There is some more chatter from Matt Reeves regarding a sequel to Cloverfield. He recently gave an interview to MTV about the status of the sequel and what ideas they were throwing around. Apparently the studio wants a sequel, of course, but they want to make sure they have an interesting story to tell. And that story may or may not take place right after the original. Reeves mentions that they threw around the idea of having the monster attack Japan and having the story kind of “intersect” with the original movie, but not necessarily follow it or come before it. I’m just happy they are still having discussions about the sequel and of course whenever I hear anything, I will post it here. So make sure you sign up for the mailing list on the right side of the page. You will be emailed when there are new posts here and only when there are new posts. I will not email you for anything else, or spam you with any crap, strictly Cloverfield News.

source: MTV

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8 Responses

  1. Danny

    well at least there was some news about it. Just wish those execs. would move a lot faster.

  2. KeanE

    Its weird how its been a year since I first started coming to this site…Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. John Saturday

    Wow, that was a horror…..ible movie. Matt Reeves you couldn’t direct traffic on a one way street.

  4. Scorp1D

    wow this john sat guy who posted above me is the biggest retard and has no idea what a good movie is considering he has no taste, moving on i just wanted to say that i agree danny, these guys need to move much faster on the sequal ever since i saw the movie i instantly wanted more!! more answers, more footage, more carnage!! i just hope that i dont end up finding out that the release date for the sequal is lightyears away.

  5. Jdam

    I think too many people have seen the spit/polish of Hollywood production a little too long. This movie moved through all the emotions and perils one could ever comprehend when facing this situation. This movie went down exactly as it would have if it happened in real life. Someday, it just might. Maybe before then we could get certain people to live in Criticopolis and send the monster there first. Poor thing will probably get indigestion.


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