According to Cloverfield has taken the top spot at the box office this weekend with $41 million. This is about what I expected and this makes it hugely successful considering it only cost $25-30 million to make. There might be more Cloverfield for us in the future. It’s rare that a studio makes all it’s money back on opening weekend and even rarer that a studio does not put out a sequel to try and make some more money… so we’ll see. And you can bet that you’ll be able to find all you’re Cloverfield 2 News (if it happens) right here on

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57 Responses

  1. SteveMikes

    How was it everybody ? 🙂

    Sadly I feel it won’t get as much or even half the success over here on opening weekend. I’m ordering my tickets this week though, it’s getting ever so close for us in the UK now. . .

  2. Charles

    Wow I wanted this movie to be independent not like all over the television I just wanted us (what I mean by us is by people who have heard about Cloverfield since July and not people who just saw it in trailer) to see it. >=-[!!!

  3. BRob

    I hope it “encourage” them to create the sequel and maybe it will take place on 1-18-XX and release in theaters on May 29, 20XX. lol

  4. xnight

    I’m definetly going to be less tolerant for the sequel, im only gonna expect the very best, they played their game and we liked it now get on with making a sequel that will really amaze us.

    And i liked this movie very much.

  5. Franky

    if they do make Cloverfield 2 i want it to be like the movie is now with out the camera and regular , Beth and Rob survive and the monster is still there and we learn the orgin and how tagruato if they did, disturbed it or somthing like that and they need to find a way to kill it , but you know how JJ said this monster was like the godzilla of the usa well godzilla isnt evil and this monster is i mean should it be good if its representing us

  6. Zach

    Btw I’m really confused about the timeline of Cloverfield. I thought it was going to be taking place on January 18th(the timestamps), then in the movie it took place in May I think(based on the timestamp on the footage) and then at the end Rob says it is Saturday May 24th(if I remember correctly) which takes place in 2009….Very weird…

  7. BaneSilvermoon

    Yeah I think this movie took a little bit of a shoulder shrug from a lot of theaters. It probably could have made more if it had been given a more legitimate screen time. Thats still outstanding that its already getting close to doubling its cost though heh.

  8. admin

    Well no Marcus Theaters were showing it due to some problem they have with Paramount. I’m not sure how many Marcus theaters there are (i dont think there are that many)

  9. Austin

    without throwing any spoilers, i think it would be incredibly hard to make a true sequel for the movie as it is. a complementary movie would work better. possibly with a tagruato/slusho meets tidowave meets US government/military angle.

  10. Austin

    also admin, people might find this interesting… i wouldn’t consider it a spoiler because

    a: it’s played backwards on film


    b:unless you spend an extra 10 or so minutes you’re not gonna hear it anyway

    didn’t know how you would feel about this so i posted it separately

  11. Sinister Trout

    I have to give props for the concept and the viral marketing efforts but for me the movie blew chuncks… forgive the pun.

    Godzilla would own!!

  12. ryan

    Zach. The footage on april day trip was taped over by hud on may 22nd don’t think they knew the coney island stuff was on tape but thanks to the april footage we have and intersting nuggett and admin I’m note sdure that was sat, me thinks it looked like something else. If anyone is goin to see towards end coney island scene look to right out in water. Also ZD I’m way ahed of u on ur thought my gf brought up that point to but I don’t think we can discuss here yet I’m dying to cause I can make multiple cases for ur point. If I’m right about this it leads back to my point of 14 stations , how many could there be and ill bet their all kinda different. Also was that tentacles or wave on chuai vid destruction. Depends on what ur watching and doing. Also where did all those pics we got this week come from. My bet is they will work on sequel over summer again and it will tie stuff up or show more stuff about attack from diff point of view. The new manga in Feb should provide some clues. ADMIN I think it was 50 theatres for Marcus over 3 states. And movie received of 76 percent critic approval rating which should help it over the next few weeks with the curious. My guess final tally US 85 100 mill prolly 175 world wide. Plenty cash ther for sequel and or depending on where they. Me bets they already know and the viral will continue later this week also reason today was slow in northeast the two major football teams were on tv and I bet a lot of population here are potential film goers and u have team from california. You will know more after u see tomm number due to fact it is a holiday. If its 5 to 6 million or less yeah films could be in trouble. My guess is u had 35 to 50 million people watching football today.

