I know we’ve been a little behind on the Cloverfield News lately, sorry about that. I wasn’t convinced that this mysterious blog that popped up was really Teddy’s sisters, and honestly I’m still not 100% convinced. But after the community followed a bunch of clues that came from there as well as the Cloverfield DVD case, the following images were discovered. Check them out below, and don’t give up on us yet, if/when Cloverfield 2 comes out we are ready to dive right back into all of this viral marketing and provide you with all the Cloverfield information you could possibly want.

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  1. Charles

    Actually the first pic is when the monster was first found and it was attacking the Chuai Station

  2. Kohl King

    I cant really tell, but in the 2nd picture, are the Parasites on the ocean floor or the monsters back? Cause the surface looks a little to smooth to be the ocean floor, at least it does to me…

  3. fr33thought

    so u can see a tagruato logo on the support beam in the first pic w/ the monster. im guessing they may be setting up for cloverfield 2 around a year from now. the movie is supposed to take place in 2009 right? sounds like a good time to release a different perspective on it (probably the same night or maybe the events leading up to the attack to clarify what really is going on with the viral marketing backstory).. just my thoughts

  4. Lunalynx

    Question: The little image on the back of Teddy’s picture that is the same on the Slusho! and Undersea Drilling section of Tagruato Corps page. I’m not sure what it is, could someone explain what it is and when it showed up?

  5. sealon2/c.a.steele

    alright,well I might be a new kid to this site,but i’m not new to cloverfield,in the japanese comic the monster was first stationed in battle whith the tagruato ship,I have a complete collection of the comics(1-3)translated and printed out,so i’m sure of that.But the monster was way to big to be climbing around in that ship,in the 2’nd comic,it snapped the fish in half!I also know that tagruato has some connection whith the slusho drink,small though,probably just drinks the slusho alot,because as display’d in the opening page of the clooverfield manga comic #2,the slusho is a energy drink,and the tagruato thing I think is some kind of military type thingy because the ship in the manga comics were holding a whole bunch of soldiers,so…tagrauto probably inspires the drink because the drink alot of it ,I meen,soldiers,energy drink, They go together right so slusho logo and the tagruato logo,were probably inthe same area becuase iether of the assotiations were inspireing eachother.Unless that place in the first pic where the monster was climbing was some kind of huge thing like…the pentagon or something it would halv to be the same baby monster as the one in the film.there’s some solid info for you!

  6. sealon2/c.a.steele

    IN the end of the 3’rd cloverfield manga comic,kishin somehow ends up rideing on the monsters head and in control of the monster,so in the second pic whith the parasites,the space ship looking thingy may be where kishin is controlling the monster!eh? just a theory…P.S.when I said fish in my first comment on this page,I meant ship,the monster snapped the ship in half…P.S on the title of the film,I was watching the special features of the film and they kept calling the monster in the film clover,this is the baby one,the one in the comics I presume is not a baby…just another theory….

  7. Ledain

    Ok so the second pic would pretty much sum how the hell clover had the parasites if it was newly hatched right?
    What really bothers me is where the story might be headed, JJ said he wanted a monster that would be the equivalent of godzilla but for the american culture right?
    So in order to be like that it needs a direct message against something that’s being done wrong (gojira-nuclearbombs).
    i’m guessing human stubborness towards making profit? since the monster apears to have a grudge against a mayor corporation it would be my opinion.
    But i would like to know in the manga that sealon mentions… why is Kishin’s mother (or i think it was her) holding the little seed like thingy that looked eerly a lot like clover’s head?
    P.S. It would appear to me that clover in the first photo is baby clover, because if it was an adult… well.. i don’t think it would look so small maybe tagurato forced it to surface?
    it would explain the tagurato logo on the boat that makes a fast appearance in the movie.

