The Slusho commercial contest is over and has been judged. You can find the winners over at then click on the contest bubble (far right). Some of these are pretty good. One of the winners actually posted his video in our forum after he made it so congrats reagan88.

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16 Responses

  1. Austin

    i wanted to submit one so bad, work got too rough for me to even think of spending the kind of time i wanted to and still sleep at some point.

    i received a slusho tshirt yesterday & i think something may have happened to the whistle blower. i got 2 japanese newspaper sheets, but no writing on them, only kanji print from the sports section.

  2. mikey87

    Just wanted to take the time to thank admin for doing all this hard work getting us the newest info. Thank you admin (i hate calling you that because i know you have a name!) Thanks again, you should be getting a little cut from the movie, if not for you and keeping this site updated, my interest for the movie would have surely plummated. Thanks again, i hope you stay on for the sequels(s).

  3. Charles

    Admin have you noticed that there were some scenes in the trailer of Cloverfield that were not in the movie? Like the sign where it says We’ll Miss You Rob and also when Hud falls down and Rob goes to help him up. When that one girl says Have fun in Japan, the girl who dances in front of the camera, when the people are partying and then the roar comes out and the lights turn out. Also when that one guy says “This is gonna be the best night ever.”

  4. admin

    Charles: The trailer was shot before shooting for the actual movie even began, so I’m sure there’s stuff in the trailer that isn’t in the movie. Shit, the script wasn’t even finished when the trailer was made, they just needed to get something done to show in front of Transformers.

  5. tyler

    Ya, because I loved this site, I would come here every day after school, and now that the movie is out, and the viral marketing is done what next? So I geuss I’ll keep checcking in once and a while until the dvd release.

  6. Skitts

    im going to see the movie a second time for another chance, because the first time i was just disappointed. but maybe its one of those movies where you HAVE to see it 2 times to actually enjoy it…idk but yah.


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