Entertainment Weekly (the one with Heath Ledger on the cover) has a small article that talks about Cloverfield and the possibility of a sequel and the origin of the monster. Check out the article below.

Bad Robot producer JJ Abrams tells EW that he’s in no rush to get a sequel rolling because he wants to make sure it keeps the integrity of the original. “I wouldn’t want to rush into it because of the heat on the movie – Id want to do something that is true to the spirit of what we made.

Producer Bryan Burk adds that the creative team “has fleshed out an entire backstory which, if we’re lucky, we might get to explore in future films.

EW writes that possible plots include an attack on another city or telling the same New York event from another perspective.

In CLOVERFIELD, five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.”

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61 Responses

  1. Jordan

    I’m really hoping for no sequels for the movie. I mean, it’d be nice and all, but there are way too many movies that should have stopped after the first one, that continue on and on.

    You start to loss the real interest in them, and forgot what the point of them was originally.

  2. Charles

    IF they do a sequel they should do it on how either a new group of people find out that a monster is attacking the U.S. (making the sequel be about Clovie attacking the U.S.) and they try to kill it and what not OR Beth and Rob survive and try to get out of the country while meeting up with new people and maybe Lily.

  3. SteveMikes

    To be honest, I think it’ll happen.
    When, why and how is anyone’s guess though. . .

  4. JDioneda

    i’d totally like to see another movie with Rob/Beth/Lilly getting out of new york and trying to meet up with ppl who survived from their party. I could see one or two more sequels being like the alien movies where its always Rob/Beth living through these terrible monster attacks, living off the quote from Alien3: “You’ve been in my life so long i’ve forgotten what it was like before you came along.”

  5. Peach

    I really hope that they film a sequel from another perspective. And I think it should include people who we know are connected to the backstory like oh, say, TIDOwave? That way we’d know what happened to Teddy… maybe. (BTW I’d start sobbing in the theater if they do that. Tears of joy.)

  6. BaneSilvermoon

    Ok, first let me say that I absolutely LOVED this movie exactly how it was done and I would never say any part of it should have been done differently.

    But IN MY OPINION. In the long term, this movie will be a failure (well, maybe a cult hit) without more to come. I don’t see how there could NOT be more from the Cloverfield monster. They have a TON of story setup for this thing. Most of which , like many movies, we’ve probably never even heard of.

    I’m not even 100% sure I want to use the word sequel, but I see a lot of other things coming off of this. And I’m not really expecting them to run with the same type of theme as the first. I think this is just going to be a starting point for a more traditional monster movie franchise.

  7. Jochem

    ^ I think a more traditional monster movie will kill the whole concept. But like I said before.. JJ Abrams knows what to do with this.. so if he’s gonna do a more traditional kinda thing he will do it right, but I hope not… this is far more exciting and real.

  8. Some guyfawkes

    Anyone remember that 9/11 documentary made by the 2 French film makers? they just happened to be shooting a doc about NY fireman when the attacks occurred? I’d like to see something along those lines. Whose to say a professional film maker didn’t happen to be in NYC that night? We’d get the best of both worlds… the intimacy of the hand held look and something a little less hurky jerky.

  9. Billie Be

    Of course there will be a sequel, this movie was a hit for the studio and fans ate up the viral marketing so why not.

    Integrity blah blah, money is the real motivator and I bet they already are hard at work generating the new plot.

    Bring it on Paramount!!

  10. CloverfieldFan1000

    Charles… I think that’s exactly what should happen. What’s weird is a week after seeing it it seems like I should still be checking for news on it. But I dunno. I’m still in shock. lol

  11. jsco

    Don’t forget how many film students and wannabe film makers live in New York. Filming a giant monster attacking a city would be your golden ticket to fame…assuming you lived of course. Not to mention making the movie like that would be a whole different comment on our society…maybe give a little more depth that many of the naysayers were looking for.

  12. Master Roshi

    I hope the sequel will answer all the questions about the monster. They should make it like the Kill Bill movies where the first one leaves you with all these questions and the second one answers them. That’d be cool.

  13. Steveboss

    I think that they should have a sequel, but from the point of view of the senior GI with the gruff voice at the make shift military hospital that helped them along (“We dont know, but its winning” guy).

    They should have a military court martial for him for inadvertently harming the civilians by disobeying orders by helping them along. It would be a neat premise, because they could retell the attack, from a different/fresh point of view, while adding what the hell happened. Also, it would still be an lesser contemporary style of movie, in the spirit of the first. Think Spygame, but with Clovie.

    Also, it would answer the reason why it says “Evidence of the Cloverfield incident” etc….

