Rumors are already spreading that there’s a super secret trailer in front of Iron Man 2, which opens this weekend, and all signs point to a J.J. Abrams production. Could it be the sequel to Cloverfield that we have been waiting for? Well to solve that mystery we’ve setup a new site for all information pertaining to this new secret project over at so come join in the fun!

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  1. Sushiglobster

    Oh man! I can’t wait to start hitting the website on a daily basis again. I just read about this trailer on another forum and raced over here to see if it was posted…and to my delight it was!

    I can’t wait to catch this preview and Iron Man 2. I seriously hope its Cloverfield 2….I hope it is!!

  2. Jordan

    Super 8 has nothing to do with Cloverfield. Abrams has already gone on record to say so.

  3. boo

    it’s kind of like a prequel to Cloverfield. a fake article was released talking about popsicles called Rocket Poppeteers, made by the company that would later on be Slusho.


    fuck cloverfield, fuck super 8, and fuck abrams!!!!!!!!


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