  13. xnight

    This is my prediction,there will be a sequel, wrapped in the same mistery as the 1st one, we will have the same hype as we did with number one, and when it finally comes out we’ll be just as stumped as we are today…..thats because they can get away with it and its their style.

    It will be filmed the same way and they know we will go thru it again because we are desperate for answers, thats the reason for the pictures that had nothing to do with the first film.

    I havent missed a single episode of Lost since its debut……. and guess what, i still dont know whats going on with that island.

    Of course they wont make us watch 5 cloverfield movies but we’ll see a trilogy here, that i am sure of.

    I think the third one will have most of the answers, and it will be filmed in standard movie format, the grand finale.

    The JJ Abrams team was waiting to see what kind of following cloverfield got, and its obvious that its pretty significant, i bet right now they are trying to get the sequel ironed out.

    I got some crazy ideas myself…….

  14. ryan

    Sorry bout double happens with cell phone. Also something no one brought up yet. In the manga the ship with the tagruato logo looks very similiar to arleigh burke class US destoyer. Also it has a number 117. The Arliegh Burke class ship was identified in the pic we got earlier this week. It could be a research ship but I don’t know similiarites are very much there look up pics if ud like. Also the number 117. The day the party and pre release was held plus wasn’t the manga released that day. Don’t remember also wasn’t that the day Ganu was Attacked. Very Odd indeed.

  15. Ken

    Admin – I’m blown away. I’ve been here since the site’s been up and I came here, like, every day. Though the whole Ethan Haas thing, all of it. And I just have to say that you’ve run this site better than anyone out there. The info, moderation of comments, responsiveness, everything is perfect. I saw Cloverfield on the 18th and felt like I enjoyed it so much more because of all the great info this site provided. So, good work. I definitely think you helped make Cloverfield #1 at the box office in a huge way. Call J.J. – maybe he’ll take you out to lunch or something with all the money they’re making.

  16. Master Roshi

    Ive seen this movie twice now and I totally love it, but to me it seemed like a big preview or a introduction. Theres got to be a part two. Gotta be!

  17. Ryan

    I personally loved the movie. I thought it was ridiculously creative and well done. I just dont understand everything that was done with the viral campainging and how it had nothing to do with the movie. I actually didnt mind that it didnt answer any questions….but then what was the point of tagruato, tido wave, and slusho?

  18. Z.Davi


    Does anybody notice different scenes on the previews, trailers, and commercials then when they saw the movie? Every time i see a preview they show a close-up shot of the beheaded statue of liberty but in the movie you only see it from the bridge with a helicopter flashing a light on it.


  19. SteveMikes

    Commercials appearing here in the UK now, seen one on T.V. earlier and there’s an advert for the UK on Myspace, Black Curtain showing in London on Jan. 27th. Damn shame I live 2 hours away, gonna have to wait ’till the 1st still.

  20. ryan

    Hey guys this is Ryan from mass. The one with the long winded stuff. To the Other Ryan would u mind changing your name or ill change mine I gotta change my name. I guess too many people using Ryan. XNITE and MARY The Lion I sent u guys emails on stuff don’t think we can discuss here. Anyone else wanna discuss send me email at There were definately scenes left out from trailers dialogue was not matched with pictures, it was in diff scenes and I know for sure the trailer shot of monster walkin between buildings, was 1. Way quicker in movie, and didn’t look like what was shown on trailer especially leg movement. Also did any notice the roar on trailers was never fully heard. Also did u notice that in the pics u see group shots and in movie u see firsthand views. I wonder if they shot some stuff on a wider scale but didn’t tell anyone to use this for a sequel. Maybe not but I wonder

