If you were around for the original viral marketing campaign when “Cloverfield” came out, you remember Tagruato, who was involved in a lot of the marketing material. Well some people have decided to see what would happen if they emailed the company, and people are getting responses.

From: 18kagashimad@tagruato.jp


Due to new security protocols, this account is no longer active. All correspondence is monitored and will be responded to appropriately.

Thank you for your interest.

Vanessa Gwon
Director of Public Relations
*Employee of the Month: 2016 January

The important thing here is the “*Employee of the Month: 2016 January”. It means that this is not just an old autoresponder and it has in fact been updated recently.

This could be the first actual clue towards a viral marketing campaign as I’m further convinced that the ham radio site and all of the imgur images are not related to this anymore, considering the ham radio site is now defunct.

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  1. Adam

    I just received an email from
    Dr. Feng Guangbiao
    Corporate Counsel
    *Employee of the Month: 2016 February


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