Looks like Paramount has announced a few details on the upcoming DVD release of Cloverfield along with cover art, and yes I would have much rather seen the cover be like the image that has been floating around for a few weeks. My guess is that the art that has been posted on other sites is the international cover, meaning non-US (we always get shafted) and the cover below is the US cover, but that’s just my guess, and I hope I’m wrong, cause I want that bad ass cover that I’ve been seeing. But anywheres here are some details according to bloody-disgusting.com

“…April 22, and should retail at around $27.95. The film itself will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround track. Extras will include a commentary by Director Matt Reeves, 4 featurettes (The Making of Cloverfield, Cloverfield Visual Effects, I Saw It! It’s Alive! It’s Huge, and Clover Fun), 6 additional scenes (Congrats Rob, When You’re in Japan, I Call That a Date, It’s Going to Hurt, Alt Ending #1, Alt Ending #2), and multiple eastereggs. There’s no word on a Blu-ray release at this time, and we’re told NOT to expect one right yet. BOO!”

So there you have it… looks like I’ll be holding off until a blu-ray version becomes available, but the DVD version will be added to the netflix queue for now. And enjoy the “cover art” below.

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  1. Jessica

    OMG I am so excited. Can’t wait for this to come out. I agree ADMIN that the cover would have been nice had we gotten the one thats been circulating every where else. I am so thrilled. ADMIN could you put up a counter to count down how long we have for it to come out?

  2. julian

    that 30$ price tag is prolly just for the mo’s that live in NYC it will mos def be like 18 bucks everywhere else

  3. JDioneda

    is there a special edition? like one with more than just the 6 scenes?

  4. admin

    julian: the $27.95 is MSRP obviously stores don’t sell it for that though.

  5. Mez

    Oh man! Can’t wait! I’m totally having a cloverfield party when it comes out!

  6. Charles

    I saw the Mist today and I thought how about we make Clovie and Misty (the monster from the Mist) and make them a couple and have kids and BAM! Clisty’s. Half Clovie and half Misty. Clisty’s have the power to shoot fire in water and live in water and also produce mist!

  7. marythelion

    This should be pretty exciting! But 30 bucks??? Talk about SCAM! Netflix…here I come!

  8. Charles

    I found something pretty interesting today! On MySpace I found Slusho (I added them as a friend) posted a bulleting and I clicked on it and found that it showed a picture with a small monkey on it and the date 4-22-08! The same date with the release of Cloverfield! I don’t know what it means but it must mean something!

  9. ryan

    Hey guys. Just ordered the steel box edition. Don’t know how much more is there but we will see. MAK was checking out Clovie Clues and they have the kishin manga translated. Don’t know if u wanna post it but some strange stuff on it. They show kishin ina room after monster attacks tokyo, then he is made to drink sea bed nectar ina forbidden room, it also suggests tagruato made monster and or monsters, it also talks about his kidnapping and show three cult members with monster masks. I wonder if the two without horns represent out monster and the one with horns is maybe the mother monster. I will say this these guys seemed to have back story well constructed an were definately gonna get more than we thought sometime in the future, also they have a funny comic from ziggy last week where aliens land and ask him which way to cloverfield. Finally there is an article from cinefex about the effects from the film and how they were used and created. Some great clear shots of monster very interesting.

  10. Charles

    Another question: How do I know it’s the steel box edition? I can’t tell because it doesn’t have a picture on it.

  11. ryan

    I gotta say sumpin here or maybe in forums. I just saw I am legend while I liked it I and my girlfriend whose a huge critic and doesn’t like many movies especially horror types we both thought cloverfield was way better even the effects seeemed better

  12. JDioneda

    well the new bulliton from slusho on myspace seems to be advertising a new tshirt ( a bannana anime shirt?) and also the dvd release ( the date 4-22-08 as well when i saved the image my computer automatically saved it as “slushodvdtn8”.

  13. ryan

    The sword and symbol was strange at least were getting something new maybe this is the start of sum slow but new updates. My guess is they will very slowly build hype towards part2. I think they will emply a wider marketing plan this time though and will let things simmer and come up on the slow build.

  14. Charles

    I agree with Ryan. Maybe this whole thing may be leading up to bigger viral marketing to C2 and it’s starting out exactly like Cloverfield started all we need know is a trailer……….

  15. ryan

    Hey all just read clovie news I hope this is an april fools deal, but considering the manga they report brad bird will be directing it as an animated pic for 1 16 09 now way I say

  16. Dennis

    I love all this “guessing game” stuff, but I’m nowhere near involved as many are, so forgive me if this is, well, dumb: Does anyone think there is any relationship between the properties and effects of the “necter of the sea”, the dissappearance of Targrutos owner/presidents mother while searching for same, and the “half human, half….whatever” qualities of the monster? Could we be seeing the long term effects with the monster, and the short term effects in jamie’s video 11?


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