I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed when this site loads slow as hell and even though Cloverfield has come and gone in theaters and the viral campaign is withering away for now, I’m making upgrades. In anticipation of Cloverfield 2 (I hope it comes through) and the amazing viral marketing I expect to come with it, I’ve purchased a dedicated server to run the site. No more will I have to rely on shitty shared hosting for my sites. No more slow speeds, random outages, crashing, etc. I’ll have full control unless of course the power goes out in the data center or something drastic like that. The server is obviously not just for this site, I run a series of blogs and sites that need a boost in speed as well, so this will host all of them. Don’t worry though, the server is powerful enough to handle all of my sites and then some, so if you’re looking for some quality hosting instead of those other shared hosting, leave a comment with your email and we can talk 🙂 .

So basically in the next couple of days Cloverfieldnews.com will move over to this new server and it should be night and day with load times. I have just finished moving the Forum over to the new server and took the opportunity to finally update the software and give it a whole new look, so head on over there and check it out.

I’m also asking that if you read this site please check out the forum and take a second to register and make a post. Contribute to the community that built up so well when the Cloverfield hype was building up but has now started to lose steam. I don’t want this to happen so if you have a second go register or log back in and post in one of the other sections on the board to help stimulate conversation. I’m going to start advertising the forum more and trying to build up the userbase so don’t give up on us yet!

Thanks again for reading this site and when Cloverfield 2 news starts to pop up, we’ll be on top of it all just like last time.

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7 Responses

  1. D_rock

    just so you know…theres a new pic on 1-18-08.com….I first I thought is was a April Fools Joke…but it isnt

  2. boo

    yep yep!
    It’s got that same symbol that the slusho website recently added.
    and it’s a missing picture of teddy!

  3. Danny

    Can anyone make out what the text is, that is next to the symbol on the back of the photo?


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