odette yustmanI know how much the guys of this site like Odette Yustman and since actual Cloverfield news is slow I thought you might enojoy this. It looks like Odette has signed on to star in David Goyer’s next movie, which is yet to have a title (sound familiar). Goyer is responsible for directing such films as Blade: Trinity and The Invisible as well as writing all 3 Blade movies as well as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (as well as others of course). This latest film according to joblo.com “will star Yustman as a girl haunted by the spirit of a young boy who perished in Auschwitz.” Interesting… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with this one. But I think this post has inspired me to make a “Women of Cloverfield” post, so look for that soon.

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  1. Ramone

    Women of Cloverfield : Now there’s a mighty fine idea. Although they are few and far between. But good start with Odette. Now cast your minds back to Mean Girls and try and tell me you found Lizzy Caplan hot in that movie!? ( Remember she was the suspected uber-dyke out for revenge) Yeah she was maybe overshadowed by the likes of Lohan, McAdams,Chabert and even Amanda Seyfried’s weather predicting breasts – but lordy look at her now!! God Bless you Weight watchers and other various “not over the counter ‘slimming aides’ “:) We salute you!

  2. maya

    To the above commenter talking about Weight Watchers, if you are talking about Lizzy try looking at actual pictures of her. She was never anything but skinny. The only difference in Mean Girls is they put layers upon layers of clothes on her and gothed her out since she wasn’t supposed to be hot. Even Tina Fey said they almost didn’t cast her because she was too pretty.

  3. Rayford

    Franky: YOU PERV! haha just kidding… I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! well at least i would like to do so but i probably wouldnt… 😛

  4. Skitts

    you probably wouldnt do her? wtf is wrong with you! omg i would do such dirty, disgusting things to sleep with her…damn shes beautiful…YOU ALL DISGUST ME WHATS WRONG WIT YOU!?!

  5. Rayford

    Oh I know yall don’t care but I care… 😛

    I would LIKE to do wonderful things involving ice cream and bungee cords to her but I’m not going to… 😀

  6. Rayford

    no really i wouldnt do anything to her unless i were married to her and i know that sounds all panzy and stupid but thats how it is… 😛

    but im not saying she isnt extremely hott x)

  7. JDioneda

    admin: well the good thing is you don’t have a whole bunch of gay-child-molesters on this website.
    They’re all going after Lizzy though…

  8. Franky

    Paramount orders up another bit of monstrous mayhem with Cloverfield 2, the sequel to the hand-held trip through Manhattan during a giant creature attack. The follow-up comes complete with the original creative team staying intact, with Matt Reeves returning to direct along with screenwriter Drew Goddard and producer J.J. Abrams.

    its already on fandango


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