Thanks for putting this up on youtube. has an exclusive clip from the DVD extras on the Cloverfield DVD, check it out below.

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  1. Hanzo

    “and the monster eats me, and I die and then we eat hamburgers” lmao i LOVE t.j.

  2. Charles

    Has anyone seen that Teddy might’ve actually died in the Cloverfield movie? I saw this one picture well more like a still that looks a lot like Teddy! I found it in and it seems pretty like him and looks like him

  3. ryan

    Hey saw the teddy pic does look similiar and alyse seems to have post from tagruato maybe. Also CIA agent mentioned on clues lookin for info of missing people from the incident at Chuai. Gota give RObot credit these guys are putting out some good stuff

  4. JDioneda

    watch the trailer on
    at the very begining the entire window cuts to the end of the movie, then a picture of who i’m guessing is Rob, then the window goes back to and everything is normal and the trailer is fine.

  5. ryan

    Okay we know movie I’m gonna tie up loose ends before movie. Its seems the monsters dna was fused and put inside a boy to hide it from tagruato and the outside world. The monster then attacks japan first yes japan first then somehow the boy controls monster to avenge his mom in kinda of an alternate story to ganu and his mom . My guess is the boy has it attack chuai and maybe othe stations on way to new york for the ultimate prize of wiping ganu off the planet for what he did to kishins mom. Sounds simple but way more complicated than that, our friends in the movie are a subplot. I will say this I give bad robot credit this is by far the most complex and oringinal backstory and current event story for a movie maybe ever. Way so cool I finally undertsand just about all that has and is about to occur

  6. ryan

    Sorry for double but hers a few more thoughts we’ve tied up a lot of stuff and if that was teddy on bridge we are almost up to date on all the side stuff. I know aome people will think I’m crazy but I wouldn’t mind an animated prequel. I also understand how reeves said they could show this from different points of view in the next film. This story line is way better than godzilla and I’m kinda excited to see where we go next. My hats off to mr abrams and crew for coming up with a seriously major league cool story line. Next up aladygma lol. Dying to see what you all think of my latest rant

  7. ThereCanOnlyBeOne

    Yea thats right kids. The popcorn pimp is back again. Im telling you Teddy is at a Science Fair or at a BestBuy looking at the latest cpu processor speeds. Hell if i was dating Jaime id never leave. Id stay at her side and rub her feet until she fell asleep everynight. I would read stories to her in my spare time, like Milo & Otis (Great story). I would rub evaporated milk into her hamstrings in the morning so she wouldnt pull any muscles heading to work. I would bake her a birthday cake that said “Happy Birthday”, what else do you put on a birthday cake stupid? Then after i did all that, id cheat on her with beth. Beth is hotter, but Jaime seems more like the “ill actually come home with you from the bar” type of girl. I like them better. Im not trying to hold hands in the mall and ish, i just want some booty. Respect the Popcorn and youll get the pimp.

  8. Danny

    Ryan if that was the case then were was the kid in the movie? I did not see him riding on the monster’s head as he did in the cartoon. And what would the kid or the monster have against the people of New York City? The monster was not attacked by the US when the Chaui station was destroyed. So why would they both come to New York. And since Tagruato has no business activities in New York City nor the rest of Amreica? (Remember Shushlo has not made it here by the time the movie was released.) So what would Kishin have against America to bring his monster here?

  9. Danny

    I do have to agree with on the part
    ” I will say this I give Bad Robot credit this is by far the most complex and oringinal backstory and current event story for a movie maybe ever.”
    And the Viral campaing have been brilliant. I have never been so engrossed by a movie and everything that has gone on with it.

  10. Danny

    There was a new post on Alyse blog:
    “Monday, April 21, 2008
    Just wanted to thank everyone for the new outpouring of support I’ve been getting. I’m guessing some of what I’m doing must be working. So, whether you saw the flyers, heard about me on the news, or whatever, it’s good to have more visitors here.”
    Posted by Alyse at 8:58 AM 0 comments

    I wonder if anything new will happen today since this is the day for the Offical release of the Cloverfield movie on DVD!!!!!!

  11. ryan

    Ganu Yoshida was in New York when the monster attacked new york and supposedly there was a press conference introducing rob a few days or the day of the attack. If u tryand put the two togther it would explain how the us new about chuai and how they responded so quick in new york. Remember kishin is a prequel, I admit the story is way out there but on the dvd there are many more chuai videos and lots of stuff we don’t get accessed to including another jamie teddy video.which if u think of story and timeline she was at party so was itmade after the attack. Who knows this story is just way to engrossing lol


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