  14. Danny

    On the sequel part everyone is forgeting what JJ Abrams said that America does not have a Godzilla, when he was talking about when he came up with the monster movie idea. How many Godzilla movies are there? So maybe this was to be the start of an American Godzilla movie franchise. Also to many question left at the end unanswered, and on the viral marketing way to many question left unanswered. And what is with the japenese magazine that has another edition out in Feb.?

  15. Rayford

    UGH… it feels like we are back in July after having just watched Transformers in theaters and there was this awesome insane unknown new trailer for some movie coming out on 1-18-08…


    I mean again… we know nothing… and again… we want to know more… and again… we have to wait…

    Except this time… we don’t even know if there will be any answers to out questions… :'(

  16. Rayford

    YAY a double post and a typo in my last one!

    “OUR” not “OUT”

    I just hope this whole thing (Cloverfield) doesn’t turn into something like Ethan Haas… 😀

  17. Morgannon

    Gotta say, I hope there’s no sequel. The movie itself was disappointing enough without Abrams and crew compounding the problem. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t that great.

    Also, their backstory is already conflicted. Abrams said the monster was a baby living on the ocean floor, but he was down there for thousands of years. Then someone else (director?) implied that the creature fell from the sky.

    I won’t post monster details for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, but the design of the monster made NO sense from a biological point of view, IMO.

    I’m sure the sequel would be another blockbuster, but I won’t be watching it.


  18. weyland

    The next should be about a TV News Reporter is like covering some crappy assignment, like about investigating rats at a fast food restaurant’s. Then gets caught in the admist the attack and follows it through till the end, cameraman gets killed and he is the only with the camera…whether it be after Rob and Beth;s ordeal or at the same time and he is watching the destruction of central park..thats my two cents.

  19. Ray

    Morgannon: Its already been stated that the thing that fell from the sky was a piece of the satellite tagurato was using…

    what i dont understand is.. how does a piece fall off a satellite?

    thought it was a great movie with a home video feel… if you were looking for idependance day, men in black, or die hard… unfortunatly this isn’t it.

    Great movie.. an filmed in a way that has never been done before (and succeeded). The monster doesnt have to be biologically correct.. i’ve met a few people who have not looked biologically correct lol

  20. Disgruntled

    I think the next one should be a cameraman at Ganu’s press conference. Lot’s of chances to get some good story fleshed out from that point of view.

  21. SteveMikes

    Morgannon: I think the creature makes a lot of sense biologically. Director didn’t hint at it falling from the sky either. Can’t really go into detail on here without spoilers.

  22. marythelion

    first off, Banesilvermoon??? LMFAO GREAT work. I’ve seen that site before, or other like it. Nice job!

    Second… this quote “integrity of the original” really pisses me off. What integrity? Where the FUCK are our UPDATES! Before Admin gets mad, I know the overseas people have to wait for updates, but COME ON!!!!!!! SOMETHING! SOMETHING PLEASE! Talk about MAJOR let down. They better give us something GOOD. My expectation is raised now!

    (wheeeeeeeew…that was a release)

  23. Morgannon


    Can’t discuss without destroying spoilers 🙂 Will discuss at length after Feb 3! :p


  24. Teso

    2 sequels: One from another point of view in New York, then the third which concludes the story by connecting the whole 3 movies and by showing the attack in another city.

  25. SteveMikes

    Producer Bryan Burk adds that the creative team ?has fleshed out an entire backstory which, if we?re lucky, we might get to explore in future films.?

    The backstory/viral stuff we’ve all been following perhaps?

  26. dgp

    All right, All right…… Think back to when all of this started and look at all the theories out there. We have had some totally stupid ideas about what the movie was really about out there. We have had some freakin excellent ideas as well. 1000 people putting forth ideas about what would make a great movie…. jj sits back and gathers all this fanboy info into his stack. Basically we are writing the next movie for him. I believe the people on the net have more imagination and have thought this whole story out more than the original (?) creator jj. I mean.. analyzing pieces of jap. newspaper that slusho stuff comes packed in looking for clues. Trying to figure out the “secret sequence” of flavors on the slusho jp site to “unlock” some clue. Did not go anywhere did it? I know it’s part of the viral campaign but come on. All that stuff should have had at least a 10 sec. connection to the movie as a tip of the hat to everyone that has been wasting their time following along biting their nails scanning the web looking for cloverfield news ;). But of course the creative team “has fleshed out an entire backstory” they have been doing it the easy way. Putting their finger into the air and waiting for the inspiration (us) to put the ideas into their heads. Lovely.

  27. dgp

    one more, can’t help it.

