Don’t want to wait until you have the DVD in your hands to see the 2 alternate endings of the movie? Well then you’re in luck, they’ve made their way online. Now don’t get your hopes up, they are more like “extended” endings as opposed to “alternate”. So check them out below if you wish.

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  1. ryan

    Hey it was chimpanz 3 that fell in water off coney island. I guess that debunks my thoughts of possible clovie egg lol. But its raises a question why was there not some military there due to how dangerous it would be that close to land. Also on isaw its alive its huge its is discussed that clovie has some human characteristics to it. As well as alien. No clue what that means

  2. andrew

    people still fail to realize that theres more than one monster…. in the movie..i have it on dvd… go to 1:01:43 watch that seen that is the parent one of the monster..if u havent noticed its breeding in manhattan…on the radio sequence when the helicopter crashes the guy says ” i got 6 of em..were in pursuit” the one that ate HUD is one of the babies…or the little one…during the news cast in the beginning its actually showing it lay an egg( well u see the egg laying sac)..yah i have it on my computer..been watching and studying it for lil….even jj abrams says the monster..”Is a baby”

  3. ryan

    If there is more than one have a bad copy of it now thnen i feel vindicated for arguing that point along time ago and how it seemed monster in park was smaller because it made less noise coming up and walking away. But for now ill stick to the one then ill watch it on dvd myself. would be way cool though. but also just adds to the bizarre nature of this film lol

  4. ryan

    Just thinking though wouldnt that be alot like Zilla and ive got 6 of them wouldnt that mean there were six people inthe helicopter and they were follwing monster as it got bombed

  5. admin

    andrew: There is and always has been only ONE large monster. JJ Describes the monster as a baby because that’s how they wanted it to act, scared and disoriented. There is no mention of a mother, or 2nd monster anywhere in the film. The only mention of other monsters is the small parasites. There is only 1 Cloverfield monster.

  6. JDioneda

    So do we know for sure that people explode when bitten by the parasites?

  7. Master Chief

    Yes…if you were bitten by a parasite, you go Boom along with what ever you ate. There is only one monster as JJ and the Creature designer from Tippet studios says. The interesting point though is what the designer said about the creation of the monster. Having Human and Alien Design. I wonder what they have up their sleeves. As we can see, the viral marketing is not dead. This is the only beginning of what may come.

  8. kingzillafield

    Yes, I have the dvd also, and the timeline from the scene at 1:01:43 and the frame size-ratio is of a larger parent on all-fours, up to the scene in the park where he films just prior to being munched, is clearly a baby sized, and “curious” clovie

  9. weaselhammer

    Just a thought I had, Maybe there is no parent, maybe “clovie” is a hybrid of some sort, part human, part something else, possibly partially something that came back from space, and was genetically engineered or mutated with both human dna and something else, either by accident or on purpose. (and also obviously has a connection with the character from the Manga, whom I believe has some control over the monster.) The fact that the monster just came into being, woke up, etc, would explain it being referred to as a “baby”. kinda like how when frankenstien first woke up and got confused, which turned into a rampage, so did the monster.

  10. andrew

    um admin listen to me and kingzilla. we are not blind…its so obvious download the movie or something but like i said at 1:01:43 that whole scene……. it shows the freakin GIANt version of the monster…its apparent thats its the adult type. Im not dumb i can tell the difference between everything in this movie…there is more in this movie than people are seeing…just look at the scene. I have it on dvd watch it all the time to make sure im not seeing things and i know im not. In the scene it shows the Giant one walking throught the buildings but not being attacked for some odd reason….he put that scene in there so people can get a hint. Ty kingzilla for backing me up on this.

  11. ryan

    Ok I guess I can debunk this. First off the appendages you see at 31 minutes in are the eating appendages that are like teethy mouths. They have been discussed by neville page and others and also were mentioned by marlena when she said it was eating everyone. The scene when their in the skyscraper shows the monster from different angles. The perspective used with the video camera gives the monster different looks. As far as the sixth of them I think they meant they has six people taking out and they were following monster or the amount of cluster bombs from the stealth. However there is one thing I will give u guys . When they are trapped in building early on u can hear the rumble and see it from the a very thunderous point of view, and when it sneeks up on hud before and after the thud isn’t as loud from its movements. Also it appears as if their is stuff like jamie and teddy and a lot of chuai station videos, on the dvd but unaccesable almost like they were taken out. At this point who knows what’s going on, human alien dna, is that what teddy found out and again is ganus mom somehow involved. Stay tuned this is better tha any tv series , and I for one think its cool that people have so enjoyed this movie and are looking into it and drawing conclusions. If this was JJ s idea , I think he has succeeded

  12. ryan

    Sorry double back to the eating appendages not eggg sacs. Drew goddard said their was a hard R version of movie my guess is this shows some viscous stuff with people beeing chowed down yeah. And again remeber camera perspective is huge here. I had a hard time at first reconciling that. I hope u guyz r right but its easy to see how the perspective can be thrown off by camera angles and height and distance relative to object

  13. admin

    I stand by my statement, there is only 1 large monster. Nothing in the movie has showed me otherwise. The perspective of the scene at the end and the helicopter scene show the same sized monster. Everyone affiliated with the movie when asked has confirmed there’s 1 monster, nobody has said anything about 2 monsters. Granted I understand they weren’t going to tell anyone anything about the movie, there’s no reason to believe there are two monsters. Even the toys coming out only depict one monster and parasites, why wouldn’t the release both mother and baby monster if there were two? Until I hear either the monster’s designer, jj abrams, or the director say there are more than 1 monster, there is nothing that tells me otherwise.

