Various people are reporting that there are hidden images popping up at the end of the trailers for “10 Cloverfield Lane” in movie theater chains across the country. The hidden images appear to be specific to certain movie theater chains so if you see the trailer in an AMC location, it will be the same hidden image seen in other AMC theaters.

Here is what has been discovered so far.


All theaters outside of AMC, Regal, Cinemark and Carmike are shown the above image at the end of the trailer. I’ve made a slight levels adjustment so that we can see the numbers “5742” written in pen on the right side of the image. The image appears to be some sort of magazine or pamphlet containing a battleship and two women sailors.


The CARMIKE theater image above is of a historical football team with their eyes blocked out. The number “68” appears very clearly on the uniform of one of the men, but nothing else stands out from the image. Again, I made some level adjustments to better bring out the hidden elements of the photo.


The AMC theater image is a man jumping into water with his pants above his head. This is depicting a method of water survival by using your pants as a floatation device. You tie up the legs of your pants and hold them over your head, when they go into the water with the legs pointed up, air is trapped within them and you can use them as a floatation device. I actually learned this when I was in high school.


The CINEMARK image appears to be a monkey dressed as a sailor. There doesn’t appear to be anything hidden in here that I can see, but let us know if you find anything.


The REGAL Theater image has a tag or stamp of some sort related to the U.S. Navy. It’s hard to make out any numbers or information other than what is obvious.

Not sure what any of these images have to do with anything, but they are definitely interesting.

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  1. Seymour Cocks

    Here are my thoughts, after a quick google search of US Navy Mustang Survival I found it to be a classic bomber flotation jacket. So there is two references to flotation, one improvised and one specifically made for flotation. Mustang Survival is also a company that makes aquatic environment clothing, but for the sake of correlations I’ll stick with the classic bomber jacket. The classic vibe is seen through all of these images, whether it is old war time magazines or a war time jacket. The photo of the man with his improvised flotation device could be from an improvised military pamphlet, but that’s a stretch considering it’s only one low quality photo. Naval themes are in all of the photos except for the football photo. Thats the only photo I don’t see any connections with other than the classic theme. Now, how this all ties into cloverfield is just my personal speculation, but the Navy would most definitely play a role in the post New York attacks, considering we are almost certain the creature in cloverfield came from the ocean. Or at least reached New York via the ocean. Other than that, that is all I can gather from these images.


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