are having a Cloverfield contest. They are giving away a copy of the DVD as well as a brand new video camera. Here are the basic rules, but head on over to the link below for all the official details.

To be in with a chance of winning, we want you to make a short clip, Cloverfield-style, of yourself or your friends reacting to seeing the movie’s monster!


The clip should last around 15-30 seconds.
The clip must not contain any music or any footage that you have not filmed yourself.
We won’t be judging the clip on the image quality, so feel free to shoot your clip on your phone, a webcam, etc.

For inspiration, watch the film’s trailer or watch a clip from the film.

Once you’ve shot your clip, you need to upload it onto YouTube and then email the link over to us here (along with your name, postal address and daytime telephone number incase you win.*).

So, start practising your best ‘shocked face’ and loudest scream, and don’t forget to check back here regularly as we’ll be putting up our favourite entries for you to take a look at!


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11 Responses

  1. Danny

    missing teddy hanssen blog has new information on it. The e-mails seem fake but who knows now!! Also comments have been put up on the site as well.

  2. Danny

    The e-mails were fake they were just taken off and a load of the comments have been removed looks like the site was hacked again.

  3. WeeMadRach

    Ive spotted a poster on an Italian website with a dark looming shadow over a city and red text underneath labelled “Survival” with a date in the bottom corner: 1-19-09!

    I’ve been trying to post the URL toi the translated page here but nothing is showing up. If you want the link contact me or go on the aladygma forums

  4. Erick

    Happy CLOVERFIELD DAY!!!!. Todays may 22nd today clover will atack newyork.

  5. admin

    Franky: It’s just me, I created the site and run it so I just go under the name admin… I could have used some help before the movie came out, but there’s no reason anymore. But possibly if a sequel comes out.

  6. Franky

    Tom: dang i should of asked you sooner , well if the sequel (if there is one) i would be happy to help you on this site


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