Thanks Danny.

Looks like the 3rd issue of the Cloverfield Manga comic has been posted. As with the previous 2, it’s in Japanese so if you can’t read japanese, check out the pretty pictures. Click the link below and then click the blue rectangle on the left to enter the comic.

Cloverfield Manga Comic #3 

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  1. ryan

    Ok first off holy shit. this is getting bizarre. that comic is just so out in left field and right field. This movie is like an experience the story lines are so vast god know where they go. Heres a list of stuff i have foound lately that may or may not have to do with the dvd or part 2. Sorry long but have cut down. okay first off 1. Aladygma maybe yeah maybe nay. but heres a thought. On 00112288 i thought of this. dont know if any one has caught on. 01 18 08 movie release; 22nd of May was day of attack, all numbers used. Also 88 is the first two numbers of code name designate at start of film. 2. speaking of 11 22 if you play film from beggining at 11: 22 in. Rob walks by a refrigerator loaded with stuff on it wonder if any clues are there. Also just before and after this scene we see Jamie on couch then Lily. Now ive read somewhere that Lily may somehow be tied to TIDO Wave. But we do know that she most likely survived. Im wondering now if Jamie survived too, what with the Teddy Missing posters and the fact that the symbol is now on their website. Also the attack is on May 22nd, well guess what Indiana Jones, a Paramount movie also debuts that day how strange. Perfect time for a new trailer considering this will probably be biggest film of the year. Maybe a news cast detailing attack that day or just a dark screen with some sound and a date. Oh and if u skip paramount beggining of movie and go to 11 22 mark, its when Beth first enters the house. And one more movie note when they switch to shot just after that of Rob on couch when Hud shuts off camera the time switches from 11:22 to 11:23 while Rob and Beth are on traiin to Coney Island. prolly coincidence but kinda strange huh. Also in Aladygma the girl spoke of drawing a monster pic and she sees UFO’s and abductions. I could see how cult in the manga could maybe be aliens and what was with the pod thing that looked like clovies feet. Also now that girl Sarah has gone missing. Either way we are just starting to go back in to a wild ride here. Im sorry its long but its just this all hit me last night. I also remember redaing smewhere how we would all be surprised who survived. Maybe the story through Lilly and Jamies eyes. There would be alot there. Dying to be debunked LOL. But my guess is we will get somethging new wheteher cloverfield 2 or this aladygma or some other film on the Indiana Jones trailers, amd maybe Iron Man. That was my attempt to sorta tie things together.

  2. admin

    I dont think we’re going to see any new trailer for Cloverfield 2 before any of the big movies this year. Aladygma has nothing to do with Cloverfield, I’m sure of it. And I thought the movie, based on the timestamp on the camera was May 22nd, of 2009, since people were taking about the day of the week that it happens and the next time that may 22nd falls on that day of the week was next year.

  3. ryan

    but i was sayin the release date of film was 01 18 08 with the 22 being attack. I was wonderin outloud if maybe these all corralated , like i said i thought maybe all were coincidences but theyre was something there , just not concrete enuff to make a building. We both know you could hunt forever it was my way of trying to tie things in. The manga was crazy what did you think of it

  4. SteveMikes

    Charles, it’s not too hard to miss 😉 haha.
    I hardly get time to check things out often anymore! 🙁
    ANYWAY! I love that all the stuff for this is continuing (i feared it would end soon as Cloverfield hit cinema’s).
    The monster within this Manga is absolutely huge. Obviously bigger and bulkier that the one we all saw in the movie. Could this be its mother (they got split up, baby goes one way, mum goes the other?). Who knows.
    I’m thinking its the normal size and same monster, just exaggerated for effect as comics/cartoons often are.
    So so weird, and so confusing. How is that guy able to stand on it’s head? Why didn’t it kill him?
    So many questions! Haha.

