A couple users of the unfiction forums are claiming to have received puzzle pieces with their shipments of Swamp Pop, which they purchased from the online store late last week, early this week. The puzzle pieces appear to be from a puzzle related to the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is significant because it appears in various places throughout the bunker in the “10 Cloverfield Lane” trailer, but I’m still not convinced that Swamp Pop is part of a larger viral marketing campaign for this movie.

My skepticism comes from the fact that Swamp Pop is a real, active company that has been around since late 2012, early 2013, and it seems like they only started jumping aboard the bandwagon when a bottle of their soda/pop was discovered in the trailer that was released. And while the puzzle pieces are interesting, I think only 1, maybe 2, people have gotten puzzle pieces with their orders (so far), and how would Swamp Pop know who to send these puzzle pieces to in order to help further this marketing campaign? It’s not like there is a way for them to know that all people placing orders through their online store are somehow connected to the Cloverfield phenomenon… And to make someone purchase something in order to gain access to the next clues seems a little out of scope.

My theory still stands that Swamp Pop was approached by the production team when the movie was first filmed, before it was even slightly related to the Cloverfield universe, and asked if they could use their soda in the movie they were filming (The Cellar at that point). Hell, maybe the production company didn’t even approach them and just didn’t want to use a big brand name so they found something local to where they were shooting… Either way, I think once the trailer came out and the buzz started to build around this strange little soda that they were drinking, and Swamp Pop figured out where all this new traffic was coming from, they decided to jump in on the fun.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not one to easily jump to conclusions about what is part of this whole thing and what is not, but everything surrounding Swamp Pop after the trailer popped up is just too fishy for me to believe right now. And as for the puzzle pieces, if they are real, I honestly don’t think they are part of anything. I think it’s just another way for Swamp Pop to build up some publicity for themselves in light of the recent stardom they’ve had within the Cloverfield/Viral Marketing/ARG community.

swamp pop puzzle

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  1. SuperSaguaro1

    The original ARG required people to buy Slusho t-shirts to get information about Tagruato.

    • admin

      it didn’t “require” them to buy anything to move the game forward, people did buy things, but the overall path could be discovered in other, free, ways.


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