    I quit. Think I’ll follow the new Hobbit movie production.
    I already know the backstory… I promise not to post any spoilers…

    Have fun following jj hack around. This stuff is going to fade fast.

    love to all.

  28. Weaselhammer

    Since when did they say the monster was a baby?? Fill me in on that, I remember them using the term baby as a metaphor to describe the confused state of the monster. And who’s to say that the “sattelite” story was just a cover-up, maybe Tagruato knew what it was and made up that story to explain the object falling from the sky, just throwing out possibilities!!

  29. marz

    i was reading the news on yahoo and saw an article about an actaul spy satalite falling out of space and hitting earth sometime in early march.i know its just a coincedence but man is that erie.lol..oh and i do have an idea for a sequal that would be creative..but i’ll post that next monday. 🙂

  30. Danny

    the spy satellite that will be falling to earth at the end of Feb. early March is the size of a school bus. and they have no idea where it is going to hit right now.

  31. brodie214

    You guys are missing out on what could make the sequel awesome…the same attack from the perspective of the monster! Who’s to say he didn’t eat someone who had a a camera and the camera got stuck on his tooth? I do hope they make a sequel and use the same style, but they need to answer some questions. HOWEVER being a fan of Lost I don’t really see that happening.

  32. JDioneda

    well no matter how many sequels they do from other views on the same attack they have to intertwine them(or not) to make whatever happened after the that attack to let you no what happened to Rob and the monster “help us…-its alive-“

  33. dgp

    OK for the record.

    What caused the Giant F***ing Explosion in the beginning
    of the movie in the middle of downtown? It was not the tanker. It was still burning in the water. Let me guess, the monster ate a bunch of greasy new yorkers and had gas and someone was smoking.

  34. Rayford

    I think the first thing the viral marketing is gonna do is take all the pictures off of 1-18-08…

    Leave it blank for awhile ya know?

    AND THEN after we are all riled up enough…
    DUN DUN DUN!!!


  35. Rayford

    or rather a new PICTURE…. singular…. i mean they will eventually put more but just not in a plural/singular conflicting manner… 😛

  36. Peach

    I was just thinking with all these ‘NY camera people’ (news, student filmmakers, etc) filming the same night

    Wouldn’t it be Awesome if they had a shot of Rob, HUD, Lily, and Marlena (maybe more depending when) running or something in the sequel?!

  37. BaneSilvermoon

    DGP, I’m not saying it WAS the tanker, because I don’t have an answer to what precisely that explosion was. But I do know it wasn’t downtown. Opposite direction, it actually would have been pretty close to the water. The Statue of Liberty being just a little further south.

  38. Master Roshi

    This whole Cloverfield thing is starting to suck. I can’t help feeling cheated or “USED” after spending all this time looking for answers when there wasn’t any real answers. I mean the movie was named after a damn street! WTF!

  39. Danny

    we still never got to see Janice’s picture that was suppose to show us were to meet. So maybe that will be the next picture after tidowave lays low for a while. Maybe Feb.6th when the new japanese magazine comes out.

  40. kaz

    yeah for the longest time, everyone thought it as the tanker…i bet in the sequel they will show in the video what it was….they better.

  41. admin

    admin: They mentioned that in the production notes that were released a while back.

  42. Nacho

    At last Cloverfield comes out in Argentina!!! I’m going to a special screening on tuesday!!+)

  43. Rayford



    I’m calling it… 2232 hours… the viral marketing has officially died… :'(

    *cries self to sleep*

  44. Rex

    To echo the sentiments above about being ‘cheated/used’ with all the viral build up, I sorta wanted more from the movie to tie everything together and couldn’t understand why you’d have so much narrative story/character in the lead-up to only have the film about nothing more than running for your life.

    Then I realised what it’s all about in the hollywood business – the opening weekend. Producers careers thrive or die on these figures so what better way than to hype it up with mystery – as if it’s the culmination of an engaging story. bit of a letdown yeah, but as long as it has a big opening weekend, thats all that matters to JJ and his ilk.

    Now this would be redeemed to me if this movie was just the start of a series of films (or an episodic TV show) where we gradually get the full story from different points of views (cameras etc)

    that would make the investment of time scouring viral sites like this one worthwhile.

    anyone concur?


  45. MilesTone

    I know most have already seen the movie but I saw a trailer on MTV last night that showed the monster clear as day. I guess they figured everyone in the US that wanted to see the movie already has. Unfortunately I am not one of those that has had a chance to see it (babysitter hard to come by).

    (Sorry if someone already noticed.)

  46. Weaselhammer

    Ok, I stand corrected on the whole “baby” issue, Thanks J-107 for the link!


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