The Tidowave website has been updated with a short new message in response to the Teddy Hanssen Missing photo. Check it out below. (Thanks Ryan and Boo)

To MissingTeddyHanssen.

There’s no help coming. Stop your campaign.

There’s nothing here.

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42 Responses

  1. Cabal

    What I’ve just noticed is that in the comments of one of TIDO Waves threads, someone has posted under the name ‘MissingTeddyHanssen’… so my guess is that this message is aimed at them, not the ACTUAL Teddy Hanssen.
    Here’s the post…

    MissingTeddyHanssen 04/02/08 2:46 pm

    Where are these “fearless, brave warriors” I heard about? No one answers my calls. No one answers their doors. My brother is still out there somewhere and you guys couldn’t care less about him. Some friends you are. If it wasn’t for your freakish, cult mind-games he’d still be here with me. This is all your fault!!! You cowards! I hope you’re all rotting away somewhere!

    Harsh words, but I imagine its someone Teddy knew VERY well… and they’re obviously upset!

  2. Spectrelite

    If you leave it on that website ( long enough you hear the msg that he sent to Jamie telling her to wait for the call from Mike (I think that was the name, can’t remember).

  3. thecameraman


    The person that posted it was Teddy’s sibling, so we either have a Jon or Jane Hanssen out there trying to find his or her brother, and it seems tidowave doesn’t give a shit.

    Interesting stuff guys..

  4. JDioneda

    does the cloverfield tinbox dvd have all the same content and special features and such?

  5. admin is bogus. It’s not setup by Paramount or Bad Robot, it’s someone trying to get hits off of the Cloverfield marketing. The flash animation that loads, loads from a totally different webserver, you can even see it in the source file. It loads from and the whois is protected by a proxy meaning that whoever registered it didn’t want anyone to see who they are. So I doubt that this is an official site.

  6. Corey

    hey this is about the new aladygma site. saw this pic on another forum on imdb noticed on the right side next to blurred image was the greek letters Kappa Phi just wonderin if anybody else noticed this. btw a couple months before cloverfield came out i was on my roommates mac and going frame by frame through the second trailer and noticed a paddle in robs apartment with greek letters. cant remember wat the letters wer but thought this was a little interesting. if anyone has info let me know

    Here is the link to the pic

  7. ryan

    Hey MAK I totally agree about the find teddy hanssen being bogus. Someone somewhere else found part odf the url or something and you won’t belive who the sight was registeres to. Ill send you an email

  8. ryan

    Alright I will I was looking thru another site and someone also mentioned windstream but its seems the person who was writing this particular blog found a name next to windstream. It was DAcevevedo. I think we know who that is. And this blog was entry on his sight that mentioned it. I guess our fearless leader lol is the tops seeing that he doesn’t hide behind these sort of things lol. But I was right thwere in clues under the tido wave replies. I don’t know how true but the kid had the windstream and voila there was that name . You all can decide for yourself but this is why I only respond and write on here. The one umblemished sight LOL

  9. ryan

    Sorry for double post. Not trying to start an intersite war but though after mak wrote about proxy settings , I saw that on their site and thought I’d share it with you, take from it what you will. Its was one of their viewers that seemes to innocently have found it. It may be bogus but who knows

  10. ryan

    If u wanna see it for yourself got to clues. The tido wave message which is 3 or 4 from top. Go to commments halfway or so down look for a post from someone named miranda has the http windstream then backslash d acevedo. Again take from this what you will. Not looking to stir things up but does raise some questions maybe. Sorry for triple

  11. kazuma

    Man…I saw that post on the tidowave site the day it came out, prolly one of the first ones to see it too. I was on the site earlier and got off. When I got back on 20 mins later I saw the post and was freakin out. I was so excited but it wouldn’t let me comment. I thought anyone could but I guess that’s not the case? Cause there’s a comment that says don’t speculate so fast, anyone can comment. If that’s not true does that mean that Jason Hawkins and Lily really did leave those comments??? What about when ganu was laughing on a comment? Is that real too? That seems kinda silly though..

  12. TKEGoogle

    That new pic on aladyama looks a lot like the Martian surface, but like they tried to grey it to look lunar, but the lunar surface isn’t platform based like that, but more like rolling hills due to its type of formation against say mars’. I don’t want to say it is connected to Cloverfield, but it does look like something pretty solid

  13. ShirtNinja

    Maybe I can put the questions to rest…. the missingteddyhanssen website is OOG…

    Find Teddy Hanssen

    This is the full sourcecode for the page. Bogus… period.