  8. sealon2/c.a.steele

    Well in the eginning of the battle between the monster and the tagruato ship,the monster came out of the water byu it’self,and I think that the monster somehow evolved from a giant sQuid to what it is…it’s actually Quite a lame thgeory,but if it’s wrong,why the hell was there a giant sQuid in the beginning of the first manga? P.S.to “ledian” searchfor a translated version of cloverfieldtype in to the google bar: cloverfield manga comic# :that way youl’ll probably find out whatever you were talking a bout the monsters head in kishin’s mom’s hand.also tell me wich issue nof the manga’s our talking about and i may be able to realize what your talking about. -sealon2/c.a.steele

  9. sealon2/c.a.steele

    my Quetion would be how and where,who got a hold of these pic’s,because,as said in the special features of the film,the people involved in the movie are putting all there wits into keeping everything secret…. -sealon2/c.a.steele

  10. sealon2/c.a.steele

    I have no idea what green clover up there was talking about,but my Quetion would be better answered if it were more ‘elaborated’ rather than put together whitha few common words:I have no clue to who,how or where the photo’s/pics were found.(no affense)

  11. sealon2/c.a.steele

    also if anyone had any comment’s on my “kishin-spaceship looking thingy”that would be helpful. p.s.to greenclover:what do you meen on your 2’nd comment? (:.|

  12. munkeystomp81

    I was wondering how these pictures were found also. How were people lead to these? What clues were on the case? Also about the symbol on the back of Teddys picture. The same symbol is also found on the DVD case. The sticker that held the case shut that says Project Cloverfield, Property of the U.S. Government, New Secrets Revealed

  13. Ledain

    it would be the third issue i think… saw it in a link from this site (in japanese so there you have why i could’t understand it) googling it on english now tho.
    and i said it looked like a seed (or an egg) it’s in some of kishin’s memories, before clover takes him for a piggyback ride…
    wich also CLASSIC Kaiju thing right there, (Kaiju= japanese monster movies A.K.A. Gojira etc.) i’m telling you… i have seen something just like that before.
    I don’t think it evolved from a squid man… BUT in the “it’s alive it’s huge” seccion of the DVD you get to see the monster in a weird encased shape, like it pulled some armadillo stunt (encasing in it’s own body). Wrapping itself inside the torso and closing with it’s massive arms. so you get some pretty confusing peeks.
    and then again the creature designer never explains the reasons he used for the design, he just mentions a couple of things about the brief handed to him.

  14. sealon2/c.a.steele

    what ledian said about,it’s alive its huge thing doesn’t seem to recall to me,I watched it but a pic of clover encaseing it’self? :\ MY QUETION IS: if anyone know’s this,in the comic,there are these guys that are trying to restore earth,they captured kishin and are trying to sacrafice him:they keep saying stuff about the VESTIGES being inside him?what is a VESTIGE.

  15. DK428

    Guys! this might be off topic, but u guys have to check out this site. http://jamieandsnyder.com/index.html
    i don’t know if this is a real site that has to do with Cloverfield but it might have to do with Jamie Lascano. Theirs a new update on this site dated 5/12/08, which was yesterday! look at what she says! Has anybody else found this site besides me?

  16. sealon2/c.a.steele

    okay…..dk WAS off topic but I found trhe answere to my Q,the vestiges is the THING THAT CONTROLLS THE MONSTER.got ur attention whith those big letters.yup.

  17. sealon2/c.a.steele

    once again if anyone had any comments on my theory of the spaceship looking thingy in the background of the 2’nd pic being where kishin is controlling the monster from,that would be helpful.yup.

  18. george

    we should really check out that website-http://jamieandsnyder.com/index.html …especially because it has a sword logo on it

  19. Ledain

    I swear Sealon it’s there i saw it 🙁 it is a front, side and perspective view of the monster with its arms wrapped around the torso and the head sligthly sunken between the shoulders.

  20. Loki the Stampede

    Whoa whoa whoa. Ok, can you people PLEASE start linking the sources of these things?! Where is the link for the translatred 3rd issue of the Manga?
    MAINLY, where the hell did these two underwater pics come from?! Just bam! Here they are??? Where did they come from?! Were they the photos from Jamie’s site before they were “stolen”?

