I’m sure you’ve noticed the new look already. I figured with sequel talks already happening, Cloverfield 2 is bound to come about sooner or later and why would I keep the old look for a new movie. So this will be the new look for Cloverfield 2 and I will continue to update this site with all the Sequel talk as well as DVD release information for Cloverfield. The Forums have a lot more conversation regarding Cloverfield and what you may or may not have seen so make sure you head over there for discussion. The comments are a hard place to have an actual conversation so I highly recommend checking out the forum.

Also, if you’ve noticed (as I have) that you might be getting some database errors when trying to access the site. Well it’s really starting to piss me off and I’ve contacted the host and if they can’t clear it up soon I’m going to move the site to a new host. I figure while there’s some downtime with news updates I might as well get some stuff sorted out. So if you notice the site completely down for a day or 2, that’s why. But I will give notice if I’m moving hosts.

Other than that, I appreciate you guys that continue to come back and read the site everyday and participate in the forums. Hopefully I’ll have some more info for you guys soon. Thanks again.

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