Last night I received a very strange e-mail that mearly says “8.21.2010” in both the subject and the body of the e-mail. I really don’t think it means anything related to Cloverfield or a sequel (since anyone can send me an email), but you never know. It was sent from an anonymous remailer so I can’t tell who sent it. So throw this one in the “???” file, cause I have no clue what it means, if anything, but since Cloverfield news has all but died out for the time being, anything is worth posting no matter how far fetched it may possibly be.

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    Maybe something will happen/get some news on August 21st of this year? I hope it’s not a tease.


    You guys might wanna check out again. Just saw some new pics on there and if you flip some of the pics over theres new messages including one in Japanese.

  3. Jessica

    there aren’t any new pictures on the site, those pictures are old and so is the writing on the back, no new photos have been added since teddy’s missing photo showed up after and it was the last one to appear after the movies release

  4. Peter Parker

    Yeah we can’t wait but as a fan i can. most sequels of movies or music albums usually ”thumbs down”. We don’t mind waiting for a real real good quality movie that Matt Reeves can come up with. I love this movie and watched it countless times. Way to go!!!

  5. The Dude

    Obviously someone is just pulling your legs here, don’t get your hopes up

  6. damienbigfoot

    Well you know I’ve thought about it and I wonder if maybe they’re filming the sequel already and just telling everyone they aren’t so it keeps the whole “secretive” thing going. I wouldn’t excpect a sequel though it just has the overall feeling of if it isn’t happening now or soon it never will.

  7. Ben

    i know theres a cloverfield 2 because ive starred in it its a version set from another video camera with diffrent people because i am on a bit where they are on a bridge so i know. It is coming out in 2010. It is filmed in 2010.

  8. Jdam

    This date would be about 3 months after Lost wraps up. I wouldn’t count it out, for sure! Would be a nice release time following the end to Lost. The producers have hinted that it will not simply be a sequel alone but will continue a storyline. Wouldn’t it be great if there were many ‘Clovies’ all over the world, or better yet, other more terrible things that the human mind just can’t comprehend because of his limited perspective in the cosmos.

  9. Matt

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I typed 8.21.2010 into google, and one of the first links was an ocean sciences website. I clicked on it and it had a chart with a bunch of numbers on it and one of the lines said 8.21 2010 on it.

    So I don’t know if this is significant, it might just be a cooncidence; but given how related the movie cloverfield is to ocean science (such as Tagruato ect.) it could mean something. It could be form of viral marketting from JJ… 😉

  10. Matt

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I typed 8.21.2010 into google, and one of the first links was an ocean sciences website. I clicked on it and it had a chart with a bunch of numbers on it and one of the lines said 8.21 2010 on it.

    So I don’t know if this is significant, it might just be a cooncidence; but given how related the movie cloverfield is to ocean science (such as Tagruato ect.) it could mean something. It could be form of viral marketting from JJ…

    On this website I noticed 2 numbers next to the 8.21 2010 numerals. Two numbers that read 42.58N and 59.64W. Longitude and Latitude. I took these numbers and looked on a map with Long. and Lat. lines. Shockingly, these longitude and Latitude lines meet almost EXACTLY where the Chuai drilling drilling station was. Either this is a total Cooncidence, or we’re on to something here…

  11. Mike

    8.21.2010 is a Saturday, but we know that all new Movies are coming on Friday, so it is a Fake 😉

  12. randy m

    ok 1 thing for sure ben ur a retard i know ur not part of anything related to cloverfield and ur proably just trying to make urself look cool. and 2nd wooo its 2010 can wait for cloverfield this year!

  13. ian

    and i mean that the end of the world REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND THE JONAS BROS. WILL LEAD TO A PHROPHACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. cartman,eric

    omg! why dont you people notice this,i mean look at 2012 and look at cloverfield and terminator salvation! do u NOTICE SOMETHING!!!!!FIRST LETS LOOK AT 2012,the mayans predicted it so didnt they predict this DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW LETS LOOK AT CLOVERFIELD!this started by a friggin drink !!!!!!!!

  15. the red bull2236

    if it comes out on that date then it aint that bad jus lik 6 more months >.< ughhh ive seen every clue an figured it out but theres still alot of unanswerd questions lik….WTF IS THAT BIG PIECE OF SHIT. hahah but yea thats lik the only thing people wanna no an we wanna see it die in a pretty cool way XD
    i think the militarys POV (point of view) would be the best cuz theyl explain more shit to soldiers but not civilians lik in part 1 but if they are stickin wit the civis pov they better make it good. FUK LOOKIN FOR CLUES AN EASTER EGGS WE WANT ANSWERSS!!!!!

  16. the red bull2236

    Oh yea an for any1 ones whos seen those viral video shits of clover2 there fake an dont make sense cuz one of them is in cali while they other in new york unless it flew to CA i doubt it walked it wit out get fuked up completely an also the one in CA is right on cloverfield the street which is in hollywood or sum shit it flashes a pic of the monster but its the same image taken out of the footage in 1 where clovers lookin at hud then eats his legs an i HIGHLY doubt the director would so cheap as to use the same pics an shit for part 2 lol. but i could be wrong bout alota stuff even tho ive done my research on this movie alot lik the slush website/story in it that J.J helped make an episode in Alias an in that episode she mentions slusho an the Lost symbol in the beginin of cloverfield which J.J abrams also help make (lost) an i jus recently saw that on an episode of Lost there is a picture of wen the Clover monster is bout to eat hud also i think its drawn in crayon ut theres no doubt that was a pic of clover go on youtube an see for ur self. well thats all my info an opinions on cloverfield an if theres gonna be a 2 feel free to correct any mistakes u think i made or other info u want my emails

  17. the red bull2236

    ONE MORE THING LOL matt good job wit that research on the long an latitude of the numbers an the drilling station stuff. an yes i agree the ocean stuff is always sumhow related cuz of those black an white pics of the parasites at the bottom of the sea that came out before clover 1 came out an the secert drilling accident video which im sure most of u have seen it shows clover breaking down the oil rig an throwing deebri in the air, also the roar is the same u hear in the 1st clover trailer so hmmmmm very interesting an cool that they give us these clues to find while we wait for the movie to come out how FUN!!!^_^……assholes <_< lol

  18. bree

    OH MY JESUS!!!!
    I WILL FLIP THE FOOK OUT WHEN IT COMES OUT all of yall be my friends and wll all go see the movie together and be besties 4eva……
    NOT…..but i seriously cant wait untill it comes out
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE cloverfield!!!!
    and i thinks thats it……WELL GOOD-BYE MY PEEPS!!!!!
    oh my jesus i am soooo exited!!!!!

  19. bree


  20. randy m

    at cartmen wow lol ur mom must hit u alot to make u say that aww im srry for ur poor childhood

  21. Andrew A. Sailer

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  24. FAWKES_101

    @WARREN: xD YOU BIOTCH!!!!!!!, ERIC IS THAT FUCKING YOU?????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Zappex

    Hey guess what? i put that into my web browser, and this pulled up


    thats it. nothing else.

    anyone who knows chinese or japanese could help me plz? might be important…

  26. Zappex

    well, i took that phrase and typed it into the online translator, and it says a few things…

    Japanese- …is non-existence the mark sky! (no clue what that means…)
    Chinese (s)- I am sorry, your visit to the space does not exist (leads me to believe that this is a old site that has nothing to do with Cloverfield 2)
    Chinese (t)- your empty does not exist

    this makes me believe that this site was an old out of date site that had nothing to do with Cloverfield 2 at all, but i dont really know for sure.


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