Many of you know that the comments and posts here have been spoiler free since the week before 1-18-08 so as to not ruin the movie for most readers of this site. I have decided that after the release in the UK the site will no longer be spoiler free. There are a few more markets that will have to wait a couple more weeks after that to see the movie, but I feel I’ve kept things secret for long enough. So if you haven’t seen the movie as of February 3, 2008 and don’t want to spoil anything for you, I suggest not reading the comments. I will still warn people about spoilers in my posts so you can still visit the site, but again, comment moderation will be lifted.

This does not mean you can post links to clips of the actual movie, links to parts or the whole movie are illegal and will not be tolerated here. I will delete those posts and if you do it more than once you will no longer be allowed to comment here.

Thanks again for reading the site and hopefully this isn’t the end. I will still update the site with any new information that comes out regardig Cloverfield or sequels, I’m not abandoning anything.

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  1. Yan Bousquet

    Hello, I have been comming to this site almost every day for the past 3 month, you did a wonderfull work. You scooped most of the other site ans now that I have seen the movie I cant help to wonder in a sad way: Is this all?
    I’ll keep reading if you keep posting, how bout following the next JJAbrams movie ?????

    Forgive the typo, I’m french

  2. admin

    Hanzo: Yeah that’s probably why. I guess I should have put something at the top of the page so everyone could see that the site was spoiler free instead of just making a post about it, which obviously got pushed off to another page 🙂

  3. admin

    Hanzo: It was found a long time ago, I just didn’t post it because, at the time there was no translation and it was really confusing. I may post it when the other parts come out in February.

  4. o.O

    lol…I just watched the german trailer and…damn the synchro really sux. I hope that the English cinema in town will show cloverfield too… anyway I’m from Austria(no, not Australia) and so the movie will start on 1st of February, and so it’s no problem for me that the site will contain spoilers on 3rd of february.

  5. Ryan

    Boston Here LOL well just south actually. Heres hoping for sequal just got a new 7.1 surround with new XPS so im waitingfor movie. Hey did anyone hear that they cut some groos stuff outta movie , I wonder how mucvh they cut

  6. jforsyte

    im so glad you arnt giving up

    you know for last month i lived off this page checking every 3 hours…

    well its sad to see the movie here finaly just because there is nothing to look forward to except batman and iron man…
    well hope to see more news in the future
    thanks for your dedication!!

  7. julian

    those pictures on 1 18 08 are of half eaten whales not the dead monster. i think we are supposed to think the monster took a few bites out of them. the one pic that is perplexing is that nightvision shot of several missles bieng launched at the water and the one of the fisherman was that whale blood in the water?


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