  21. Ramone

    Firstly for Ryan. The vast majority of ‘stills’ you see on websites are actually ‘production stills’ . If you ever watch any behind the scenes footage or ‘making of’ bits on dvds you will invariably see the director barking out orders, the actors, tons of stocky guys in cargo shorts with ill fitting t-shirts holding flash lights and some dude or dudette holding a very expensive photographic camera. Their job is to capture scenes from the movie for promotional and also for continuity purposes. So when you see a wide angled shot of a scene it’s so they can give them to publications, websites such as here and to check when they continue shooting that everything and everyone is in the right place next time the shout ACTION!

    Now secondly, this bit may get lifted by Admin Tom, but over at, Matt Reeves has not only hinted at a sequel but to the origins of the monster..

    ***** very minor spoiler alert, but nothing that will ruin your enjoyment of the movie or get me lynched****

    CS: Any possibilities for a “Cloverfield” sequel?

    Reeves: This was so fun ’cause we’d never done anything like it, and I think we’d want to find a similar challenge, to find a way to have its roots in this but be fresh and new, otherwise you’re just repeating yourself. There’s a moment on the Brooklyn Bridge, and there was a guy filming something on the side of the bridge, and Hud sees him filming and he turns over and he sees the ship that’s been capsized and sees the headless Statue of Liberty, and then he turns back and this guy’s briefly filming him. In my mind that was two movies intersecting for a brief moment, and I thought there was something interesting in the idea that this incident happened and there are so many different points of view, and there are several different movies at least happening that evening and we just saw one piece of another. That idea sort of tickled me. We’ll have to see if anyone would want a sequel. If the movie does well and we find a compelling reason to do so then it would be fun to do a sequel.

    Did you see the thing in the last shot? In the final shot there’s a little something, and I don’t wanna say what it is. The final shot before the titles. The stuff at Coney Island, there’s a little something there and I don’t want to give it away ’cause the fun is sort of to find it, but I will say this: there’s a funny thing, you look at the shot and until you see it you don’t see it and you really don’t see it and obviously you don’t ’cause none of you have seen it, but once you see it you’ll never stop seeing it.

    CS: It’s the thing dropping in the water, right?

    Reeves: Ahh, you saw it.

  22. Ryan C

    I hope they make a sequel, because I loved this film. To be more accurate, I loved the characters. So I hope even if they do a sequel from a different camera and vantage point, that we still run into Rob, Beth, and/or Lily at some point. That would be sweet if the two stories crossed over.

  23. Disappointed

    After all the build up, and expectation, I was so disappointed I was unable to watch the whole movie because of the “shakey-cam” method of filming. I spent at least 45 minutes with my eyes closed trying not to be sick. Just listening was nice, but you sure do miss alot with your eyes closed. The theater was only about half full on Sunday afternoon, but not a single person that was commenting had anything positive to say. I think this could have been much better. I missed so much I can’t even comment on story line or content. Truely sad. Not recommended for persons susceptable to motion sickness.

  24. deBish

    Heads up to all – TIDO Wave’s web-site AND Tagruato’s web-site have both been locked/closed. In the TIDO site’s case, it’s by the External Affairs Department (USA). DOn’t know who closed the Tag site…it’s in Japanese.

  25. JDioneda

    It’d be pretty tight if there was a second film, and if the people from the sequel met up with the original characters for a breif couple minutes or even seconds. It could happen in one of the 5.6 hours that HUD wasn’t filming.

  26. MarytheLion

    Hey ya’ll…

    Man deBish, I hope those sites bein down are NOT permanant…the whole date and time thing is REALLY foolin with me. If all those events are NOT part of the 1-18-08…WHY are those sites down???

