So as many of you know there was a Cloverfield Widget Contest that was held at the end of December, and despite trying hard, I came in 15th and was the proud winner of a Cloverfield Prize Pack. It arrived today so I figured I’d show everyone what was in it, which was pretty much what I was expecting.

1 Large Poster
2 Smaller Flyer/Posters
2 Drink Coasters
1 Slusho T-Shirt
1 Cloverfield Hat
3 Postcards
1 Cup (not Slusho)

Featured Cloverfield Item For Sale

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30 Responses

  1. Charles Raymond

    but the question is… does the hat have the d at the end of cloverfield? they were handing out hats when I went and saw it and most of them where missing the D…

  2. admin

    Charles: First place got a private screening of Cloverfield in their hometown before it came out in theaters. 2nd place got HD Video cameras and 3rd place got Digital cameras.

  3. Austin

    so to rest the argument once and for all, that small poster says “I saw it. It’s alive. It’s huge.”

    congrats admin! 15th out of god only knows how many million isn’t bad at all.

  4. Some guyfawkes

    So, anyone anywhere have pics of the monster yet? I’ve been looking everywhere with no luck.

  5. jforsyte

    soo speaking of teh poster
    not that it matters now but the monster may be in the poster the whole time at least it kinda looks like it.

    look to the right of the hole in the city past the buildings now see the helicopter.. look to the left of that. the helicopter is faceing it

    now if its not on the poster look at the downloadable desktop of the poster and look

    let me know if you see it
    and let me know if im just seeing things

  6. admin

    Some Guyfawkes: I will not post any pictures of the monster on this site. There are still a lot of people that haven’t seen the movie yet since it hasn’t come out in all countries. There are artist renditions of the monster in the spoiler section of the forum which you can find at a new one was just posted that is probably the closest I’ve seen.

    j forsyte: The monster isn’t in the poster that I can see, just smoke.

  7. ryan

    Hey what he’s reffereing to is that starnge thing next to helicopter to left. There’s a lot of stuff in downlable desktop 2 human faces just to right of first building there’s also a strange monster face to right of back building in middle. Admin I live 20 minutes from hasbro and know a few people who work ther I may be able to get us a little nugget in the next few months if ud like. Also in toy description I wonder why r beastie has interchangeable parts . Could I be right about something I thought hm

  8. ryan

    I do agree with rocco in forums. One thing I can and will say here. I’m still finding it hard as much as I enjoyed movie that our beatie and beasties could possibly come from 10 000 ft under ocean and move the way it does . Lot of artistic iintegrity there

  9. Ben

    Has anyone been to Hasbro has a created a extremly detailed and poseable movie monster that comes with 5 parasites, statue of libertys head, 2 interchangable heads. its going for $99 but no pics yet of it

  10. BaneSilvermoon

    Eh, I don’t think $100 would be much to ask.. IF it were a Mcfarlane figure or something similar. I’ve paid three times that for one or two of mine. But Hasbro? Everything I’ve ever seen from Hasbro looks like the he-man action figures I collected when I was 7.
    THATS a figure worth paying for!
    that… is not…. and guess which one cost more…

  11. Ryan

    KNow whats funny with all this. In forums here and other places the agruments about what did or didnt go on in movie, and or what will happen now is utterly amazing. We all have been involved with the same thing but weve all come to different conclusions. Very unique JJ should be proud

  12. MarytheLion

    congrats Admin! Nice job with the site too. The forums site, and this comment site, A+!

  13. nat

    Has anybody noticed at the end of clovefield when it shows a flashback at coney island, that right before the camera zooms in on rob and beth, a falling object is falling and splashes in the ocean. Most likely it is the satelite that tagrato had


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