  5. Rayford

    The TIDOWAVE site just got sworded… so thats all the Cloverfield related sites for ya… they have been “marked”… but by whom? and for what reason? only time will tell….. 😀

  6. ryan

    Its getting wierder inclucding tido wave we now have second mark on jamie and teddy and cloverfield clues got marked. Also win a dvd package worth 4500 dollars contest by making a video ill get ya more details

  7. ryan

    The contest is called When Cloverfield Hit. Fisrt prize is 4500 dollars and a dvd kit worth 150. There are two secong prizes of a dvd worth 150. They have 3 roars and some music u can use in ur video make of where you were when cloverfield hit. It says there looking for more footage. Get this contest winner announced right around the 22 of May . Damn there’s that date again. Hey MAK when’s our site getting tagged LOL.

  8. ryan

    hey checking out manga again. is it me or is their something that resembles clovies feet but shaped like and egg or sumpin that seems to fall to earth and in the ocean

  9. admin

    Ryan: cloverfield clues only has the sword because the admin put it up there. I’d rather not confuse people trying to follow all the viral stuff by putting the logo on a site that’s not officially affiliated with the movie and the studio

  10. Herbstra

    On they have posted 2 alternate endings that are going to be featured on the DvD so if you want to check them out scoot on over…

  11. ryan

    Thanx Mak I read it real fast don’t spend a lot of time there thought I saw where dennis said they put it there. As far as trippin well just puttin stuff together tryin to make some pieces fit in. Baby on way so I’m paintin house bored as hell lol. Also there is something that’s kinda round has three black like stones that resembles clovies claws that appears to fall in ocean in 3rd manga but maybe I saw it wrong or pages are out of order.

  12. ryan

    Sorry for double. I agree Hanzo that some stuff is far fetched, but sometimes you throw stuff out there to see if it sticks and what people on here think. I’ve showed some people some stuff I found on a close up of a poster a while back and somepeople saw what I saw, and a few didn’t. So be it just havin fun with this movie as long as it lasts as I think its been a way cool ride so far. I realize aladygma is prolly fake but just thought numbers twist was interesting. I did take a few movie directing and screenplay courses in college and sometimes I’m trying to get inside JJ s head lol, usually wrong but oh well. Again just having some fun with this, to take away from the same old boring everyday everything lol. By the way does anyone know how the movie did in japan yet

  13. Hanzo

    I think Cloverfield will be like the Matrix Trilogy, it will have some surprises and plot twists.

  14. andy

    i believe that is the mother not just because of its size but look at the parasites they are huge much larger than those on the clover that attacked newyork plus little clover has some missing teeth like they haven’t grown in yet and was that a power for the animal when the helicopters were attacking it or did it just swat at them cause by the animation it looks like it damaged buildings with something

  15. dreamsdeath

    I don’t know if this has been discussed anywhere yet but if you look at the second cloverfield manga about half way through when Aiko is getting kidnapped by the guy in the ski mask and at the end when Kishin is being confronted by a man in an elegant robe, they both have braclets that resemble the same mark found on the cloverfield sites

  16. Jdot

    The mangas are very informative. I dont know if they will be concidered cannonical, but they were released with JJs name on them. It seems that there is a cult, who knows of the beast. Both the cult, And Taruago are after Aiko. Aiko, and his mom have DNA, somehowhw connected to the monster. Aiko can control the beast. Supposedly the beast shortly makes his way to NY after the manga incident, hitting the Taruago rig on the way. But how would the appearance of the monster have not gone reported by the news after its appearance on land with Aiko? Will any manga stuff, like Aiko, be in the new film? Or is the movie a seperate start? Either way, even the mangas do NOT explain Clovers origin…only that it was found and used by Taruago. Can’t be sure about the Aladygma stuff surfacing…It appears that if its related, then some unknown alien force has entered the story.

  17. sealon2/c.a.steele

    If you want to see the translated version of cloverfield manga volume 1 go to cloverfield I just googled “cloverfield manga comic #3 ” and found a website holding all 3 comics and had them translated!I printed them into my own comic…

  18. sealon2/c.a.steele

    just for the record,after printing all those pages online,I discovered whithout even reading them yet,that the monster is not the boys mom, but doese seem to have a indefinate connection whith the boy.In tribute to this website,I am going to translate some names from the comics,on translateing sites(trying a couple different languages),to see if they meen cloverfield….

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