    MAYBE….maybe this “movie” aired with the date Ganu came to New York…”saw” the cloverfield footage…”SAW” he slusho shirt, heard the name…and hey, since he’s got an in with the govt through the FDA, he gets the TIDO site shut down. Maybe, as thought before, these events took place 2007. Mebbe he saw the freighter, the Slusho shirt, and is playing up some damage control?

  27. cagneybeast.

    what about that guy speaking in a foriegn language when rob and company are going into the city?

    can we decode that?

  28. ryan

    I knew their prod still just wondering of some shots were from diff view maybe I put that wrong. Gettin a media kit today guys lives 25 minutes fromm somethin cool I guess what’s up with tido that odd

  29. dgp

    Saw the movie this weekend… Well, not an answer to be found in the movie. If you have been following along at all I guess you need to look to the bigger jj abrams universe. Think about it… Slusho is appearing in alot of stuff jj is involved in. Rob going to work for them is just a side note. Everyone knows that James T. Kirk has a thing for antiques. I’ll bet there is a shot of him wearing a vintage Slusho shirt under his uniform on the upcoming jj’s Star Trek movie. 🙂
    It is kind of a rip off when you’ve been checking in every day looking for clues and trying to figure things out
    and now still no answers… it’s all speculation. Bummer.

  30. Disgruntled

    Here’s my take on the date issue: The movie and ALL of the viral marketing take place in April/May. All of the marketing was leading up to 1-18-08 because that was the release date, but in the world of the marketing it was leading up to May 22. The reason for the timestamps on the pictures were not because of the date they were taken but advertising for the movie. Note the absence of timestamps once the movie was adequately advertised. The timestamps on MySpace are because they probably can’t forge timestamps and they didn’t want to wait until May to actually post the MySpaces. Note that none of the characters ever actually say what date it is, they just speak in terms of “tomorrow,” “yesterday,” or this weekend. In short, I think the entire continuity is taking place in April/May and the only hitches are instances where it was necessary to advertise the release date or where they didn’t have control of the timestamps.

  31. BaneSilvermoon

    I think Disgruntled has a point. I mean, the movie didn’t have a title for quite some time. Perhaps the timestamps were just there so the pictures would be associated with the new JJ Abrams movie we didn’t have a name for…. just knew that it was coming out on that date.

  32. Z.Davi

    My Cloverfield Tagline…

    “Forgot The World, Hang On To The People You Care About The Most.” -Jason, right before the loud roar

  33. A.J.

    Just saw it yesterday and I loved it, great stuff. I guess most people saw it friday and saturday because the theater wasn’t even half full. It seems most people in the room didn’t know the movie was over when it ended and looked quite confused. My wife even got motion sickness. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I really hope a sequel is on the way.

  34. Ramone

    I can’t believe none of you have picked up on the “satellite awaking the monster” revelation that Matt Reeves has told you about.. and not run with it! The clues are there, both on your monitors and on the silver screen 🙂

  35. Rayford

    Ramone: Yes of course it could be that… but it could also be ANYTHING else… they have presented us with every possible origin for a giant monster…

    It could be:
    – From space
    – A monster thousands of years old awakened by Tagruato
    – A genetically engineered creation
    – A modified organism (mutation)
    – A robot
    – All of the above
    – -or my personal favorite- JAMIE! 😛
    – and much MUCH more…

    I mean all the viral marketing has given us every possible circumstance… its pretty frikkin awesome…

    They were totally original with the monster’s origin by giving ALL origins and then not saying which it is…


  36. BaneSilvermoon

    What if the crashing satellite brought the parasites with it. Which then started feeding on the beast in the ocean, awakening it.

  37. Ken

    Ok heres my take on monsters origin probably wrong but dude its good fun anyways here goes :

    1. Japanese drilling Company finds Secret nectar while drilling for oil.

    2. Nectar makes people go nuts, feel good and in heavy doses could alter them physically (get bigger) Hence the interest of the military for use in augmenting super-soldiers. In the movie its called PROJECT: CLOVERFIELD not DISASTER: CLOVERFIELD so there is a bigger plan involved other than selling soft drinks.