  14. andrew

    haha i cant wait till the dvd comes out…only then will u be surprised…i mean there is a backstory to the movie that we dnt know obviously which is why theres another coming out but o well……until then if u have aim IM me at

  15. admin

    I don’t understand why seeing it on DVD would make me think otherwise? It’s not like they made the monster a different size just for the DVD release.

  16. andrew

    its not that its just ull be able to review and analyze better..ive noticed that scene since the movie came out

  17. ryan

    OK Mak ill take this one Andrew the monster standing on itts 2 back legs is 350 ft tall. EWhen its arms raise up their almost the length of the body so theoretically it could reach up almost seven hundred feet with oits arms up. Those sacs u refer to r for the eating hands or appendages. I have the DVD and dont see what ur sayin i fought this argument on your side along time ago right Mak LOL. The only thing strange is this when the monster walks by in the beggining , everything shakes, before and after HUD its not vene close. and the six of them referes to the cluster bombs they drop on him sorry

  18. ryan

    On a different note have read some of the transltion of the 3rd manga and it talks of gods awakening after a thousand year sleep, sky falling and experiments on humans , im assuming with slussho so hold on tight this gets way more cooler LOL.

  19. Mez

    It’s entirely possible that there is more than one monster, however, there is never more than one shown on screen and there is never any mention of more than one in the movie, but remember that the movie is from the perspective of one camera and a few people. You gotta know that there’s a lot of other weird stuff going on that you don’t see in the movie.
    Maybe the other monster is a lion. HAHAHA! Wouldn’t that just be fantastic?

  20. kazuma

    hmm…really interesting..out of everyone I’d have to agree with Mez the most. I mean, there being only one monster is just as farfetchd as there being two. Just cause you never saw two of them together doesn’t mean there aren’t two. And just cause the one that ate hud was quieter doesn’t mean it wasn’t the same one. What if he was trying to sneak up on Hud? Sounds kinda silly but think about it. Everyone needs to lay off eachothers opinions though, nobody knows anything for sure except for what was seen in the movie….So…we pretty much don’t know anything…hehe..

  21. Mez

    And tho we may not know anything, are we not entertained?
    Can’t wait for the DVD, can’t wait for a sequel. Though they should probably stop there, I don’t want to be seeing Cloverfield: The Animated Series. However, if they did a manga about it, I could probably deal with one season Anime based on the Manga. That would look pretty sweet. But even that is iffy. Too many good things in the last few years have had any good qualities beaten out of them by sequels and remakes and spin-offs, oh my!
    Cloverfield stands out as an original concept that captured the attention of many movie fan and net crawlers alike. It’s fun, it’s mysterious, but I just don’t want to see it get really lame. Just because something can turn a profit, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
    Tell the story, then be done with it and let it become history. In a good way, Saw would be way better if they didn’t make a new one every year. I hope that they keep it fresh and exciting.
    That’s my piece.

  22. andrew

    hmm just watched the dvd again and looked at the feet sizes in the different scenes…clearly there is a great difference in sizes.. either theres more than one monster…or JJ abrams is unable to produce a movie with correct size ratio monsters..but lol i just saw sum other stuff u will see…and when u do ill be back on these forums. gday.

  23. katie

    i’m not sure if anyone has posted about this, but I just got my rental copy of the dvd (i work at blockbuster, so i get it early legally lol), and on the back they show a picture of the monster in one of the scenes.. i’m really shocked. i figured that j.j. would still want to surprise people that will be seeing it for the first time…

  24. Dennis

    I love all this “guessing game” stuff, but I’m nowhere near involved as many are, so forgive me if this is, well, dumb: Does anyone think there is any relationship between the properties and effects of the “necter of the sea”, the dissappearance of Targrutos owner/presidents mother while searching for same, and the “half human, half….whatever” qualities of the monster? Could we be seeing the long term effects with the monster, and the short term effects in jamie’s video 11?

  25. andrew

    so anyone get the dvd and look at scene 1:01:43 and see the larger monster………please try to debunk that……..

  26. admin

    Andrew: yup, got the DVD, monster looks the same size in every shot….

  27. andrew

    honestly how is it the same size ratio…when it is taller than the sony building in one scene ..and the next its like half the size of the building…..i know its crawlin on all 4’s but u can definately tell…

  28. Morris

    I was told this was a sudo PT2 of the mist.
    If it is, there are tons of monsters out there.
    If I was Abrams, I would shut down the eastern sea board here and the western sea board in the UK.




  30. Sergtovar

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  31. Sergtovar

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