SIEM solutions enable companies to respond quickly and precisely to security incidents. In contrast to systems that utilize keystroke logging software, IEM solutions can have immediate effects when systems are compromised. Providing real-time visibility, IEM solutions can detect intruder access through intrusion detection systems and system alarm implementations and there are also other programs that help with this as you can get in sites as Fortinet online. This information can then be reported to enterprises as soon as possible. This makes IEM solutions ideal for multiple use cases including:

Incident Response

Evaluation and Maintaining Security


Enterprise Access Control

Seizing Security Vulnerabilities

The following are just a few examples of types of uses for IEM:

Incident Response

Mobile Surveillance Systems

Enterprise Access Control

DV Options

The best way to understand why IT managers are moving to IEM is to see the results in action.


Why are IT managers and administrators choosing to implement and employ IEM? These in-depth reviews provide insight into why their employees are implementing and using IEM in a wide variety of scenarios and business domains, along with discussions of the IEM business advantages, technical design and implementation challenges, and a few challenges facing the ISV and security firm who designs and implements IEM solutions.

About the Author

Ryan Schwerin is the Director of Visualization at Exis. He has spent most of his career in web and application security and was responsible for planning, programming, and implementing the systems in the NOCs at Exis. Before joining Exis, Ryan worked for Endpoint Security where he helped implement the first security automation system. Ryan holds a B.S. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University.

This review was published as part of a regular series highlighting key enterprise and industry information regarding threat intelligence and IEM. You can view the prior review here.

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