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  1. Deleriyes

    Just a heads up – The images in your header and the ads on the page are working, but the small images next to all of your headings (Archives, Highlights, More, etc.) are all broken (red X’s). Refreshing the screen doesn’t solve the issue, either.

  2. admin

    Deleriyes: Thanks, I hadn’t noticed since firefox doesn’t show those red x’s, but I just took a look in IE and I will get them fixed.

  3. Leila

    What is up with the comments on the character’s myspace’s are they real? Because when I search for Rob’s page two different ones come up that are exactly the same but they have different update dates and on the newer one the blogs aren’t being shown. Which I am guessing is because they are dated. And all the characters have been commenting on each others pages but I don’t know if it is because some fan is making up fake myspaces and commenting or if they a realing commenting. It is confusing me.

  4. admin

    Franky: There are no more red x’s i fixed that right after i read the comment yesterday.

    Leila: The MySpace profiles of the characters are real and part of the marketing of the film. The comments they left each other are all related to the storyline. But anyone outside of those characters are just normal people writing comments.

  5. weaselhammer

    just to let you know, 1:25 pm feb 7, all pictures work except I get little boxes with red X’s within the comments headers themselves, I’m using IE. I like the color scheme btw.

  6. julian

    why would the hellacopter pilot fly directly over the huge smoke cloud while the monster was getting bombed? why didnt hud get eaten or at least bit in half? the monster’s mouth is huge how could it just pick up hud and sort of pinch him to death?

  7. Franky

    im starting to think that there is two monsters in the movie cause i just looked at two different pics of it one where the army is shooting at it and when it eats hud and they look different

  8. Chrissy

    Anyone see the thing fall into the water(looked like a missle shaped thing) in the scene at the end with the flash back to Rob and Beth on the train. Anyways it seemed like it could be something and it was before the monster outbreak.Just curious.

  9. DK428

    Hey guys is it just me or did anybody else notice that one japanese guy in the movie who comes up to Hud and starts to talk to him in japanese and all Hud says to him is “sorry i can’t help u”, can anybody translate what that man says to Hud, one more speculation, wasn’t Ganu visiting NY when the monster attacked NY, maybe…that japanese guy who came up to Hud in the movie was Ganu! just a speculation, does anybody else agree with me?

  10. Franky

    DK428: that guy wasnt jappanese i dont know what language he was speaking but he said “The man asks for help finding his daughter and his family. He says he wouldn’t want to live without them”- imbd

  11. Eddy

    Feed issue? I found it, tried plugging it in, but it came back with an error. Got a better url? If it’s broke, please let me know when it’s fixed so I can update. Thanks.

  12. admin

    weaselhammer: Yes, I highly recommend firefox. I despise using internet explorer.


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