So the site has been spoiler-free since about a week before the movie came out in the US meaning I moderated every single comment and only let through those comments that did not contain spoilers. Well the movie has now been released in most major markets around the world so I am lifting the ban on spoilers. So I am no longer moderating comments and you can talk about whatever you please. However if you start spamming or talking about stupid shit, I will still ban you from commenting.

And on that note, here is the latest TV clip that shows the monster clearer than we’ve ever seen before.

And follow this link to see a large HD close-up of the monster. 

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26 Responses

  1. Hodge

    Thanks for a great pre-movie experiance and for keeping the site spoiler free. I’ve seen the film twice now and am going to see it again tomorrow. I really loved it.

    Here’s to another film!

  2. Terminal

    Thanks for keeping this site up and running and to date. And THANKS for keeping the spoilers gone for a while. I loved the movie. Kudos to you.

  3. SteveMikes

    JDioneda – Minion-Spawns? They where parasites that fell off of it. Wow, feels a bit weird to be able to say anything on here now huh. Well done on keeping things spoiler free up to this point, admin :).

  4. Master Roshi

    Go Giants! New York needed that after having its ass torn apart by Clover. 🙂

  5. DK428

    I keep saying that there are more than one monster, because the monster we see in this clip looks really different from the one we see in the end when the monster eats Hud, plus one more thing, can someone explain to me the whole timeline of Cloverfield, cause i thought this whole time that Cloverfield took place on January 18th 2008 but in the movie it says May 22nd, can anybody help me on this? Thanks Administration for keeping this site spoiler free! Hopefully they make part 2 of Cloverfield cause this was one heck of a ride! i’ll still keep an eye out on this site for future news on Cloverfield.

  6. DK428

    I am soooo glad NY Giants won the Super Bowl. 17-0 down the drain! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    The Underdog won this time! 🙂

  7. Groove.

    I finally saw the movie on friday (02-01-08) and I have to say it is by far one of the best movie going experiences of my life.

    I have never been so impressed with a film in my life.

    It was definatly worth the 8month viral following.

    I was obsessed with the viral campaign and was on this site every day for 8months… wow can’t believe it’s been so long.

    Cloverfield is the best disaster movie ever made.

    Oh has anyone started to get excited about the hasbro toy yet?

  8. Nick (The Original)

    OMG… That looks SO FUCKING FAKE! It looks like a Venom Toy from spiderman -.-

  9. Rayford

    Franky he was talking about their win-loss record not the score of the game… x)

    Yeah I’ve seen Cloverfield three times… the third time was the best and it just got better each time… I have to see it again…

    And I guess it’s OK for the Giants to have won because they got there city demolished… But the Patriots are still better… 😀

  10. weyland

    Brady got his ass handed to them and to make them even more of sore losers, they were trying to walk off the play field with time on the clock, yep, sore losers. Ah…Boston, this not your year, the Yankees are next.

    Never overlook the underdogs!

    I love being from NYC!

  11. Bateman

    DK428 I definitely agree with you, the monster in the final scene couldnt have been the main one.

  12. ryan

    Could have been if the monster was still growing and was changing from its birth look to its adult form maybe . I’ve had a hard time with that final scene one day I say one next day I say 2 jus not sure but I think oh who knows

  13. ZD

    Hey all – Site looks great –
    I disagree – OMG – I think the monster looks awesome! Such detail, best looking monster since Godzilla.

    ALSO i think there was at least 2 monsters – anyone else… my roommates say 3 (one we see at the beginning, one we see in the street, and the one we see at the end. Anymore thoughts???? also is there a still of the end anywhere?

  14. Hanzo

    The monster is very inventive. I really liked how creepy it looked and how cool it is. But I hear it is just a baby, so…whats the momma gonna be like >_>?

  15. marz

    it does seem like theres at least 2 different monsters…hell,tagruato had multiple drilling sites and we know they werent just drilling for oil so hey,why not.also at the end after the helicopter crashed,the jets were flying towards the city right,but the monster poped up AWAY from the city (mata of fact,how the hell a big ass beast like that sneak up on hud,lily and rob anyway) also,if u look at the mouth on the hd screen shot,it looks different then the one at the end..unless it has the ability to extend it’s jaw.looked narrower in the hd shot to.hopefully we’ll find out.ima see it 2 more times so…well back to watching lost and trying to figure THAT shit out lol

  16. skin

    not fare i couldnt go see it because i dont
    have money besides ive seen most of the spoilers on youtube before the movie came out

  17. Mel

    This film has to be watched at the cinema .,a pirate would be a waste of time as would a wait until it came out on DVD. The noise is part of the reality.


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