So it appears that the ham radio site mentioned in our previous post randomly gets updated with a new string of text in the Biography information that correlates to image urls on imgur.

As of right now the biography text on the page reads “WxIh1e0” which correlates to this imgur link: with the title “ElT” (embedded image below). Level adjustments didn’t seem to bring out anything hidden in this image.

water WxIh1e0

Reddit user /u/UsagiMimi noticed earlier that the bio text had changed to a different string which read “UhG2mER”. This correlates to the imgur image here: (embedded below).

letter UhG2mER

It appears to be a letter to a “Hr. Flemingstein” in German, from a man named Gerhard Ploecker, a minor character from the original Cloverfield viral campaign. You can see the official announcement from Tagruato acknowledging the collapse of the Chuai Station in a previous post we made years ago during Cloverfield. 

Gerhard Ploecker was one of the seven missing people confirmed by Tagruato to be missing after the collapse of Chuai Station.

There is a rough translation of the letter posted to this reddit post that translates to the following:

Dear Mr Flemingstein,

on your request, I hereby apply for the position as an engineering diver in your company. Due to the strong security precautions that prevent you from telling me more about your company, I will directly go into detail about my passion for diving.

Ever since my childhood it has been my dream to go to the sea and go diving with my father. One thing led to another, and soon I obtained my first diving license. While on vacation, I spent more time under water than above. After finishing my studies, I turned my hobby into a career.

As you probably know, this job does not provide much of an income. I am therefore highly surprised that you offer me a sum so large. I am willing to take the risks you mentioned. Since I can practice my pasttime with your company, although abroad, while at the same time providing for my family like I never could on my own, I would greatly appreciate becoming a part of your company.

Should you still be interested in my services, please let me know when I have to leave the country in a timely manner. I am aware these things proceed quickly. However, I’d like to be prepared.

With kind regards,

Gerhard Ploecker

It sounds like this is a letter Gerhard wrote to the Tagruato company, or someone affiliated with them, in response to some sort of job offer to do some deep sea diving… Sounds like it could fit in with the Tagruato side of the viral campaign from the first movie.

I also played around with the image of the letter in photoshop, just doing some super simple level adjustments and came up with this.

letter UhG2mER adjusted

There’s definitely a weird pattern in the paper, along with what is probably a coffee mug ring and obvious coffee stains themselves, but also, down near the signature appears to be some hidden text that I can’t quite make out…

I’m starting to believe that this is all part of the marketing plan. There’s just too much out there now for this to be someone trying to game-jack, but stranger things have happened. What do you guys think? Have you found anything else we’ve missed covering so far?



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8 Responses

  1. Louis

    In the “hole” image, there are images hidden all through the rocks. For instance a statue of liberty towards the bottom left and all the way to the bottom on the left it looks like a stick figure attacked by parasites. The is a cross with a circle around it and 9:10 above it just inside the hole on the right. There is also a ship in there, but being at work that is all I could see with enhancing it.

    • Bird

      There are numbers correlating with every image, I’m having trouble making them all out but I can definitely see that every image has some sort of X:Y number pattern affiliated with it.

      • Bird

        This is what I’ve found, I think it’s all of them but I can’t tell. This is going from bottom left to bottom right, scanning bottom to top as I go, relative locations included.
        Stick figure w/ parasites (bottom left):10:2
        Cracked Earth (above and right of stick figure) 0:4
        Statue of Liberty (right of stick figure) 9:5
        Rooftop (higher up, above the statue of liberty) 9:5
        Helicopter (right of roof, lil bit down) 20:4
        Tubes/Legs/Socks (top left in the smoke) 3:0
        Clock with object?? (above and left from train logo) 6:3
        Train Logo (bottom Center) 0:0
        Golden Gate Bridge (above n right from train) 1:2
        Cross with circle and monster?? (Above and right last three images) 9:10
        Satellite? (top right quadrant, but a little left from the corner) 9:5
        Film Camera (right from cross with circle) 0:29

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