  14. ShirtNinja

    Well, that was a bust. Comment submition won’t let me post the source code… Just go to the page using Internet explorer, goto view in your menu bar then click view sourcecode.

  15. admin

    shirtninja: of course you can’t post HTML code in the comments, people would abuse it and it would break the site.

    But I posted about the source code and the site being fake way up in the comments a few days ago.

  16. Cabal

    Funnily enough, I posted a comment on the TIDOwave site a couple of days ago, but it seems to have gone now! The latest Comment being 4/4/08, way before mine was posted! Its a very restricted site for sure! Ah well…

  17. ryan

    New update supposedly on tido wave site. Its a message from someone name alyse supposedly teddy hansens sister check it out and seee what ya think

  18. ryan

    Also check out Walmart poster for Cloverfield saw something about it and took a ride to one near my house strange shit. No statue or wrecked buildings wonder what means hmmmmmmm

  19. ShirtNinja

    Hey Admin, I was just checking to see if I could sneak it in with double open and close quotents, makeing the code void… but you have this place moderated too well =)

  20. ShirtNinja

    I also saw a poster at a local walmart, bluckbuster and best buy, but they were the standard issue box art we haev seen on the net for awhile now.

  21. Danny

    Here is the comment she left.
    04/15/08 4:05 pm”That’s what I thought. You’re pathetic. And if you think I’m giving up on my brother you’re stupider than I gave you credit for. Anyone who’s tired of being lied to should come to my blog. We have to stick together. There are more people out there affected by this. I can’t be the only one.”
    I went to her blog and from the dates that were posted if they are to be believe that bolg has been around since March. I also posted a comment on tidowave a few days ago and still have the comment waiting on moderation.

  22. ryan

    Amazon has clip of cloverfield dvd extras yeah lol, and the poster Is also mentioned on another site so who knows maybe diff marketing for diff parts of country. Remember this is the united states of walmart and if something is sdeeeemed violent or derogatory they homogenize it lol.

  23. Chris74

    How did you guys find the sister’s name and blog site. I saw her comments about her blog on Tidowave, but could not find the web link. What am I missing?

  24. Danny

    if you click on the link that D_Rock provided it does take you right to her blog.

  25. Chris74

    OK, either I am blind, or I am having a problem with that site. I see no comments by D_Rock on Tidowave and no links to a blog. The only reference to a blog I found was from MissingTeddyHanssen, but no link to the blog is provided.

  26. Chris74

    Yeah, I saw that, thanks. I was just wondering where it was on the Tidowave site since I did not see it there. 🙂

  27. ThereCanOnlyBeOne

    Does anyone here think Jaime is smokin hot? I would love to take her down to a sizzler at the mall by me and get her the all you can eat buffet for 9.99$ . And i saw the videos, i know she parties. Ill put on some lionel ritchie and play it all night long. Ill grab a bottle of Merlot (i make it in the toilet), and put in a romantic movie, like all dogs go to heaven or some ish like that and take the one way train to pleasuretown USA. If any of you actually find Teddy let him know that Jaimes all good. Shes with pOPCORN pIMP.

  28. ThereCanOnlyBeOne

    JJ Abrams needs to release a cloverfield porno starring Jaime Lascano and that other hot chick from the movie. Not the crazy one with the bird nose, but beth. Beth is hot too. You put her and Jaime in a room with me, Grab a couple of ice cubes, a set of golf clubs and a mechanical bull………..instant box office smash hit. It will make Titanic look like a tug boat. If JJ Abrams was REALLY REALLY willing to be creative and not care what people think, he could make it a snuff film. How hot would that be. vERY. tHATS HOW HOT. Respect the Popcorn Pimp

  29. Dennis

    I love all this “guessing game” stuff, but I’m nowhere near involved as many are, so forgive me if this is, well, dumb: Does anyone think there is any relationship between the properties and effects of the “necter of the sea”, the dissappearance of Targrutos owner/presidents mother while searching for same, and the “half human, half….whatever” qualities of the monster? Could we be seeing the long term effects with the monster, and the short term effects in jamie’s video 11?


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