    3. Whilst drilling they awaken creature and his mum who’ve been feeding on creatures and prasites that live of this nectar explaining why they’re so big.

    Proof of mother monster? In the Cloverfield Manga “Kishen” the main character is said to be linked to the creature. In the comic his mom died and thats fuels his anger.

    4.The mum dies trying to protect her son, and her body is taken by the US Military (In the pic of the military shooting the sea, those are US planes and ships.) to america for research, she is transported in a vessel disguised as a oil tanker This vessel is also used to export lots of sea nectar. Son monster follows vessel to find mom.

    5. Military are aware of being followed so they drop satellites into the ocean to track where son is.

    6. Son makes his move and tries to recover mothers body destroying oil tanker, in the process he is doused with a massive dose of sea nectar. He now discovers mom is dead. In anguish he cries , he sees the statue of liberty and connects the staues form to those of the creatures that killed his mom. Fuelled by anger and nectar he goes ballistic!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!!

    The little parasites are not babies but other creatures that have a symbiotic relationship with the monsters. Hence they’re need to protect their host.

    PHEW!!! Thats my theory feel free to rip it up but its pretty cool!!

  38. monkeewrench

    ok. I have a couple of thoughts it J.J. and Matt are reading this….

    1. Matt’s other guy with camera idea was really cool. can’t lie there and I am sure that the footage of hud from that camera is already canned. I am sure this is something we’d all like to see…

    2. as I was leaving the theatre, the idea of wondering what the military documentarians footage would have looked like. how they as the military were looking at something totally unknown,unstoppable and terrifying. but also the setting up of the command centers and the like… I am sure several military documentarians would have been there in medical support and combat documentary roles. there is a whole story to be told there that could start off for the first 45 minute paralleling the first movie then moving on to after the end of rob’s tape.

    3. A “discovery channel/history channel” type investigative documentary on what “really” happened in new york that day… ut could compile footage from the various sources (rob, guy on bridge, military news. etc.) and onvestigate “what the monster was” and what really “went down” and where it came from…

    4. a news feed from a CNN or foxnews type station starting at the time of the initial “tremor” and running for about 30 minutes then switching over to the DC bureau in a panic, ( NY bureau squished) then cutting through highlights of a news broadcast. sort of like compiling all the news from one event on a news from one day from one channel to one stream.

    just some ideas..

  39. ShirtNinja


    Even if the second movie is WAY OFF what we see as* the cloverfield mythos right now, a simple third movie can sum up any questions we have to reconnect all the dots.

  40. Weaselhammer

    I went to see the movie Monday and I loved it, I got sick several times watching Blair Witch and the beginning of Saving Private Ryan before, but this movie didn’t bother me at all, of course I sat all the way in the back, and that really helps alot with the motion sickness. I thought the sounds were incredible too ! I also wanted to say How much of a great job I feel the Admin did with the site. I have been following since Last summer when I saw the trailer in front of Transformers and Googled “Bad Robot”.

  41. marz

    ima see the movie again..see if i can see stuff i might have the so called thing droping into the water at coney island..was that suppose to be the satalite??also,im dying to know what was said on that tape after the end credits.anybody know?

  42. Bob

    Saw CloverField a week after it’s release. It shore did look real, I had to remind my self that it was just a movie made to look like it was caught on camera. The problem was I was sold off PopCorn so I felt sick about 20mins into the film, I wanted to see it but all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. But back to the movie – If any thing I was shocked at what I saw, I am glad of the (US) PG-13 rating that it got instead of it’s R rating. I must say tho this film is not for every one and some of it’s box office takings were un-happy customers than happy ones like me so it’s ad campaign worked cause if it was like the rest of the films put out it would of come short off. I am hopeless at reviews so you will haft to forgive me, I liked it and am seeing it again soon. Can’t wait for it’s DVD release want to see the making of.

    From DownUnder (Australia)


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