Don’t forget the Cloverfield Blu-Ray is coming out tomorrow. I know I’m not the only one that waited until this release to purchase it. So what are you waiting for? Use the Amazon link below to get one of the best possible prices out there. Or if you want it right away I would suggest Wal-Mart (or price match with a Wal-Mart ad), they usually have the best retail pricing on Blu-Ray’s these days.

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  1. Gio

    Just got the Cloverfield DVD yesterday and found this site while researching the movies’ name. Never could figure out why they called it that until now…it is a LA street name? OK. now I just want to say that I’m sorry I missed this movie when it came out! For whatever reason my impression of the movie was that it would have me crawling out on all fours in nausea from all the hand held cam action but I was wrong! This was a fantastic movie!! All I can say is it deserves the kind of fandom it has. The movie is so well done, scary but realistic and if you listen to the directors special commentary on the locations shot as well as how much improvisation was used in the script by the actors its very impressive. I use to live in NYC and as a kid had nightmares about monsters coming through the streets so this movie gave that same chill. But even more is that the “monster” isn’t just a scary creature tearing up NYC – there is a deeper parallel to things going; the reality that life is lived but a moment in a time where as a society everything is uncertain and what counts is how we treat one another in those moments. We don’t know what tomorrow holds…today the beauty and innocence of youth, promise, blissful ignorance and the days of ‘fields and clover’ is why I believe not only the name of this film works but the directors pull off a film as more than just a monster flick…much much more.

  2. Grim Fish

    enter ganu yoshida into your web browser. Click on My main dude. Click on the pic. it will take you to a script page. The script ties cloverfield into lost!


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