There is a lot of speculation out there that these things related to the ham radio site and the JJ Abrams quote and everything, could just be a giant gamejack and someone is just messing with us. But as I said, if they are just messing with us, it’s a pretty elaborate hoax… and I’m going to continue to talk about them just in case.

I checked the ham radio website again this morning and noticed that the biography information had changed again to the string “RFVBuzI”. So once again I went over to imgur and pulled up There’s clearly a hidden QR code in the image so I’m working on unwarpping it now to see where it goes. There’s also the text “+1:+1” which I tried as the code on and it did not work.

The image when you first click on the imgur link is black, but when you blow it up to the large version and save it, it comes out white… just pointing that out.

RFVBuzI cloverfield

And here it is with some simple level adjustments.

RFVBuzI cloverfield adjusted

Again, this could all be nothing, but for now we’re just following whatever clues we have. If it turns out to be a gamejack, or someone just messing around with us, it’s elaborate enough that I’m willing to give them some publicity.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Louis

    The drawing, I believe, is of the UK. The red outline has a blue dot at the end/beginning and I think it lines up with Liverpool.

    • admin

      I haven’t been able to unwarp it enough to get my phone to read it properly… if anyone else has, please feel free to share.


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