refreshing and the site will eventually load, I apologize, but at the same time it’s a good thing that so many people are coming to the site. haha, next time there is a movie that generates this much interest I’ll get a better server 🙂

The forum also had some issues last night, which is on a completely separate dedicated host but the load was still overpowering and crashed the server. I got about 200 emails while we were at the bar last night celebrating my birthday (which was thursday). I had to eventually just shut off my phone 🙂 But my friend who runs the host called and said he restarted it and it went backup around midnight or so. So again, sorry about that, usually that one can handle the load, but he’s going to upgrade to a better server soon so that shouldn’t happen again.

Thanks again to everyone that reads the site, I appreciate it.

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15 Responses

  1. Tyler

    So…anyways, how are you going to update the site now? Since the movie is out and the mytery is over what clues can we still find?

  2. admin

    Tyler: I honestly think that the marketing will continue at least until the DVD release, or at least that’s what I’m hoping. I will continue to put up whatever relates to the movie here and hopefully another movie will take after Cloverfield and use this style of marketing so I can create another site to keep me busy 🙂 I run one for the SAW movies, but their marketing is nowhere near what this one was, I only get a couple hundred hits a day over there as opposed to 10’s of thousands a day here.

  3. *Carlos*

    Admin im confused-
    how come there aren’t any sudden reports from Ganu or Tagruato (hence it being shut down) that talk about some attack.
    Some people say the attack doesnt take place on 1-18-08 but 1-18-08.com has that picture taken in Rob’s party on 1-18-08.

  4. admin

    Carlos: Yeah, I’m not really sure about the whole time-line anymore. I didn’t want to post about when the movie actually takes place because it’s something we really only find out from seeing the movie (and could be considered a minor spoiler), but everything is getting a little confusing as far as the timeline since the movie does take place in May as opposed to january. So I’m not really sure what we’ll see next in terms of marketing… we’ll see.

  5. Scribbs

    haha!! Admin my bday was thursday too, and we also went bar hopping last night to celebrate, what a coincidence!

  6. Some guyfawkes

    Happy birthday, dude. Glad to see you’re getting mega-hits.
    Anyhow… just read a bit on darkhorizons that suggested we may very well see a Cloverfield sequel. So keep up the good work.

  7. Jessica

    Happy Birthday Admin. Hope it was fun, wow what a b-day present (the movie coming out the day after). Also congrats on the hits for the site. When I got the wordpress page I thought I was typing in the address wrong, so I started typing it mad slow, lol.

    Quick question: How did you keep from ruining the movie for yourself by trying to keep the spoilers out? Did you find out things too early?

  8. L.V.

    Hey… man… we appreciate YOU putting the work in… for our enjoyment. And that’s not the 9 beers talking, either. Really.

    Ooh, and happy birthday, woooooh!

  9. arkitkt

    glad to hear the site is back up. was beginning to wonder whether it had “gone out with a bang.” keept it up and happy belated birthday!

  10. BaneSilvermoon

    Eh, I’ve been getting that screen a couple times a day for months heh.

  11. Louise

    Thank you – I really need to mention, impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and in addition detail ended up being pretty very easy to access. I stumbled onto what I expected rapidly in the slightest degree. Relatively great. Would most likely appreciate it in the event you add community forums or something, it’s also possible to a fabulous way for your potential borrowers to socialize. Major role..


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