Thanks D_Rock.

I saw this yesterday but wanted to wait to make sure it wasn’t some April Fools crap that’s been all over the web. So here we go, finally a little something. An update to reveals a “MISSING” poster for Teddy Hanssen. We all know Teddy as the guy that sent Jamie the package and who Jamie was making the videos for, so we’ll keep an eye out on Jamie’s page to see if she makes a new video. Also on the back of the image in the bottom corner is the same weird logo that appeared on the site last week. It had no significance at the time so I didn’t post it, but it seems that there might be something to it.

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  1. It'sAlion!

    I think I have to change my underwear! I’ve been so bummed that the marketing seemed to be over, yet I still religiously check for some small clues. Yippee! Maybe it’s something to promote the DVD?

  2. Ryan

    Hey in upperright hand corner tagruato has the symbol too. dontknow if any one mentionex it but i guess were back sort of

  3. ryan

    Just a thought but if they r goin to follow a similiar path her wouldn’t one think that some teaser would be attached to either iron man or indiana jones if their goin to release it in 2009. Especially if its january again. They won’t wait till star trek. Also they’ve stooped shootin principle shooting on start trek so my gues iis here we go again . Next manga sometime prolly in late may or june. Can’t see them waiting long. I bet iron man of indy for sure , just like with transormers ibet a scream or roar with a dark screen no title maybe just a symbol. What do u all think

  4. ryan

    Was thinkin one of paramounts big releases plus they’ve gone quiet about this also there is now a symbol but I might have missed it on tagruatos deep sea drilling page and the blue symbol on slusho has gone black. Here we go tido wave lol

  5. rguags

    i zoomed in on that strange logo from the slusho site, and it looks like a sword going through a bass clef. not sure about the bass clef thing, but there is definetly a sword

  6. Rayford

    I shall start the speculation anew! 🙂

    Ok so the logo… I zoomed in on the one on Slusho as some have done… and it appears to be a sword with what I believe to be an odd 9 in front of it… therefore… I searched things pertaining to 9 and a sword and I stumbled across on Wikipedia of all places the “Nine of Swords” which is some tarot card dealing with future cruelty or some mumbo jumbo like that… 😀

    Just thought I’d be the first to throw out the ridiculous theory… 😛


    baha someone slap me…

  7. Heat

    Oh and, if you flip over the picture of Teddy on it also has the new logo with some numbers. Can anyone zoom in and get them? Importance?

  8. Heat

    Wow, completely disregard that last comment. Somehow, I missed that admin mentioned it.

  9. ShirtNinja

    The emblem on the back of the 1-18-08 pic is different from the slusho page, on the back of the picture, the sword is going up instead of down as it is on the Slusho page. Also, it looks like 0430 as the numbers…. Can’t be 100% sure, I used photo shop filters to fuse the pixels and it looks like 0430 or 6430..

  10. Danny

    Here is a stretch. the number on the back of the missing photo could be a date. Maybe we could get something new on April 30th.

  11. D_rock

    Yeah I found it right on april fools… I was thinkin it was a fake….but its not….It could be some buzz so more people would want to buy the dvd but….anythings possible….oh and the logo on the back has 430 beside it

  12. Dennis

    I love all this “guessing game” stuff, but I’m nowhere near involved as many are, so forgive me if this is, well, dumb: Does anyone think there is any relationship between the properties and effects of the “necter of the sea”, the dissappearance of Targrutos owner/presidents mother while searching for same, and the “half human, half….whatever” qualities of the monster? Could we be seeing the long term effects with the monster, and the short term effects in jamie’s video 11?

  13. richard

    yes dennis….i may be stupid too. but isn’t this all a little too Lost…..all the little breadcrumbs and fake companies/sites. perhaps slusho does more than make dead fish swim fast at the market (the fake news updates are just silly). MAYBE IT MAKES SEQUELS!!!! bom, bom, bommmm

  14. Dennis

    I agree, Richard. I think any “well, maybe” talk from jj or anyone else concerning a sequel is a smokescreen. OF COURSE THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!!! C”MON!!!! I could be wrong about this, but I seriously doubt it. The sequel will go into detail about the drilling platform Targruto lost (which is where Teddy was), the link between Slusho and it’s ingredient(s) and our large friend, IT’S origin, Targruto’s role in that, etc etc. Arather humerous (to me) footnote: One of the underlying messages in Godzilla was he was created by our nuclear testing in the South Pacific, Japan’s front porch if you will, therefore making us responsible for more misery wrought upon the Japanese people. The monster coming from a Japanese drilling platform in north Atlantic, OUR front porch if you, wreaking havoc and misery upon the U.S. Coincedence. Not very likely.

  15. Dennis

    To me, Cloverfield one is more likely the biggest offshoot of the viral campaign, actually a set-up for Cloverfield 2, which is most likely to be a much more traditionally shot and told monster story. Movie producers may be creative guys on one side. But they are serious, high dollar business men on the other side, who must answer to even more and higher dollar business men. The fake websites, particularly Targroto and Tidowave, are at the core of all this, and serious business men don’t waste time creating thing like rthat just to give us something to yak about.


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