  21. Danny

    the jamie and synder site is a fake. the source code is wrong, and the WHOIS information shows that it is a fake. It does not match any of the information from the offical websites!!

  22. DK428

    Hey Danny thanks for clearing up that mess on the jamie and synder site! I posted the link up on this site cause i wanted someone to tell me if that jamie site was a fake or real site, but thanks again Danny for helping me on this one, lets move on know onto the KISHIN episode 3? has anybody translated yet?

  23. ryan

    In the underwater pics those r submarines from tagruato exploring the ocean floor. By the way did any of u think to link the lat and longitude readings on google earth. Tell me what u find at location where pics were taken . One hint unsinkable. Also cloverfield sold 1.05 million dvd copies for a 16. 5 million dollar gross and had a 7.5 million rental total both good for first place. Figure anothe 50 million or so after bluray totals added in movie gross total somehweree round 235 million not bad for a 25 million dollar movie huh

  24. ryan

    Oh by the way cloverfield attacks australia on May 22nd its on IGN and clovie clues I guess check it out 6 new videos I have no clue

  25. ryan

    by the way logitude and latitude show almost exactly same spot titanic sank. you figure that out

  26. sealon2/c.a.steele

    I didn’t say I don’t believe you ledian,I just don’t remember it.also I would like for people to stop talking about this new off topic website thing,plz?

  27. Cagneybeast.

    umm, Sealon?

    these are the comments,
    where anyone and anybody can say what they want.


    so if they want to talk about a website,
    let ’em.

  28. sealon2/c.a.steele

    I just found out that inside kishin’s body is the thing called the vestiges and that is both what the monster is drawn to and what controls the monster!

  29. sealon2/c.a.steele

    I just found out that inside kishin’s body is the thing called the vestiges and that is both what the monster is drawn to and what controls the monster.

  30. sealon2/c.a.steele

    the thing in the background can’t be kishin if the pictures are from underwater,so what the heck is it?!also the thing I’m most curious about is the way the film #2,becuase they filmed #1 in that newish way,I thought it was cool but will they do it in #2?they did that once before in a flick called the glare witch project.who knew?

  31. ryan

    by the way in the new cloverfield attacks australia videos my frinds you will find a news paper page with the japanese drilling station attacks. the monster sounds diff and in the news paper below there is a picture of a human head with the brain highlighted and what looks to be an aline. hmmmmmmmm Aladygma anyone sorry MAK

  32. greenclovers

    Wow! I need to see the glare witch project! it must be about a glaring witch. What I’m most curious to know is whether it glares as in glow in the dark or if it glares at you with the evil eye? Does anyone know? Please?! Tell me now before I explode!

    …. I was a teenage Cloverfield.

  33. Ledain

    hehehe the GLARE withc proyect…. aha aha aha aaaaaw sorry. it’t the BLAIR witch proyect man! sorry had to tell.
    and i am not sure it’s a space ship looking thing. check the fourt issue of the manga (altho i think it isn’t canon because its friggin ridiculous) they come from pod looking thingys in the bottom of the ocean.

  34. darcy

    Im a little new to this site, but I love the movie! I was just wondering if anyone knew if they were definitely making a second movie? and where did the above pictures come from?

  35. Adam Whitehead

    Greenclovers never clarified his original statement. I think he meant that the photos look like special effects shots from the 1988 movie ‘The Abyss’ (directed by James Cameron) with the parasites photoshopped onto them.

    It’s been a while since I saw the movie, but the submersible in the lower pic definitely resembles the one from ‘The Abyss’, which indicates the pics are fakes.

  36. Antwan

    i have a theorie. there are 2 monsters. 1 baby 1 mom. the baby got hit by the satelite and was angered and ran from mother. the baby was atracted by the sea bed nectar to
    new york. the mother followed. the mini versions are not parasites but baby’s. the mother takes many many years to get 1 baby fully grown, so that is why the others are so small. Also the pics came from a site that can be found on the dvd case that consists of a lot of numbers and such.


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