You can now get Michael Giacchino’s ROAR! from Cloverfield on Michael Giacchino - Roar! (From Cloverfield - Original Motion Picture Score) - EP. Make sure you check it out since the bootleg version is nothing compared to this. Who wants a shitty version recorded from the theater when you can have the complete original score now!

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  1. DK428

    Sweet! I’m first! anyway i haven’t really heard this “Roar” Soundtrack you guys are talking about, but can anybody tell me if its cool? it it is then i will definetely buy it!

  2. boo

    lol you guys are sooooo behind

  3. TKEGoogle

    Hey guys, I don’t know if yall are following the Missing Teddy Hanssen blog or not, but it’s starting to pick up steam, they cracked the code for the missing extra files, check it out

    username: alysehanssen
    password: 11112014349

  4. boo

    who’s supposed to be updating this site?

    I mean, the ARG’s pretty much leaving you guys out on the road!

    There’s a new post on missingteddyhanssen btws.

  5. admin

    This website is behind because I didn’t believe that teddy’s sister website was legit, due to the fact that it was on blogspot. I’m still not 100% convinced of all that other stuff, but it’s cool no less and looks legit. And also, since the movie has died off I have other sites that have been getting my attention :-/ Hopefully Cloverfield 2 will get moving and I’ll have more info to post here.

  6. Danny

    That site jamieandsynder was found back on the 20th of april. And I think everyone assumed it was fake. And I think they are right.

  7. K1Ng5p4d3

    Actually, it was found back on April 11. By me. lol, i wouldnt usually take credit for this typa stuff, but i was the first to find it, and i didnt post anything about it because it is OOG. Fake as heck. Heres proof that i found it first : — Check out Post #12. April 11, 2008. My find. WOOOOHOOOOO!!! but yeah, its totally fake.


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