I think most of us suspected this already, just based on the trailer and what has been dug up so far in terms of the previous names this movie has held, but I thought this analysis was interesting enough to post here. This would also explain why it just popped up out of nowhere… JJ Abrams is sneaky, but to keep a direct Cloverfield sequel hidden from fans that have been waiting for it would have been damn near impossible. But taking a movie that was shot with no intent on having anything to do with Cloverfield and then re-writing parts of it after it was completed to fit the universe, that would have been much easier. So while I don’t believe this is a direct sequel to Cloverfield, it obviously takes place in the universe and it sounds like it might be part of an anthology of sorts.

Unfortunately it’s for these same reasons that I don’t know that we’ll be getting any sort of viral marketing campaign to go along with this one. However, it does lead me to believe that JJ Abrams and company aren’t done with the world of Cloverfield quite yet and this site may live on for a few more years yet, if they decide to add more movies to this anthology.

“This film was originally made under the names Valencia and The Cellar for Paramount’s Insurge division (a subsidiary for films made for under 5 million dollars like The Devil Inside), and when Paramount closed it down, this movie (shot and completed) was thrown out to the wind and orphaned. Paramount bought it back up and had Daniel Casey and Damien Chazelle do some re-writes so that it would connect to the Cloverfield universe and they went back and did reshoots and add-ons in March 2015 in New Orleans and L.A. This is a cash grab by Paramount so that they could make some quick bucks off of this film (which probably wouldn’t have made a lot of money in its original non-Cloverfield incarnation). They are trying to spin this into something its really not. The budget is only 5 million dollars and they are releasing it in IMAX to make a little extra dough. Also take into account that no one from the original Cloverfield is working on this (aside from J.J. Abrams, who was really just responsible for pitching the first movie to Paramount) and the original film was very much Drew Goddard and Matt Reeves’ vision.”

Check out the full movie web post for more of a rundown on this information.

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